To women, 80% of men dont exist

As mentioned in a previous post, women do not acknowledge the 80% of men who are “unattractive”.  If you discuss with a single woman about how much attention they get from men, they will always complain that they get no attention, and they never get hit on.  I have heard this from attractive single women many times before getting rejected, when I made a move, and the following week, I would see these same women out either being approached by multiple men at a bar, or out on a date with another guy.  What these women are saying is that they get no attention from men who they are attracted to(men who women consider to be the top 20%).  My question is that if women are only attracted to the top 20% of men, and the rest have to settle or live incel/TFL, then why do the bottom 80% have to pay taxes to the welfare state, which is just a synonym for women.  I found this cartoon to illustrate this point.



And he is a badboy to boot.  This artist is a fucking genius.

4 thoughts on “To women, 80% of men dont exist

  1. If a person’s memory of all their prior sexual experieces dissapates upon death, then it
    doesn’t really matter if they’ve had 1,000s of sexual encounters, 1, or none.
    If there IS sex after death, then a fair God will finally let you have some.


  2. ^ A fair God would try to reward honest and decent men before death.
    If not, he’s either unfair or impotent.
    Why worship or believe in someone like that?


  3. “To women, 80% of men dont exist”
    Yeah, I wonder what the life of women would be like if there were only 20% of men around.

    Would be a return to grass huts, lots more poisoning and girl-on-girl violence.

    Extra: Woman getting charged for rape (Finally, I was starting to think “only men can rape” /sarcasm )
    Brisbane woman charged with raping another woman – who she also ‘stabbed in the eyes and genitals with a screwdriver’
    The 30-year-old was stabbed in her eyes, genitals, arm and ear
    25-year-old woman charged with rape after allegedly stabbing the victim
    Despite her serious injuries, the victim is in a stable condition in hospital
    Woman’s alleged attacker to face Brisbane Magistrates Court on Thursday
    She faces count of rape and count of acts intended to maim or disfigure


  4. When you post things like this, you have to remember you are basing all woman on one majority. I’m not here to argue or offend, but as a woman myself, I find almost(I’m not going to lie) all the people I meet to be attractive. It’s only the personality (badboy, asshole, dickhead, etc) that kills the whole thing.

    If I had met you before reading this blog, I sure as hell would have given you a chance. But now, I would reject you because honestly, after reading just a few of your posts, it seems you only want sex and no woman wants a man who is just there for the sex. Sorry if that’s a huge shocker.

    Being rejected all the time is no excuse to be sexist or hateful. Woman get rejected all the time for the ‘better looking one’. No one gets special treatment, if that’s what you’re thinking.


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