The 80/20 rule

It always amazes me that the cunt laughs when it hears of men talking about the 80/20 rule, which means that 80% of women go after 20% of men.  Amazing, considering the number of men the cunt rejects every day.  The reasons I have been rejected are too numerous to count, but they include “you are too shy”, “you are too cheap”, “you are not good enough in bed”, “my friends did not like you”, “you are a complete geek”, “you have no friends”, “you are not cool”, “you are not my type”, “you have no style”, “you drive a shitty car”, “you are not attractive to other women”, “you have never been married, so there is something wrong with you”, “you are boring”, “you cannot dance”, “you are ugly”, “you are too old”, “you are too young”, “you are not on facebook”, “you are a creep”, “I have a boyfriend”, “get lost loser”, and countless other reasons, but you get the point.  I once had a friend who had a deformed arm from birth, and women would treat him like golem, so what did he do, he went to places like costa rica, bonair, and thailand for sex tourism.  That is the “ONLY” way he can ever get laid, as american women would not even give him the time of day.  I know another guy who is morbidly obese, but extremely charismatic, and he has many female friends, but he is as incel as I am since all women “just want to be friends”.  So you like to laugh at the 80/20 rule, dont you cunt?  Only a woman would be stupid and hypocritical enough to not only dismiss this as a real problem, but go out of their way to shame the men who talk about this in order to push them out..  Amazing, considering how many men the average woman rejects every day.  The cunt really thinks that with their huge laundry list of expectations for the perfect guy that more than 20% of all men would even have some of those characteristics.  Well, lets look at what attracts women(the 20%)..  “He has to be great in bed”, “He has to have a huge cock”, “He has to be nice, but only to me”, “He has to buy me things”, “He has to hold doors open for me, and pay for all our dates”, “He has to drive a nice car”. “He has to look like a model”, “He has to have muscles”, “He has to be dominant, but only when he is supposed to”, “Everybody has to like him”, “He cannot cheat on me”, “All my friends have too like him”, “He has to be funny”, “He has to have confidence, but he cannot be arrogant”(Women just LOVE arrogant men, one of the reasons they go after their badboy), “He has to have a great job, but still spend time with me”, “He needs to make a lot of money, but he cannot be a nerd or geek”, “he has to be a great dancer”, “he has to be famous”, “he has to dress well”, “he has to have style”, “he can’t be too short”, “he can’t be too tall”.  Women actually think that all men have all these characteristics, and it is only a small number of men who cannot find a woman.  I really believe that most women do not even count undesireable men as people, therefore, their advances do not count if such men try and talk to them.  Men who women are not attracted to are not human, and are to be shamed and pushed out, if not outright murdered, if such things were allowed.  I really believe that if things keep on going the way they are, women will convince their nagina’s in government to enforce laws to send undesireable men to concentration camps, oh wait, except if they have a son who is undesirable.

6 thoughts on “The 80/20 rule

  1. If the game is so impossible for so many men, then why do they want to suffer? How about taking an anti-androgen? I did. And I never regretted it.


  2. “If the game is so impossible for so many men, then why do they want to suffer? ”

    And why the fuck would they want to be plants who finance sluts instead?


  3. Well, look at our culture. Look at what women see on TV all day. They REALLY believe they are owed or are entitled to a movie-star man who money and looks. If they don’t get it and have to “settle”, they won’t be happy campers.

    With any woman you meet you have to assume they’re totally brainwashed and have no soul — and again, I largely blame the culture they’re raised in.

    Women also like simple, dumb men — men who are totally blue-pill and clueless about all this.

    Women can sense a guy like you has more going on and sees all angles, they hate that.


  4. This 80/20 rule has been talked about by Steve Hoca on youtube. I believe it mostly comes down to looks and or money in the end. Women want the best looking guy they can attract and it helps if you have money. There is no solution for the average looking guy.


  5. How about instead of complaining, FIX those things. Because why the fuck would anybody want to be with somebody with those qualities when there are better people available? Also, if 80/20 were true, why is it that most of the girls I know have been in 2+ year relationships? I live in a college town, i’d say about 50% of the girls do the boyfriend thing and 50% hook up before eventually settling down. I’d say the 80/20 split, if anything, is the other way; 80% of men will have a fine time with girls, and a particularly inept and undesirable 20% will have a bad time.


  6. That is why the PUA industry is a billion dollar industry.. You feminists just keep it up.. Just makes females look like they really are, stupid.


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