Recent article written about my blog

I recently noticed that my traffic has spiked significantly due to a tumbler post about my blog:

Of course, some nagina came across my blog and started this to poke fun at the incel man.  I was curious when I found out by looking at my traffic stats, and for a moment I thought there might, just might be some original content there.  Of course, it was the cunt and its nagina saying the same tired old things, such as “virgin”, “whiny pathetic loser”, etc.  I have heard these things so many times, does not even make me blink an eye.  Here are some highlights and my response.

Source: am female, happily living with a nerd/geek who is not an insufferable twat.  I work in IT and worked for an engineering group before that and I don’t know where he’s getting his “all tech people are Incel” shit. Pretty much everyone I knew in either circle was either happily married or dating with few exceptions.

Of course you think everybody is happily married in tech.  You cunts do not even acknowledge the existence of “undesireable” men.  We are utterly invisible to you cunts, unless of course you need something, and once you get what you want, we cease to exist again.  I believe that this is why Cho Seung Hui called himself “the question mark kid”, because he knew he was a non human entity to the cunts, and that they had to be forced to “tolerate” him breathing the same air as her highness. 

Here is a response from another cunt:

I don’t even understand how a smart man makes him unattractive. One of the most attractive things that a man could have is intelligence. A man that can talk about a subject that he knows well, and even explain it to you in a way that makes sense is one of the most amazing things a person can do.

Of course you do not understand.  That tattooed ex-convicts you cunts love so much certainly has lots of intelligence.  I have actually heard women say this about men who they were attracted to, so what if he has a 3rd grade education, been in and out of jail, had no job, and beating their ass.  I am surprised that she did not say “just be yourself, you will find someone”

Jesus how fucking terrible do these people have to be?  Look, sorry if you’re having trouble getting laid but it’s seriously not that difficult. You’re either trying WAY WAY too hard, having far too high of standards, or have a nonexistant or shitty personality.

It is very difficult if you have aspergers, shy and or introverted.  My standards are NOT high, I am just looking for an average woman.  Maybe I do have a non existent personality, so what?  That is better than having the personality of a sociopath, narcissist, bully, or a violent thug, but not according to today’s cunt’s sexual choices. 

Oh shit so he’s probably like full on crazy. How can he still consider himself a celibate if he’s had sex?  Total and complete lack of empathy seems like the only way he could have this mindset (in general not the whole how he’s still celibate)

Nobody who knows me thinks I am crazy.  I have friends, and a job.  No woman has ever had any empathy for my situation, so why should I for theirs.  The gobmint forces me to have empathy for the cunt by making me pay taxes to support women.  What am I getting for that?  Where is the empathy for people in my situation?

Anyone who labels themselves as “incel” is clearly a whiny, self-entitled person who think that sex should just be flung in their general direction because “I deserve MOAR!” Everyone who isn’t an egocentric maniac who blames all their problems on everything that isn’t them, they just call themselves “virgins” like a normal person.

Yeah, Yeah, here we go again with the “self-entitled”.  Yes, I am entitled to not pay taxes which go to women.  Yes, I am entitled to be left alone and not pushed out by women who are present.  But do I get these things because I am entitled to them.  The answer is No.  So, yes, I am entitled to get sex.

And for the last bit of originality, I am called a basement dweller with a neck beard, Surprise!

5 thoughts on “Recent article written about my blog

  1. Isn’t America a “can do” society? That’s why Trump is doing so well. Nothing suceeds like sucess.
    Did you ever hear the song Rhinestone Cowboy by Glen Campbell? Or “On Broadway,” by the Drifters?
    “They say the women treat you fine on Broadway.”
    “But looking at them just gives me the blues.”
    ” Cause how ya gonna make some time, when all ya have is one thin dime.”
    “And one thin dime, won’t even shine your shoes.”
    You can’t be anything but what you are unless you are a fraud and a politican. You can only be the
    best version of your “natural self.”
    The only extensive study of incels was written in 1984. It is out of print now. I can’t recall the aurthor’s
    name, or the title of the book, but he was criticised for including Astrology in the book. He talks
    about how men with certain Astrological placements are incel. I have all the placements he mentions,
    and I am most certainly incel. I really do believe that men would be less bitter, and strike out less,
    if they knew that incel was a “fated” condition. After all, why strike out at “innocent” people?
    Our problems are our problems. Their concerns are their concerns. And never the two will meet.
    Summertime is indeed a torture. But why blame women? They are NOT as happy as they appear to be.
    Even Trump isn’t as happy as he appears to be. But I betcha he’s got a more promising chart then
    we have.
    Given the fact we can’t change the world, it comes down to two choices: Persist in misery, or do the
    smart thing and quietly “off” ourselves.


  2. “Off”-ing yourself is exactly what the people who feed off the incel’s labour, lucre and life, want.
    Hang around to charge them.
    Hang around to let them know YOU are keeping a tally.
    Hang around to let them see that there will be a price tag in the end.

    Women who think it is a laughing matter … should see how long they’re laughing when the WIC is either reduced in duration or amount.

    After all,
    Women past 30 who have no relationship, only have, at best, a 15% chance of doing so.

    Laughing at incels? Well … the incel isn’t stupidly giving his money away, or living with someone who can leave with half, or give him a disease … or hold him accountable for HER debts.


  3. That is absolutely right PRay. The idea is to create more incel nerd workslaves to feed the female run economy and welfare system. The cunt gets the fruits of our labor via forced gubmint taxes and if an incel is lucky enough to land a woman, she marries him, divorces him, hops back on the carousel so she can fuck chad thundercock, since the incel is a boring nerd, and then takes all the incels money, again using the gubmint to do so, making the incel a wage slave for life. Unfortunately, there are far to many naginas out there who do not question the system, and will do anything to please their woman(if they have one), since they know it will be very difficult for them to find another one, to make a difference in our lifetime. The only thing we can do is speak out about the issue to anyone who listens, work as little as possible, hide and stash away our cash to where the gubmint/women cannot get to it, and do our own thing.


  4. ^ It doesn’t matter how a man defines which woman is “average” to him, women have, as Oscar Wilde says “very simple tastes. They only want the very best”.

    Remember, women fight tooth and nail (and even try committing suicide) not to be attached to a regular male while she thinks she can do better …
    and then fights tooth and nail to make a regular man support her when Chad Thundercock doesn’t want her.

    That’s all right though.
    Men don’t like ugly women all that much either – at least the ones who will honour their marriage vows don’t …


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