The blame is always on the man

If you read online posts/blogs by the hoardes of incel men online, and the comments that they get, it amazes me that it is always the mans fault.  The comments, no matter how well meaning, always say things like “lower your standards”, “talk to lots of women”, “learn game”, “every no brings you closer to a yes”, “all it takes is one”.  These people really have no idea how bad things really are.  On average, when I was a PUA, I had to approach about 2000 women just to have sex once.  Once I had sex, I was always rejected for “not begin good in bed”, “being too messy”, “being boring”, “being wierd”, “my friend did not like you”, “you are too cheap”, and an infinite number of other bullshit reasons.  I then had to approach another 2000 women before the cycle repeated itself.  If this does not say that there is really no hope for incels, then I do not know what does.  Also, when an incel does something bad, like shoot up a school, these people come out of the woodwork saying things like “Even if he did have a girlfriend he would have done it anyway”.  Again, total BS.  Check out this comment on one of my earlier posts from a guy who was contemplating “going Sodini”, when all of a sudden he was approached by a hot girl out of the blue, and ended up in a long term relationship with.

If just one girl would give incel men a chance, I guarantee that mass shootings would be almost non-existent.

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  1. Sexually experienced men don’t just not understand incels’ problems. They do something worse than that: They apparently don’t want to understand. Instead of listening to us while trying to set their biases and preconceptions aside (admittedly difficult to do), they impose stereotyped “explanations” which make them comfortable – repressed homosexuality, for example. Notice that they never entertain the conjecture that the incel has normal sexual desires, but that he has had the bad luck of approaching repressed lesbians.

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  2. >“Even if he did have a girlfriend he would have done it anyway”.

    On the other hand, it wouldn’t surprise me if people blame the terrorism in Paris on the Muslim terrorists’ virginity, along the lines of: If these guys could have gotten laid in this world, they wouldn’t have fantasized about having 72 virgin girls in the afterlife as the reward for dying as jihadists.

    Of course, the Muslim Chechen terrorist Tamerlan Tsarnaev had an attractive American wife who gave birth to his daughter (presumably legitimate); but he and his brother perpetrated the bombings at the Boston Marathon any way.


  3. One of the trite things that incel men face while interacting with women is the stupid platitude of “everything happens for a reason”.
    So today, when people talk about Paris, I will reply, “everything happens for a reason”.
    (Apparently, it is great fun to dismiss incel men in that way; I shall use the phrase to dismiss neurotypicals).


  4. I’ve also read comments to the effect that incels wind up that way because of inadequate sex education, which supports my observation that sexually experienced people refuse to understand incels’ problems. You could have given boys like Elliot Rodger the most progressive, comprehensive sex ed imaginable, and they still would have grown up into adult male virgins.

    Sex ed simply doesn’t do much for many boys because it assumes that that all start out with comparable prospects for having sex lives, when that clearly doesn’t happen. If anything, it seems cruel to taunt the boys destined for sexual eviction with an experience they crave biologically, but they can get access to. You might as well take handicapped boys in wheelchairs and give them “physical education” by making them watch videos of athletes in sporting events.


  5. ^ The reason that kind of taunting doesn’t happen, is because it is lawsuit-worthy.
    However, if men tried to get a lawsuit going on why “fat acceptance” is actually “fat WOMAN acceptance” … they’d be laughed out of the police station and ignored.
    I figure that it is important for an underclass of men to be created and enforced as a symbol – by women, naturally – so that “other men will toe the line”.
    There are lots of ways that punishment and social sanction are done by women – that isn’t immediately apparent. Of course, there will be consequences.


