It was never about equal rights

The more I reflect on the behavior of today’s cunt, the more I realize feminism was never about equal rights, equal pay, or any of the other things feminists openly speak about.  These things were always just fronts to push their adjenda to the masses, as so many other liberal ideas, they are packaged to sound like such a good thing..  What damage could equal pay cause?  What damage could women being allowed in the workforce possibly cause?  I personally am not against either one of these things..  It is the other things which are never spoken that cause the damage.  The above mentioned things are just a front and the real motivation of feminism was to allow women unlimited sexual power, at the expense of men.  Women always had the right to sleep with whom ever they wanted, but in the past there were serious social penalties for doing so.  Contrast this to the plight of the incel..  It is the right of any man not to be with a woman, but there are also serious social consequences to not following the stas quo.  The problem is the incel does not have a choice in the matter, yet not only does the incel have to suffer forced absence of an innate humane need, he has to deal with the judgement that society bestows on him for not having a woman.  In the past if a woman cheated on her husband, it was her choice..  There was nothing stopping her from doing so, except the judgement of society, but at least she had her biological needs fulfilled.  The incel has nothing.  Today, women can not only sleep around with every badboy that crosses her path, society will praise her for doing so.  Not only that, a trailer trash cunt can sleep around with as many thugs as she chooses, have as many babies as she chooses, live as irresponsibly as she wants, and society will fit the bill, since she is a “poor oppressed woman”.  Nope, the whole point of feminism was to allow women to enjoy rampant, unchecked hypergamy with as many badboy’s as she chooses to fit on the carousel, all at the expense of the taxpayer.

6 thoughts on “It was never about equal rights

  1. I think for MOST women, the reason they support feminism IS for “equal” (and in some cases)
    EXCESSIVE pay. (Because women aren’t in the work force as long as men because of pregnancy.)
    I don’t think most women support the “lesbian/dysfunctional/Marxist,” aspects of feminism.
    They STILL want “Princes” and Alpha males. It’s just the way they’re made.
    I don’t think they want criminals per se. They want tough guys. And phony sociopaths often fit the
    Women want guys who “follow their own bliss.” If you’re 15 years old and you want to be an actor,
    by golly, go for your dream. Don’t hold nothing back. Pursue your dream at all costs. Timid men
    don’t cut it with women. Did you ever hear the song, “She Believes In Me,” by Kenny Rogers, or a
    simular song “She Cries At Night?”
    A sincer woman will stick by an authentic man. And if she doesn’t there are “many fish in the sea.”


  2. It does not matter what they want per say.. It only matters the end result.. It only loves its badboy.


  3. Wow you are stupid. The difference is woman are ENTITLED to safety, to the right to exist in public without being harassed, and to the right to excel in the classroom and workplace with as much credit and attention given to us as to men. We are ENTITLED to those things. You are not in any way ENTITLED to sex. Sex is not a right, it’s a fun activity that two people do together when they like each other. If nobody likes you enough to do it with you, thats YOUR problem.


  4. Women are entitled, but men are not.. You just proved everything I am saying here. You will see how entitled you are when George Sodini comes into your life..


  5. Feminism has only ever had 2 purposes:
    1. to make women the sole arbiters of desirability regarding men and relationships, so that they can effectively “control” men,
    2. So that the women of step 1 have a cohort of thirsty sexless men to leech off of when the guys of step 1 don’t want to be with them anymore.

    Women treat men they’re afraid of losing, with lots of second chances.
    The men they’re not attracted to, are the ones walking on eggshells and being told he can be accused of rape if he even talks to her unbidden.


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