Women liking introverted guys?

I can’t believe this piece of crap article I read http://www.yourtango.com/2014245827/7-reasons-love-introvert

This article is so retarded, that I had to post something about it here.  Today’s cunt likes introverted guys about as much as it likes black widow spiders flooding out of the basement.  Every single introverted guy I have ever known was either an incel, or with a land whale.

Here is my commentary:

“1. You are mysterious.

You have a rich inner world, full of intriguing thoughts and feelings. Women who like you want to know what you’re thinking, but they can’t possibly know so easily.

This sets up a playful, intense dynamic naturally.”

Who the fuck do you think you are kidding..  You just want to weed out the introverts who are incel, so you can push them out.

“2. You are easy to be around.

By nature, you are chill and relaxed. You’re not clamoring for attention, and you’re a great listener. These qualities make you pleasant and appealing.”

Of course, when your badboy cheats on you, I am sure you have a whole army of “nice guy” introverts whose shoulders you can cry on just drooling for a chance with her-highness.

“3. You have a fresh perspective on the world.

Because you’re not into passing fads but are attuned to a deeper reality, the way you see the world is often surprising and wonderful to others.

You have a fresh sense of humor and quirky playfulness.”

You know this how?  You have to give introverts a chance before you can make these assumptions.

“4. Your introspection makes you a wonderful partner.

You have a habit of searching out where you’re going right and where you’re going wrong in life, so you can take responsibility and better yourself. When developed, this is incredibly earnest and trustworthy to a woman.”

Yes, I am sure you tell this to all your male friends who cannot find a woman(assuming you did not push them out), in addition to “you are such a nice guy”, and “you will find someone”.  Meanwhile you are hopping from badboy to badboy on the cock carousel and when your badboy dumps you, you go crying on the introverts shoulder about how you cannot find a nice man.

“5. You are in tune with subtle chemistry nuances.

This is so sexy. Your quiet depth puts you in close touch with your body, her body, and the environment in a way that gives you a special edge.

Sometimes, just the slightest glance can make a woman melt, and your intuitive nature means you are especially primed to do that well.”

This is so stupid and retarded that only a woman could come up with such BS.

“6. You are intellectually stimulating.

Intelligent women are energized by meaningful conversations with intelligent men. Because of your intellectually curious and exploratory nature, you know all kinds of different things to share with others.”

Really, when was the last time you cunts ever cared about anything intellectual.

“7. You know yourself.

As an inwardly-oriented man, you know what you like and what you don’t like. You know your values, your preferences, and what you want in life. This makes you sophisticated and trustable.”

Yes, we know we are incels, and of course we can be trusted as a shoulder to cry on when your badboy beats your ass, but will you give us a chance?  Of course not.

11 thoughts on “Women liking introverted guys?

  1. Your analysis hits the point as usual. There is a difference between introverted people and shy people though. While virtually all shy people are also introverted, introverted people don’t have to be shy at all. Being shy means you’re afraid of social contact but want it, being introverted means you are not afraid of social contact but you don’t want it (always or as much as extroverts do). So as an introverted person you can totally be a chooser and not a beggar. I think the article refers to the “lonesome rider” who is mysterious, independent and self confident (and fit and good looking).


  2. mrsperfectstorm,

    thanks for the comment.

    I think the lonesome rider may have been attractive about 50 years ago. Shy men probably never were attractive to women. Today, it does not make a difference.. Only the most arrogant, narcissistic, popular men need apply.


  3. I think it’s probably true you will never be with a woman again unless you pay for her.
    Even so, why should that rock your composure? Given that you hate them so, why should you
    care whether you have a girlfriend or not?


  4. Lon Spector,

    I know I will never be with a woman again, and it does not rock my composure. My problem is that I pay a substantial amount of taxes which go to pay for single mothers, a majority of women working in do nothing government jobs, and court systems which come up with more anti-male laws each day. Women have pushed me out of society, and I am probably the better for that, considering the trouble they are today, however, since I am pushed out, my taxes should be pushed out as well.


  5. That would really require gender seperation in the same way that some have advocated
    racial seperation. Not only is this impossible, but it would be like going from the frying pan
    into the fire. The “oppressed” women would be driven into the arms of “oppressed”
    black men.
    It would not only spell the doom of the white race, but provide fodder for the extermination of the
    white male.


  6. I don’t care about the white race(I am white) or any race for that matter.. I have no investment in this society.


  7. Well, you must have refrained going the Rogers/Soldini route for some reason.
    You must have thought you had something to lose if you slaughtered others.
    It’s obvious that you see life as worth living, otherwise you would have killed yourself, and/or
    others long ago.
    Is it just a refusal to buckel? Or, is it just an “I-show-them” kind of stubberness?
    Myself, I just see that negative feelings are a waste. Happiness is an INSIDE job.
    When I came to understand that negative feelings did nothing but make ME miserable,
    the feelings left on their own accord. Nothing is worth getting upset about.
    A 56 year old virgin makes up 2% of the population. If the other 98% had the key to happiness,
    we should be living in Utopia!


  8. When you ask a woman “what are you looking for in a guy?”
    She is going to tell you about all the qualities the guy she is already attracted to SHOULD have.
    I say SHOULD because since he’s attractive to her … he can have none of them, and yet still be the man of her dreams.

    However, even if you develop those qualities … you won’t be given a chance – because you’re NOT the guy she’s attracted to.

    Taking relationship advice from women, is pointless – as they will not admit that a large majority of their “relationship advice” is just to create supplicating men to make their interaction and navigation in the world more $$$ rewarding with less effort.


  9. ^ Of course, with the emphasis on being strong (therefore desirable to many other women), type … made first.
    When women say they “want the guy other women want”, I think to myself “If you aren’t better than the competition, you will then complain about “men’s behaviour” and not “the women who can’t respect a marriage””
    (Women are more afraid of other women, than men … because other women know how to deceive and are more likely to get a lighter sentence for criminal behaviour towards other women – truly LOL-worthy unintended consequences of a sexist legal system 🙂 )


  10. Women hate the strong silent type, unless he is a gangster or some other tough guy, or extremely socially proofed.


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