Women with autistic sons will never give an autistic man a chance

If this is not another reason to take away the cunts rights, I do not know what is.  Like I have mentioned before, I have dated several women with autistic sons in the past.  There are two things that they all had in common.  One is that they all loved their autistic sons more than life itself, to the point of going gugu over the quirky things their sons did, which if their mate tried, would trigger their contempt emotion, and the cunt would be back riding the carousel that very same night.  The crazy thing is that I told all of these women that I had aspergers on dates, thinking that they would relate, however, as soon as I mentioned it, I could get a sense of a cringe in their eyes, then never heard from them again.  Not a single cunt with an aspie son, who loved her sons “quirks”, would give a man with aspergers a chance.  What does that say?  That says really how stupid and solipsistic all the cunts are.  I have mentioned before, that if women with autistic sons really love their boys, they should give another autistic man a chance, however, as I have been all my life, my suggestions, just like my very existence is ignored by women.  If you cunts read this, think about that statement.  Your Asperger boys are going to live a life of incel, no matter how deluded you are into thinking that your son is special, simply because he is yours.  Asperger’s is a one way trip to never finding a woman, in today’s society, and reality check, your son is no different from any other person with spergs, including myself.  My mother thought I was special, and look at me now.  It will be no different for you and your son.  In fact, it would be more humane for your son, if you just aborted him at birth.  Today, if I were to get into a discussion with a mother of an asperger boy, I would ask her “How does it feel to know that your son will never find a woman?”  These deluded cunts need the cold truth shoved in their face.


The cunt is only capable of 4 emotions.

I believe that when it comes to men, the cunt can only feel 4 emotions.  These are boredom, contempt, happiness, and jealousy.  If you are a man with incel rendering qualities ie. you have aspergers, are a loner, are poor, introverted, are physically deformed, or a combination of these, if you try to rectify your incel status by approaching a woman, she will feel either boredom or contempt.  When the cunt gets bored during the courting phase, this is the kiss of death, since to attract todays cunt, a man needs to be a dancing monkey to keep the cunt entertained.  As soon as the man has no more bag of tricks and refuses to keep acting like a clown, the cunt will get bored and that is the end of that.  When a relationship progresses, which it will never do for the incel man, boredom becomes less of an issue, admittedly.  However, if you try and hit on a strange female, as soon as she feels bored, for even a microsecond, you are done.  This leads to the next emotion, which is happiness.  The cunt feels happiness only fleetingly when she is with a man she likes for that instant.  When a woman is happy, she will stick around temporarily, however, to keep the cunt happy, the bar keeps getting raised, as with all other things when it comes to women.  Just like with feminism, initially, women just wanted equal rights, and they got their equal rights a long time ago.  Could they just have stopped there, no, they needed more and more rights, without any responsibility, and they still are not happy.  If the guberment were to enforce a new law to transfer all wealth from men to women, the cunt would be happy for a little while, but would then need to find more and more reasons why it is still oppressed by the patriarchy and next the cunt would want to lock up all men in fema camps, unless of course you are a man in the top 10% of men women like.  Once the cunt ceases to be happy with her man, it is back to riding on the cock carousel.  The next emotion I am going to discuss is jealousy.  In order for the cunt to be attracted to a man, she needs to feel a bit of jealousy.  The cunt needs to have its drama, and what better way to stir that with jealousy.  If you can make women feel jealous, and can continue to dangle jealousy like a carrot, the cunt likely will stick around.  The last emotion is contempt.  Contempt is the kiss of death, much more so than boredom.  For the incel man, contempt is usually the emotion the cunt feels.  Unlike boredom, which is fleeting, and no longer usually becomes an issue in a relationship, once the cunt feels contempt, this is a one way ticket, do not pass go, way back to riding the cock carousel.  Once the cunt feels contempt for her man, no matter how long you have known her, it will be like you never even existed.  A man could be in a relationship with a woman for years, and maybe the man is going through a hard time, and for whatever reason, he looses his confidence, or maybe he becomes jealous that she is spending too much time with a new male friend, whatever the reason, issues like this will cause the cunt to feel contempt and it is game over.  Women need to feel jealousy to be attracted to a man, but when a man gets jealous, it will make the cunt feel contempt for her man and that is the end of that.  What ceases to amaze me, is all the cunts with asperger children, who are out riding the cock carousel, and then at the age of 36, decide that they want to have a baby.  What is amazing to me is seeing these single mothers with aspergers sons, and how much they act like they love their boy.  I wonder if they know that their son will likely never find a woman.  I wonder if they even ask themselves if they would ever hypothetically give their son a chance.  My feeling is that thinking like this is way too logical for a cunt to comprehend, as these moms continue to hop on and ride the badboy cock carousel, which their autistic son could never be a part of.  With all the hoops that men need to go through with todays cunt, even working with them is a nightmare, I sometimes wonder if incel is really a bad thing.  I believe in karma, and these cunts can only ride the cock carousel for so long.  Once the cunt turns 55, the carousel will want nothing to do with the cunt any longer.  These cunts will then know what the incel man goes through and many will wind up just as alone with 100 cats.

Incel movie review “13 Cameras”

I just saw a movie that every incel should watch.  It was probably the funniest movie I saw all year.  The movie is called “13 Cameras” and is available for streaming on netflix.


