Not All Women are Like That, but All White Women are Like That.

And I mean every single last one, family included.  Before continuing, I want to make it clear that I am as white as bread, so I am no racist.  I am just documenting what I observe.  Most people think that I hate all women, which is not true.  I actually hold no animosity to ethnic women(even though they wont have sex with me either).  Why? I do not hate women for not having sex with me, as I can pay for sex whenever I want.  I hate women for the blatant disrespect that they give to me on a daily basis, because they are not attracted to me.  It is, however, not all women who disrespect me.  I get along fine with black and asian women, and I do not hate them in the least, as black and asian women have always treated me with respect and as far back as I can remember, when the white cunts and their naginas were all gathering around to push me out, black and asian women never got involved.  I wonder why that is.  I can think of several possible reasons, but the main one is feminism, which is far more prevalent in white women, and the lack of knowing what true hardship is(to most white cunts, true hardship is getting dirt under her fingernails, or being dumped by Chad Thundercock).  Since we have a govmint which favors women, and white women in particular, even poor white women are running around with their entitlement acting like princesses.

As a side note, I have a friend who was dating this trailer trash waitress and she dumped him for a drug dealer.  Her drug dealer boyfriend got locked up, and the cunt got fired from her job, and then she calls up my friend crying since her and her daughter are being thrown out of their apartment because they cannot pay the rent, and that they need someplace to stay.  He just hung up the phone.  I laughed like a loon when I heard this.  I hope to see them starving in the street, but of course soon they will be on some gubmint program stealing my tax dollars, and the cunt will be having babies with another drug dealer.

So yes, white cunts have no respect or fear of men.  They can feel comfortable knowing that they can behave as feral as they want and that they will be backed by an army of naginas, and a gubmint which will cater to their every need.  Well white cunts, your time is coming to an end.  The hoards of men you are producing who hate you, because you push them out of society, do you think they give two shits about the gubmint?  You stole their lives and they have nothing to loose.  You say “those guys are looooosers, they are nothing..  I am a woman, I can do what ever I want, and nothing bad can happen to me since i am a goddess”  Well cunt, how did that behavior work out for you at virginia tech?  Cho Seung Hui took out 20 of you fucking cunts.  yes, you remember that?  You remember all the whining and crying?  Some of you even became sexually attracted to him after that, didn’t you? The cunts gotta have its badboy.  BTW, I will be featuring Cho Seung Hui in an upcoming “honoring heros” post.

So I hope I clarified things here, I am ONLY referring to white american skanks when i say women or cunts in this blog.

5 thoughts on “Not All Women are Like That, but All White Women are Like That.

  1. I knew that that korean guy has the highest kill count ever and was very socially creepy in general (did not speak, introduced himself on paper with the ? sign) but I did not know the girls he kilked were cunts nor that some of the survived wher later attracted to him (where did you get that from??)
    very interesting. Looking forward on piece on him and the series in general


  2. I do not know if girls were attracted to Cho specifically, but they certainly attracted to James Holmes, who was also an incel. So makes sense that they would be attracted to Cho as well, oh, I forgot, women hate asian men, so maybe not. However, I am sure that his chances to get a woman would have gone up exponentially after committing the massacre.


  3. Have to disagree with you on this one friend. The white female-if she is beautiful- is the highest
    form of life on the planet.
    Yes they are cold to “average” guys. But they have currancy because everyone ADORES them.
    I assume you’ve watched the cable news shows. Have you noticed how they place the pretty blond
    between the two guys and she’s showing off plenty of leg? I’m a bit older then you, and in the 1960’s
    and 70’s, there were much fewer women in the media. Now pretty white woman, light skinned black
    women, and pretty Asians dominate the print and T.V. media. The beautiful woman today is an icon.
    A God. The whole world is her oyster. They call it “The New Girl Order.” It’s a WOMAN’S WORLD” now.
    Black and Asian women have been kinder too you then the stuck up white Beauty Queens? There’s a
    simple reason: Unless the black or Asian woman is wealthy she doesn’t have the curancy” the white
    women has.
    You’re not alone fella. In our currant cultural/political climate, a concerted effort is being made to
    denegrate the white male, (And take away his influence. Attacks on cops for example.) Bolister up the non-white male, and glorify the BEAUTIFUL white female.
    Objective?: Extermination of white Christian male. And ultimate utalization of white women for sexual
    slavery for non-white men. These women can be specially bred through artifical insemination.
    One sperm bank has enough sperm on hand to repopulate the entire world.


  4. Women complained about Cho even when he did nothing.
    You have not yet set eyes upon the full horror of the worst women, that happen to be “Asian-Westernised”.
    Think Mindy Kaling meets Andrea Dworkin.
    You’ll hear about how “men have oppressed women since the dawn of time”, therefore “you must pay for me to show you are not like those other men” and “I don’t believe in gender roles, but you must work and I will stay at home”.
    Enjoy that clusterf**k.


  5. As a black woman, I can sadly agree with this. I’ve grown up as a bisexual, and I try to give a dating chance to people to ask me out. Everyone deserves a chance, we’re all human. I hope things go better for you. Don’t let your heart get swallowed by darkness, don’t hurt others- don’t sink to their level. Trust me, as a black woman, I know how it feels to be hated and discriminated against. All of us as women of color do, that’s probably why we don’t try to shame others.


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