See what you cunts have done?

This video is a perfect example of how badly incel tears up a guy from the inside out..

As far as I can tell, this is a guy who is relatively new to youtube and is so distraught that, like for many of us, he has to find his release online.  Reading through the comments to Kent(the youtuber who created the video) of course, the retards are coming out of the woodwork saying that he is going to be the “next black Elliot Rodger”, “how he should kill himself”, etc.  Kent, however, does have a few supporters, but not a single one of them is a woman.  If women were as caring as we were all brought up to believe by society, than how come not a single one has ever reached out a hand to help an incel such as myself, or Kent.  Truthfully, if Kent does go Elliot Rodger, can you blame him? He is clearly suffering and you are laughing in his face.   If Kent did go ER, the femicunts would do what they always do, and blame everything on the man as usual, saying “another loser who thinks he is entitled to womens bodies”, “nobody is entitled to sex” and “how we need the guberment to put more restraints on the pigs” (of course using the pigs tax dollars to do so) as the cunt cannot even afford its birth control without help from the guberment.  Well, consider something else..  Guys like Kent have no investment in society.  Your teasing, laughing, mocking, calling him entitled are going to do nothing, except make him snap sooner.  You have programmed him to self destruct with the thought of getting even being the only pleasure he will ever have at the end.  Men in this mindset care as much about whether you think they are entitled as you care about their suffering because they are incel.  You want him to snap and when he does, then starts the whining and crying.  Fucking unbelievable.

5 thoughts on “See what you cunts have done?

  1. You are probably too young to remember an advice columinst named Ann Landers.
    Many newspapers carried her column. She recieved a letter like this once:

    ” You want to know why some guys rape girls?
    I have recieved nothing but rejection and ridicule from girls
    I am an overweight man. I asked a girl out and she sneeringly rejected me.
    She said, “Maybe after you lose 200 pounds, I might consider it.”
    I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna rent a cabin in the woods, and
    take a girl there. She will belong to me and I will do whatever I want to her.”

    This was Ann Lander’s response:

    “You are probably to sick to be reasoned with, so I won’t make any attempt to
    disuade you.
    The woman that you kidnap will be a compassionate young mother, completely
    sympathic to your plight.
    For God’s sake get help, before it’s too late.”


  2. Yes, I am sick.. We are all sick.. Thousands of guys must be suffering from the same mass psychophrenic hallucinations as we are all complaining about the exact same things.. No, No honey it is not a sickness when many, many people are complaining about the same thing, and have proof to back it up, it is a genuine problem.. Oh right, you do not think it is a problem, because it inconveniences you. Well, all the tax dollars I pay which go to support single mothers, battered womens shelters, anti male laws, free health care for women, and a guberment where 50+% of its employees are women, inconveniences me, but yet I have to pay them.. So, yes, you people are going to keep hearing from me, until I don’t.


  3. We know so little about YOU. We know what motivates you in terms of politics, but you
    have never told us what keeps you going forward. Why try?
    Based on what you’ve said, I have never seen a more woebegone person in my life.
    You make a decent living, but you resent your tax dollars being spent on parasites.
    You feel cheated like a social outcast, and can’t for the life of yourself understand what you are
    doing wrong? Maybe you’re NOT doing anything wrong. Could it be fate?
    Do you actually think that the millions you envy are that happy? Have you looked around?
    It just might be that in life, we have no choice, except the one ever present choice to end it.


  4. “We know so little about YOU. We know what motivates you in terms of politics, but you
    have never told us what keeps you going forward. Why try?”

    What motivates me is fighting feminism which has destroyed my life and the lives of countless other men.

    “It just might be that in life, we have no choice, except the one ever present choice to end it.”

    Wrong, society/women have lied to me all my life, belittled me, treated me like I am nothing, yet when I complain, I am told “we owe you nothing, now get back to work and keep paying taxes little slave boy so we can pay for our thug spawn”. Well, since society owes me nothing, I owe society nothing, therefore if I am pushed, nothing if off the table for what I will be prepared to do.


  5. In his other videos there are girls who give him encouragement. He even posts a few videos where a girl talks to him and compliments him at church.


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