  6. Dear advancedatheist:
    You intrege me because you are just one year younger then me. I was hoping for an
    oppertunity to ask you a question:
    How does a seemingly, normal, intelligent, male go without sex for 56 years? Did you ever
    make any legitimate attempts to obtain sex, or did you recoil from sex for phobic reasons?
    Over the course of your life, did you have a few oppertunities to really get sex? Were you
    just distrustful and didn’t know how to read signs of interest? When did you know “it” was
    never going to be?
    I won’t ask you if you’ve come to accept it or gotten used to it. Somethings, you NEVER get
    used it. It’s kinda like getting up early in the morning going to a job you detest. You can manage it,
    but you never get used to it.
    I’ve got you beat by one year. I was born with a “correctable” physical defect, but the
    “correction” was never of much use to me, except to possibly ward off Cancer. When you live? in
    this way, you wonder why they went to the trouble.
    I never had any abilities in the “charm department.” I seemed to alienate 99% of females I ever
    encountered. I’m well aware of frowns of dissapproval. When you’re not wanted, people convey
    it by rude behavior. If you have a REALLY important mission to perform, you have to put up with
    it whether you like it or not. One thing I’ve discovered is that people will “tolorate” you if they see
    you enough. They will tone down on the rude behavior once they realize you’re not going anywhere.
    My primary agonies today are the pains of going “without.” Most males bodies have a craving for
    sex like food. But there was always a “mental block” some sort of “barrier” that would prevent me
    from seizing advantage of those very rare oppertunities when they SEEMED to be avaible.
    In my Jr. and Senior year of High School, some very implausable oppertunities DID seem
    avaible, I could tell you what they were but a lifetime of damage prevented me from taking
    advantage of them. After all, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”
    In any case, I know I have to live with myself 24/7. I’d rather make the best of a bad situation.
    There are certain ways of looking at life that can keep the pain at bay for a time. As I said above,
    you never completely get used to it. But I believe in a line from the song “Standing In The Shadows
    Of Love,” from The Four Tops: “Crying about it, aint gonna help me now!”


  7. @Lon Spector:

    Do you want the short version? Or the longer one which might sound like Dr. Evil’s monologue about his background in the encounter group scene in one of those Austin Powers movies?

    You can see what I looked like as a teenager here:×440.jpg

    First of all, I wasn’t in prison for decades. A woman actually asked me that once. I can describe what happened, but not why.

    I’m shy and emotionally reserved, but I’m not completely socially retarded, and I have some male friends.

    I wasn’t able to connect with girls in high school and with women in college and afterwards. I was 25 when I went on my first date, with a coed I knew from math classes at the University of Tulsa – a shy, quiet, nerdy woman with bad breath. She declined a second date, but she acted on my suggestion that she apply her math degree towards actuarial work, without even thanking me for the idea. Nerd girls are not necessarily the answer for adult male virgins.

    I was 30 when I was able to neck with a woman for the first time, but that didn’t lead to sex. I was 34 when I had my first and so far only opportunity for sex, with a woman about a year and a half younger than me, whom I got into contact with through an organization we both belonged to at the time. She lived in another state, and she had run a singles ad in the organization’s periodical. She made a special trip to see me, and I was open with her when I talked to her on the phone beforehand about my lack of sexual experience.

    Well, you know, men aren’t supposed to start having sex for the first time in their lives when they are well into their 30’s. I couldn’t get an erection with her in this situation to save my life, even though there is nothing wrong with my boy parts medically. I had a bad experience with her in general, and I couldn’t see what to do afterwards because I had hit a dead end in my quest to have something like a normal man’s life.

    A few years later I saw a sex therapist I knew through my contacts in the cryonics community (that’s the Dr. Evil part of my backstory), named Michael Riskin:

    I talked to him about my situation, and he tried to sell me on working with a sex surrogate, like the one Helen Hunt plays in “The Sessions.” That wasn’t feasible for several reasons, and the idea also bothered me because I saw that as another dead end. Assuming I could learn to function sexually with a surrogate, how would that translate into knowing how to get into sexual relationships with regular women? Riskin couldn’t connect the dots for me in a way that made sense, and I’m glad I didn’t give him and the surrogate any money for their dubious services.

    Other than that I’ve gone on about 10 dates in my life, the last about 15 years ago. From hindsight they were all a waste of time and money. I can’t imagine how any man could cold-approach thousands of women and be rejected by almost all of them. Ironically many women have told me that they like my voice and say that I would make a good radio announcer. But in my case having a deep voice wasn’t sufficient to seduce any of them.

    It’s only the last few years, thanks to the internet, that I’ve started to realize how many men have had experiences like mine. I see my one of my roles in life now as a defender of the interests of male virgins and incels, because I hate seeing boys growing up into sexually screwed up men like me. The biggest challenge now is to get people to see that this is a real and growing social phenomenon. Eventually we’re going to see a society where a handful of men have harems while the rest of the men are thrown to the wolves.

