One thought on “A walrus has more of a chance with an american woman than an incel

  1. When I was in my 20’s I knew of all the stories of women engaging in beastiality
    especially with dogs. It was infuriating to think that a woman would rather have sex
    with a dog then me.
    I whined, complained, even cried. It was a period of genuine mourning.
    But then I came to understand that the grieving and crying wasn’t doing anything for me.
    The grieving itself was only giving me all the MORE reason to grieve! I decided that life was
    more enjoyable for me when I didn’t dwell on how miserable I was.
    Now, NOTHING changed in the REAL WORLD. I turned 57 just a few days ago. I know I’m
    going to die a virgin, and it is very tempting to push the date up. I may yet do it because I am
    living a very precarious life, like walking across a frozen lake during the Spring thaw.
    We can’t reform the world, but we can alter our THOUGHTS about the world, particularly if
    we know they harm us. In the final analysis, is ANYTHING worth getting upset about?
    It’s YOUR composure. It’s YOUR state of mind.
    At the rate things are going in this country, those snotty girls are going to be dragged off kicking
    and screaming by maurading Apes, and NO ONE will be able to help them.
    The end is near, because NOW the level of morality IS like a woman who would fornicated with
    a walrus.


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