Women will choose a violent man each and every time

If just 1/100 women would give men who are considered shy, boring, quirky, eccentric, have aspergers, are introverted a chance, then men who are incel would be much rarer.  Having approached over 15,000 women, if this were true, then at least a few would have given me a chance.  I wonder how many women Abdurraham Gocer


had to approach to meet Huyla Berkil


How much money would like to bet that it was far less then 15,000?  Anyhoo, this big hunk of a man ended up dousing her with gasoline and setting her on fire.  I wonder how many men with aspergers(who would not have killed her) she gave a chance to?  How many shy men, who make a good living, did she give a chance to?  Again, how much money would you like to bet that the number is 0?  So, we are expected to feel sorry for this cunt.  That badboy, he is so exciting.  I just love it when he beats me.  I have so much trouble finding a man, because they are all so nice.  I think I am going to find a murderer in prison and propose marriage.  You are hot all right.  You are so hot they found you smoking in the dumpster, after your boyfriend set you on fire.  Rot in hell you stupid fucking cunt.

54 thoughts on “Women will choose a violent man each and every time

  1. Anna S. some stuff

    1. Regarding your first comment directed at me, I just love how you claimed my experiences with women “blinded me”. Why on Earth would they BLIND me? It’s like saying meeting other people made you know less about people in general. It makes no sense. My experiences opened my eyes, they didn’t blind me.

    Why would my experiences blind me? It’s retarded.

    Because I was just unlucky enough to meet bad women? I don’t think so. The sample I experienced plus what I saw around me is kinda several thousand times too great.

    2. It is utterly irrelevant if your father went to prison due to his circumstances as a kid. What matters is immorality and stupidity, and prison could be a part of this but isn’t necessarily. For example, no woman will be attracted to some guy who lacks these traits if he went to prison for a car accident or something.

    So, again, bs idiocy.

    3. Women in Africa and Asia haven’t yet experienced the destruction of their genetic material through dysgenics of feminism like modern Western women did. Modern Western women like extreme forms of violence and are public goods for various animals.


  2. Also, Anna S., if matters very little “what kind of a person you are”. I know you very well because I now understand women very well. Their shallowness, stupidity and animalistic nature. Which you confirm with your puerile backhanded attempts at attack like that “I have nothing interesting to say”, without explaining why or what you’d even consider interesting.


  3. And, ffs, Anna S.

    Ask yourself how you can be loved when you will either die childless on purpose of the father of your kids will be an illiterate Guatemalan peasant for whom things like contraception or even indoor toilets are rocket science.


  4. Wow. Didn’t expect to see a familiar name on this blog.

    Gocer was a killer before he met her. He had shot a man once, his sister’s husband, in the head. Was convicted to 12 years in prison and released after serving seven.

    He was a mini-bus driver and car washer. Not exactly a high-class member of the society. He was also a married man.

    It wasn’t quite murder, it seems. He doused her in gasoline to intimidate her but set her on fire by accident. Got life in a maximum-security prison. But the sentence was later changed to life (in a regular prison, with the possibility of parole after 24 years) on the basis of good conduct. (He had taken her to the hospital and behaved himself in court) Women protested the decision, of course.


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