    Oh, in case this comes up: Why didn’t I ever see a prostitute? I suppose that’s doable now because I live in central Arizona, near Prescott, and I could drive up to stay with friends in Vegas and go to legal bordellos in neighboring counties like Sheri’s Ranch in Pahrump. But when I was growing up in Tulsa in the 1970’s, and I lived there as a young adult in the 1980’s, I didn’t know anyone who talked about seeing prostitutes who could have referred me to them. How was I supposed to find a prostitute in Tulsa back then? And, of course, the prostitute experience suffers from the same drawback as the surrogate experience: It’s a dead end, not a step towards personal development.


  8. Who were the PUA’s whose advice you followed?

    The early ones were terrible (and most non-PUA dating advice in the 1990s was terrible). I bought a Ross Jeffries book around 2000 and my head was spinning – something about having prepared conversations where you had to talk about rollercoasters in a weird non-sensical way).

    The best advice that I’ve ever read about cold-approaching women was on a free video (I won’t say who it was from, as I’m not here to promote anyone). It said –

    “Make statements, don’t ask questions.”

    I can honestly say that it made a big difference to me – and I don’t mean just about sex but in terms of having friendly ‘banter’ conversations with women in the office.

    So you see a girl with big hair, you just say: “Lots of hair!”

    and just riff off that. And delay asking any questions for as long as possible. Quesions are absolute poison to women, particularly the younger ones. They hate them.


  9. Last year I helped to run a cryonics conference in Laughlin, Nevada. Cryonics generally acts as “female Kryptonite,” but a few women do become interested in it, like the woman I mentioned above I couldn’t function sexually with over 20 years ago. (More about her in another post, perhaps.) One of the women who did show up was named Caitlin. As you could guess from her name, she was 25 years old, and she was cute, feminine, had long brown hair and wore Harry Potter-style glasses.

    I was standing off to one side of the convention room in Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort, near the elevators. Caitlin came over to talk to me, and when this lasted longer than a normal social acknowledgement, I started to feel really uncomfortable. Why is this woman talking to me? What is this about? Eventually I managed to extricate myself and I avoided her the rest of the convention.

    Because, you see, when you don’t have the right sexual experiences early in life, then when you run into these situations, you don’t know how to interpret them, and you don’t know what to do. If I had misunderstood this encounter and tried to escalate it sexually, I might have created an internet scandal afterwards like what Rebecca Watson generated with her story about Elevator Guy a few years back.


  10. My mother was 19 and my father was 31 when they got married in May of 1958. I was born in November 1959, so my mother was probably a virgin at the time of her marriage. She didn’t have time to live as a single woman, in other words.

    My father told me very little about his adult life before he married my mother. I suspect he didn’t have much to tell. I have the impression that when he came back to his apartment at night from his pharmacy job, he didn’t have a girlfriend or go out on dates; he just read books and listened to classical music LP’s. I remember seeing some of his books and records when I was a child. He was especially fond of a recording of Ravel’s “Bolero.”

    So it’s quite possible that he was a virgin when he married my mother. And that would explain why he couldn’t give me any guidance when I became a teenager: He lacked sexual experience himself as a young man. Perhaps in 1940’s and 1950’s Oklahoma that wasn’t so unusual, but still, the Kinsey Reports suggest that a lot of American men of his generation weren’t that innocent.


  11. I was standing off to one side of the convention room in Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort, near the elevators. Caitlin came over to talk to me, and when this lasted longer than a normal social acknowledgement, I started to feel really uncomfortable. Why is this woman talking to me? What is this about?
    Seems she was coming on to you, but “wanted plausible deniability”.
    So the next time this goes on for some time, ask “Is this a date, because, you’ll have to ask if you want one, you know?”
    (The person who initiates contact – is in the weaker position).
    And besides, if she can’t admit the interest is more than professional … you don’t want to deal with a “tsundere” …


  12. The only plausable explaination about why I will die a virgin is my Astrological chart.
    The only man who ever cared to do an in depth study on incels, said that incels’ charts, had
    certain characteristics and my chart fits those characteristics perfectly.
    But why kill? It’s true that people could care less about your plight. They are concerned with
    their own plight. Soldini was the only “sucessful” incel killer. If you kill in a public location,
    you’d likely kill as many men as women, like college campass. Soldini had the presence of mind
    to kill in a woman’s gym.


