Feminist bakes bread with vaginal yeast


I swear, you cannot make some shit up.  Next she will be making spaghetti with her vaginal herpes, and a new recipe every week named after the STD’s the cunt got from riding the cock carousel, and she is being called “a feminist hero”.  I know that naginas everywhere are jumping up and down, after reading this, cheering, saying like “you go girl”, and begging her for a slice of that bread, as well as a piece of that stinky STD infested stench trench.



Under attack by manginas

If anyone knows what is going on, please let me know?  Traffic on my blog is up by over 1000% the past few weeks, and so are the attacks by the naginas, who think they can come here to protect the wimminiz.  I have some bad news for you, nagina, if you want to defend the wimminz, you are in the wrong place, bud.  Your shaming is just going to roll off, like a drop of water on a duck.  We are all laughing at you and your comments.  If you do comment and want to take a crack at us, all I ask, is please, for heavens sake, try and come up with something original.  The calling us gay is something we have heard 1000 times, and we simply do not care.  In fact, any non original comment by a nagina, from now on, I am going to delete your comment, as well as block and ban you.  Since naginas are generally not very bright, I am going to say it again, nagina, there are no wimminz here, since the incel man does not exist, until of course, he does.   And I am actually quite happy you naginas are showing up here, means we are shaking things up and I am doing something right.  Besides, I just love seeing butthurt naginas.

The cunt only loves its bad boy

Yet more proof how fucked up today’s cunt is.  I will be writing another post shortly (where do I start) about how fucked up this really is on so many levels.  What is amazing is in the past 5 years, I have been noticing that women are doubling down, as if they do not already have enough rights, privileges, and something men will never have, a pussy pass that voids them of all responsibility and accountability for their actions.  This is just what women do, and no matter what they are given, they will always want more, like a spoiled child.  The fact that this article can be written, and women still have rights is a testament to everything I have been saying here and all the naginas still be like “the wimminz, the wimminz, everything they do is magic, they so special, their vag vag smells so good, we must defend the wimminiz, we must pay more taxes so the wimminiz will be happy”.  Yes, naginas, I know, you keep doing that um k.  BTW, look at those tats on that cunt, tattoos on the cunt, I believe, are like the odometer in your car.  The more tattoos the cunt has, the more miles the cunt has ridden on the cock carousel.


Here is a response by Grizzly MGTOW(fucking hilarious).

The suicide rate of men with aspergers is 1 in 3.

Thank you, Marty, for inspiring me to post this.  Yes, that is right, 1 in 3 men commit suicide.  The study can be found here:




Geez, I wonder why.  I started doing research on this, and the reasons cited were isolation, but we all know the true reason why.  It is because, as I have been saying here for the past 5 years, men who have aspergers will never find a woman, so in a way the study’s are right, but of course, the wimminz are never at fault.  So there you go naginas, you wanted me to site a study that men who have autism will never find a woman, here you go.  So you mothers of autistic children, this is what awaits your son.  I have told you the solution, that instead of riding the badboy cock carousel, give men with autism a chance, but no, ewww disgusting, ewww disgusting, but I love my autistic boy.  Well, I hope you love it when he commits suicide, or even better yet, when he goes on a spree shooting.  The Las Vegas massacre, which I don’t condone BTW, as the guy was rich, and not an incel, he had absolutely no reason to do what he did, but this should be an inspiration to men who are really fucked over by society as to the damage we should be prepared to do, since we are forced into a corner at every angle.


Single mom’s create the incel man

That is right.  I am the product of a single mother, and it is amazing that single mothers, who have sons, go out of their way to raise a boy who women hate (an incel).  I remember when I was a young boy, my feminist mother tried to get me to sit on the toilet, like a woman, when I had to take a piss.  She actually made me go out of my to hold open doors, pull out chairs for women at the dinner table, give up seats on the train for women, she would actually lecture me how the man exists to serve women, and she actually still tries, sometimes.  I respond by going “red pill” and she gets upset, and that usually shuts her up.  When I was a boy, my mother used to go on constant tirades about how virtuous women are and how men use women, and how she does not need no man.  At the same time, I also clearly remember her gossiping with her friends about the incel man, other male acquaintances she knew who were never married and “creepy”, and this was back in the 80’s when there were much fewer incels, as back then it was easier to find a woman, because feminism was still at the beginning stages of destroying the family/society.  I remember once asking her “why does not getting married make you creepy?”  She would say “there is something wrong with men if they do not marry by a certain age.”  Despite all this, I actually respect my mother, however, and I thank god that she never rode the cock carousel, at least that I am aware of, while we were growing up.  I remember getting into a discussion with another PUA who I used to be close friends with back in the day about this.  This guy was also a product of a single mother, and he had this theory that women doing this to their sons is just another form of a shit test, and this helps to ensure the 80/20 rule.  I told him that does not make any sense.  I mean why would mothers try to make their sons part of the 80% of men women are not attracted to? Should it not be the opposite?  He said, when was the last time you actually saw a woman do something that made sense?  I said, you have a point there.  He told me that it is evolutionary that everything a woman does to a boy/man is to ensure that a vast percentage of men never reproduce, and that this is why a father is necessary, because it is his job to teach his boy how to be in the top 20% of men that do get women.  He said that women say they want their sons to be attractive to women, but everything they do serves to demasculate their boy, so that he is not attractive to women.  Surprise!  A woman saying the opposite of what she really means, I do not think that has happened a single time in history.  I tried my mothers advice of being “a nice guy” for decades, and of course, it got me no where, in fact, it made women disrespect me even more.  So, feminists think that single moms make good parents?  I guess that this is why anything even remotely masculine is under attack today.  The cunt demonizes masculinity, yet it still only loves its badboy, who by definition is masculine.  Single mothers are bad for boys as well as girls.  Girls without fathers grow up to be fickle sluts and carousel riders.  Boys without fathers grow up to be emasculated pussy’s.  And the white man gave the cunt rights.