Spoiler alert:

This movie is about a creepy landlord(an incel), who places cameras in all of his apartments, and uses them to spy on the female tenants and breaks into their house kidnaps them and locks them in the basement, so he can use them as sex slaves.  In the movie, there was one couple that he fixated on, and the husband was a Chad who was cheating on his wife.  One day, the creep is in the apartment adjusting the cameras when the couple was not home, and when one of the mistresses came in and caught him in the apartment, he ended up knocking her out and taking her to the basement.  The creep proceeded to tie her up and get it on (Note:  I am not doing this justice in description, it is a must watch, as this part was funny as hell).  Unfortunately I was a little disappointed, as I was expecting a “hills have eyes” type of rape scene, but they skipped all that, which is really too bad.  The female friend At the end of the movie wound up escaping, just as the creep entered the house.  The creep and Chad Thundercock fought and wound up killing Chad, the mistress, and taking the wife as a sex slave instead.  The happy ending was the creep did not get caught, and wound up re-renting the apartment to some other couple.

This movie is best to watch stoned!

Incels enjoy!

Honoring heros. White knight nagina’s stabbed dead.

Lets all rejoice, 3 naginas were stabbed out of self defense in Oregon, two of them are dead because they started a fight trying to defend a woman’s honor.  Nagina’s clearly did not know who they were fucking with.  I hearby hail Jeremy Joseph Christian, the stabber, a hero.


The women the naginas were white knighting for did not even stick around to help out, SURPRISE!

Women are only nice to men who are in the top 20%

I do not know why I am bothering here, as this has been discussed here over and over again.  In my previous post I had a couple female commentors who are saying that I am wrong and that there are women out there who are nice to men.  Of this I have no doubt.  If you are in the top 20% of men, 90% of women will be nicer to you than Jesus Christ himself.  If you are on the tail end of that bell curve, for whatever reason(there are millions), and wind up in lets say the bottom 50% of men, the percent of women who will have anything to do with you begins to drop off exponentially to the point that if you are in the bottom 20% of men (which I clearly am, for a variety of reasons), your mating options approach 0% (I have actually proved this mathematically, but am too lazy to post charts, equations, etc) and women will largely ignore you (neither mean or nice), or if they are forced to be around you (coworkers or relatives), they will be very nasty and attempt to push you out at all costs via character assassination.  This is the main reason why I would never hire a woman, been there, done that.  Once I gave a woman a chance and she tried spreading all kinds of nasty rumors about me.  That will never happen again if I have anything to say about it.  Besides, women never gave me a chance, so why should I return the favor.  Women are clearly incapable of understanding this dynamic, as they think that all men have more sexual options than they do.  They think this, because the top 20% of men are the only ones they acknowledge as existing, and these men certainly do have choice, yet it is all men are forced to give up their resources to the poor oppressed wimminz via taxes.  Wait a minute, I thought a woman can do anything a man can do.  Am I retarded?  I must be missing something, because if this were the case, than why does the goverment need to facilitate stealing of men’s income to give to women in the form of welfare.  If women can do anything a man can do, then why do family courts have an 83% bias for women, and in many cases, transfer 100% of the fathers income directly to the woman, under threat of jail.  What is the man getting out of that transaction.  How is the man supposed to support himself when he is working, but the court orders all his income to support the ex-wife’s “standard of living”.  What is she doing for him?  Is she still having sex with him?  No, she is having sex with Chad or Tyronne, in her ex husbands bedroom inside of her ex-husbands house, which was given to her.  No, he becomes homeless, living in his car, and does anybody care? Of course not, because society hates men.  If that were me, that cunt had better get a new identity, because I would be hunting her to the ends of the earth and those family court scumbags as well.  They love to make examples out of men, so men need to grab their balls and start making examples out of them as well.  If you take away a man’s future, reason to live, and he has no path to justice, then murder IS justified.

Turning women away from stem one candidate at a time

Let me first say, that I expect this post to cause some controversy, maybe it will, maybe it won’t.  If it does, let this be proof of how gynocentric society has become.  My blog here only maybe averages 100 views or so a day, since society does not care about men, or male suffering.  It is only the female that counts.  Society cares more about some cunt breaking her fingernail than 100 men committing suicide.  In the company I work at, as I said, I am a fairly seasoned engineer, and among my responsibilities is to interview candidates.  Over the years, I have seen many women attempt careers in STEM, and while there are a few exceptions, the vast majority cause more trouble then they are worth.  First off, the vast majority of female engineers are completely incompetent, therefore, others have to do their work for them, second, when a company hires an attractive female candidate, the whole dynamic of the office changes.  All the naginas, instead of focusing on getting their work done, focus on white knighting and competing to try and impress the cunt.  An unproductive female in STEM is vastly worst for productivity than an unproductive male engineer, as you can fairly easily fire men in the workplace, but let me tell you that to fire a female engineer, there needs to be vastly more reasons(and not being productive is not one of them).  Also, unproductive male engineers do not change the dynamic of the office.  A few female STEM employees can quickly turn a productive office into a complete shit show of immaturity and white knighting.  Third, once a female candidate is in the door, HR makes them virtually impossible to get rid of.  In my tenure, I have never seen a single female engineer fired for incompetence, however, I have seen dozens of their male counterparts fired.  In fact, the only time I have ever seen a female engineer fired was for stealing several hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment.  When I am interviewing female engineering candidates, I make it a point to give virtually every one a thumbs down(even if they are relatively sharp), with the exception being older female candidates, who do demonstrate knowledge and skill.  I would NEVER give the ok to hire a 20-30 something female, EVER.  Like I mentioned earlier, most of the women/naginas reading this think that I am just some neckbeard behind a screen with no job who has zero influence on society.  Well, this is me having a real impact in the fight against gynocentrism.

Disclaimer:  I shall not in any way be responsible for tears shed by naginas reading this post o!o.