MGTOW should be renamed to MSTOW

There is a new shaming tatic being used against MGTOW men more and more online which claims that MGTOW(men going their own way) should be renamed to MSTOW(men sent their own way).  This angered me at first, but I thought about and now I actually agree with this in 99% of all cases.  The argument says that men are going MGTOW because they were sent there by women.  This is 100% correct in my case and many other MGTOW men, no matter how much they try to deny it.  I have heard the stories and watched the videos of many MGTOW men and most of them claim that they are happier now that they discovered the red pill, but as someone who suffers from the pain of not being able to attract women, I can see the underlying anger in these men no matter how much they try to cover it up, or how much they claim that men living TFL/incel cannot be MGTOW and should be banned from the movement.  This, however, changes nothing as no matter what you call the movement, the issues are still valid.  So, call the movement what you wish, I am most definitely a MSTOW.

5 thoughts on “MGTOW should be renamed to MSTOW

  1. It shouldn’t be called MGTOW or MSTOW.
    It should be called MSTOW
    (Men Closing Their Own Wallet).
    it is men that contribute to so many of these women that allow them to be so abominable and unaccountable for bad behaviour.


  2. HAHA, I like that. The cunt aint gettting my money, thats for sure. Oh wait, but the gubment steals money from me every day to fund it.


  3. ^ Them getting your money by government … have to endure an application process, waiting and maybe getting a rejection
    all that money with 0 appreciation in their circumstances (looking for a man to pay for her + not getting any prettier + depression & mental issues) means that the amount of money they need is going to keep going up.
    printing money makes a currency worthless.
    “Feminism” is a very expensive cost for any government, sooner or later in a declining economy, costs … get cut.


  4. Sweet painted lady getting paid for being laid….my sweet heart told me that’s the price of pussy when the waiter brought us the check. I reply if you want be to be your lover than it’s Dutch treat from now on!


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