Women with autistic sons will never give an autistic man a chance

If this is not another reason to take away the cunts rights, I do not know what is.  Like I have mentioned before, I have dated several women with autistic sons in the past.  There are two things that they all had in common.  One is that they all loved their autistic sons more than life itself, to the point of going gugu over the quirky things their sons did, which if their mate tried, would trigger their contempt emotion, and the cunt would be back riding the carousel that very same night.  The crazy thing is that I told all of these women that I had aspergers on dates, thinking that they would relate, however, as soon as I mentioned it, I could get a sense of a cringe in their eyes, then never heard from them again.  Not a single cunt with an aspie son, who loved her sons “quirks”, would give a man with aspergers a chance.  What does that say?  That says really how stupid and solipsistic all the cunts are.  I have mentioned before, that if women with autistic sons really love their boys, they should give another autistic man a chance, however, as I have been all my life, my suggestions, just like my very existence is ignored by women.  If you cunts read this, think about that statement.  Your Asperger boys are going to live a life of incel, no matter how deluded you are into thinking that your son is special, simply because he is yours.  Asperger’s is a one way trip to never finding a woman, in today’s society, and reality check, your son is no different from any other person with spergs, including myself.  My mother thought I was special, and look at me now.  It will be no different for you and your son.  In fact, it would be more humane for your son, if you just aborted him at birth.  Today, if I were to get into a discussion with a mother of an asperger boy, I would ask her “How does it feel to know that your son will never find a woman?”  These deluded cunts need the cold truth shoved in their face.

The cunt is only capable of 4 emotions.

I believe that when it comes to men, the cunt can only feel 4 emotions.  These are boredom, contempt, happiness, and jealousy.  If you are a man with incel rendering qualities ie. you have aspergers, are a loner, are poor, introverted, are physically deformed, or a combination of these, if you try to rectify your incel status by approaching a woman, she will feel either boredom or contempt.  When the cunt gets bored during the courting phase, this is the kiss of death, since to attract todays cunt, a man needs to be a dancing monkey to keep the cunt entertained.  As soon as the man has no more bag of tricks and refuses to keep acting like a clown, the cunt will get bored and that is the end of that.  When a relationship progresses, which it will never do for the incel man, boredom becomes less of an issue, admittedly.  However, if you try and hit on a strange female, as soon as she feels bored, for even a microsecond, you are done.  This leads to the next emotion, which is happiness.  The cunt feels happiness only fleetingly when she is with a man she likes for that instant.  When a woman is happy, she will stick around temporarily, however, to keep the cunt happy, the bar keeps getting raised, as with all other things when it comes to women.  Just like with feminism, initially, women just wanted equal rights, and they got their equal rights a long time ago.  Could they just have stopped there, no, they needed more and more rights, without any responsibility, and they still are not happy.  If the guberment were to enforce a new law to transfer all wealth from men to women, the cunt would be happy for a little while, but would then need to find more and more reasons why it is still oppressed by the patriarchy and next the cunt would want to lock up all men in fema camps, unless of course you are a man in the top 10% of men women like.  Once the cunt ceases to be happy with her man, it is back to riding on the cock carousel.  The next emotion I am going to discuss is jealousy.  In order for the cunt to be attracted to a man, she needs to feel a bit of jealousy.  The cunt needs to have its drama, and what better way to stir that with jealousy.  If you can make women feel jealous, and can continue to dangle jealousy like a carrot, the cunt likely will stick around.  The last emotion is contempt.  Contempt is the kiss of death, much more so than boredom.  For the incel man, contempt is usually the emotion the cunt feels.  Unlike boredom, which is fleeting, and no longer usually becomes an issue in a relationship, once the cunt feels contempt, this is a one way ticket, do not pass go, way back to riding the cock carousel.  Once the cunt feels contempt for her man, no matter how long you have known her, it will be like you never even existed.  A man could be in a relationship with a woman for years, and maybe the man is going through a hard time, and for whatever reason, he looses his confidence, or maybe he becomes jealous that she is spending too much time with a new male friend, whatever the reason, issues like this will cause the cunt to feel contempt and it is game over.  Women need to feel jealousy to be attracted to a man, but when a man gets jealous, it will make the cunt feel contempt for her man and that is the end of that.  What ceases to amaze me, is all the cunts with asperger children, who are out riding the cock carousel, and then at the age of 36, decide that they want to have a baby.  What is amazing to me is seeing these single mothers with aspergers sons, and how much they act like they love their boy.  I wonder if they know that their son will likely never find a woman.  I wonder if they even ask themselves if they would ever hypothetically give their son a chance.  My feeling is that thinking like this is way too logical for a cunt to comprehend, as these moms continue to hop on and ride the badboy cock carousel, which their autistic son could never be a part of.  With all the hoops that men need to go through with todays cunt, even working with them is a nightmare, I sometimes wonder if incel is really a bad thing.  I believe in karma, and these cunts can only ride the cock carousel for so long.  Once the cunt turns 55, the carousel will want nothing to do with the cunt any longer.  These cunts will then know what the incel man goes through and many will wind up just as alone with 100 cats.