This is how fickle todays cunt is!

The other night i was out with some friends and out of the blue, this cunt comes up to me and says “I remember you, you used to train at xxx gym”.  She was correct, i used to train at that gym like 6 years ago.  I did not know this girl from Eve and had not even the faintest recollection of even laying eyes on her.  Anyway, we end up talking for an hour and exchange phone numbers.  I gave her a call the next day, and she texts me a few hours later.  We text back and fourth for about an hour, when I had to eat dinner and then go to bed.

All I say in the text is:

“Sorry, have to eat dinner and go to bed, lets grab a drink this week”

I text her the next day and no response, surprise..

Another attention whoring, carousel riding cunt.  I should have told her to fuck off as soon as she approached me.  This is how much the sexual choice and options of women are skewed.  An average woman has no less than a 30000/1 advantage over an average man when it comes to finding a partner.  This means that if you approach 5 women per day, it would take 16 years to find a woman.  I know this because I have tried it.  I have blown out entire towns when I was doing PUA back in the day and got nowhere. The only real choice an incel has is to go MGTOW and get revenge on the cunt whenever possible.  This mistake will never happen again.

13 thoughts on “This is how fickle todays cunt is!

  1. Wow. You truly are a pathetic piece of shit. The fact you even have a blog about being such a pathetic piece of shit that no one will consider even the shortest of sexual encounters with you is even more deliciously ironic, because for some odd reason you fail to see that this could be simply because you are, to quote, the ‘cunt’.

    Never before have I read anything that’s made me think ‘Oh wow, maybe those feminists have a point!’; but you have. So congratulations on that one.

    “Incel” isn’t a thing; it’s simply being completely unattractive in both body and mind that no one wants to even entertain the thought of a relationship of any form. Something which is completely understandable by reading the language you’ve used to describe someone who simply didn’t reply to your text.

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  2. Wow, you are truly a nasty nagina, and you are a retard as well. Before commenting, I suggest you learn how to use a dictionary.

    From the dictionary:
    cunt –
    Derogatory term for a woman. Considered by many to be the most offensive word in the English language.

    So, obviously I cannot be a cunt.

    Again, from the dictionary

    Mangina –
    A Mangina is a self-depreciating man who subconsciously hates himself and blindly believes women are superior to him. He has been raised to think masculinity is inherently wrong – perhaps even a genetic/evolutionary/social flaw – and must be corrected by embracing his “feminine side” to the point of losing the very qualities that make him male. He believes women are beautiful, innocent angels and men are filthy animals who need to be controlled.

    Sound familiar nagina. No wonder you think the feminists have a point. So, by being a nagina, you also believe that women are not responsible for their actions, no matter how malicious, isn’t that right nagina. You believe that women are entitled to all the mans assets during a divorce, isn’t that also correct, nagina, oh thats right, unless of course it is you. Won’t be so funny then, will it nagina. You also believe that it is perfectly acceptable for a woman to cut off a mans genitals and throw it in a garbage disposal without any criminal ramifications and a bunch of cunts can laugh about it on television, isn’t that right nagina. Let me know how being a nagina works out for you when you are divorced raped, or when YOU are forced out of the sexual market place as the pedestal women are on is raised higher. You go ahead and keep kissing feminst ass, nagina, and see how far that gets you when you are divorced raped and forced into wage slavery. Any man stupid enough to be a nagina deserves everything he has coming.

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  3. Truth Sayer – you say incel isn’t a thing, but then describe what it is. That’s pretty illogical. Here, I’ll make a slight wager – you are an insane liberal cultist.


  4. … it’s hard to pity you when you call women “cunts.”

    I can’t imagine wanting something SOOOOO badly while simultaneously despising it. You want women, but it’s clear you loathe them.

    Jesus, dude. Just be gay or something. Don’t try to stick your dick in something you hate. I hate tapioca pudding, but I’m also not trying to fucking tapioca pudding.

    It’s not that none of us “cunts” understand you. It’s that we understand you TOO much. Women can see dinguses like you from a miiiiiiiiiiile away, dude.


  5. I despise women, because women despise me. I WISH that I were gay, my life would be much easier, but I am not wired that way. I do not hate women because they will not have sex with me, I hate women because of the blatant disrespect they give to me, and men in general on a daily basis see “”, and how they think they can get away with anything they want without ramifications.


  6. “I can’t imagine wanting something SOOOOO badly while simultaneously despising it. You want women, but it’s clear you loathe them.”

    Are you really stupid enough not to get this? What you’re saying is like “”I can’t imagine wanting water SOOOOO badly while simultaneously despising tainted water. You want water, but it’s clear you loathe it.”

    Does this make sense? No? Neither does your post. He despises modern Western women, who are rape and thug loving vermin. It doesn’t mean he despises all women ever as a gender.

    “Just be gay or something.”

    Why don’t you tell gays to just become straight, you retarded trash?

    ” It’s that we understand you TOO much. ”

    Women don’t understand anything. They are animals to be tightly controlled.


  7. I know these feels bro, the problem is that nowadays with social network and online dating every woman can be a bitch without problems, because nobody will know it.
    The girl you met probably found another guy hotter than you, it’s just this, you are not goodlooking enough because she can afford someone better (women are full of men who disperately try to fuck them so they can always choose the best male).
    Sorry for my english, it’s not my language,


  8. This means that if you approach 5 women per day, it would take 16 years to find a woman.
    Actually, it would take much longer than that, because those women would tell their friends and pollute them against you.
    And we all know women do “approval by committee” when it comes to being seen in public with a guy (which is why women love sugar daddies – they can go around in a limo and he can fly-in-fly-out).
    The important thing you must realise is:
    1) under-declare your income, cash in hand work mostly
    2) leverage your assets to gain compliance from women (note: women do this to men too, e.g. “If you don’t do this favour, I will tell all my girlfriends you are a creep)
    3) don’t rely on a company for employment – as HR is mostly women, and will try to damage you if “you are trying to reach beyond what you are entitled to” (women seem to know how to run men’s lives … but can’t get the guys they want, to commit to them LOL)
    4) remember, you have options overseas e.g. orphanages, runaways, etc. Basically – the kind of women who know what crap is, if they drop a good guy.

    Of course, women will scream shrilly about “men threatening women” … but here’s the rub – “he’s only considered nasty and evil … because you don’t like his looks”.


  9. Fuck man, be happy you get approached at least. That girl remembered you from 6 years ago, that’s fucking incredible.

    I mean it’s a bit rich for someone who gets approached like that to call himself an “incel”. You sound like a volcel to me.


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