  13. We’ve always assumed that men and women would tend to pair up in the organic situation where they lived in the same community and they had reasons to meet each other, in school, at church, in college, in the workplace (that’s how my parents met), through mutual friends, etc.

    It’s really strange to me that this system doesn’t seem to work any more if a growing number of guys have to cold-approach hundreds or even thousands of women who are strangers to them to try to find girlfriends, or else use dating sites.

    It’s even more bizarre to me to see young men who grow up in the U.S., a country full of single women who share the men’s culture, speak their language and are racially similar to them, yet they feel the need to travel to dissimilar foreign countries to find girlfriends.


  14. @advancedatheist
    ^ Uh, it’s not strange:
    Men are told, by mass media: Be grateful for whichever girl decides to ask your sorry ass out, treat her like a princess, be a man and pay for everything, she can end it anytime and for any reason, you will be responsible and pay, and you will like it.
    Women are told by mass media: Demand a prince, the kind of guy you can show off to others, whatever you do – men are responsible, your desires are never wrong or creepy, men are lesser human beings.

    Well, see the result now.
    It’s not rocket science.


  15. There was a famous T.V. version of the fairy tale “Cinderalla” shown on T.V. in
    1966. The girl that plays Cinderalla is quite arrogrent. You should see it.


  16. @ P Ray:

    It’s strange in the sense that this has happened so recently.

    I also don’t get why East Asian women repudiate their own men now, when they have access to white and African men. Those East Asian men must have been sexually adequate all along to make over a billion Chinese people in the first place, plus the hundreds of millions in adjacent countries. .


  17. ^ Women get hired, because they can close more sales, since men want to have sex … and other women want to be desired.
    The LOL part to think about, is while “women may desire alpha men”, they can only for the long term get regular men. And they hate it.
    Which is why many marriages turn sexless after the wedding – women like GETTING married, they don’t like BEING married.
    The “hate” comes out in revealing ways:
    The guy will say “I love my wife” … and she replies “He’s a good husband” (like saying “That’s a good refrigerator” – most men are playing the role of wallet in their relationships.


  18. The Black Pill has written about the real agenda of the dating advice incels get. We’re never good enough in our given state for sexual relationships, so the advisers keep moving the goal posts for us: Lose weight, lift weights, learn pickup techniques, learn to dance, etc. They never acknowledge that sexual experience is its own training, and that all these other things they tell us to do are useless and irrelevant compared to what we really need.

    It’s almost as if this advice is intended to stall us in the gamble that we’ll die early,perhaps by going postal like Elliot Rodger or committing suicide like that Anglo-Chinese foodie, so that no woman will ever have to suffer the indignity of having sex with us.


  19. One good piece of advice which can work is:
    1. Own property in a student area
    2. Screen your tenants
    3. Discover wrongdoing (e.g. marijuana, sexting)
    4. Get a sweet piece to “forget what you discovered”

    Sex that you get paid, or sex that “you work for” is the same. The organs are the same, so the feelings should be the same.
    If people don’t give you what you want, “earn it by whatever means”.


  20. Remember, it is not against the law to include a clause in the tenancy agreement to say that loss of tenancy can occur if the tenant is found to be using intoxicants or consciousness-altering medication without a prescription.
    Plus you get to keep the damage deposit too, since the fumes and smells from such activity, can seep into the walls of the house.

    “What’s it worth to you to keep staying here?” …

    is no more different from Chad Thundercock saying to her:
    “What’s it worth to you to keep me staying?”

    I’m just trying to balance things out, don’t hate “The Equalizer”.
    Leverage assets to gain compliance.


  21. >Sex that you get paid, or sex that “you work for” is the same. The organs are the same, so the feelings should be the same.

    Only if you focus on the material aspect of man and ignore his cognitive aspect. Getting sex through extortion, as you suggest, compromises your moral character and it doesn’t develop your skills for getting into sexual relationships with women who see your value as a man.


  22. Getting sex through extortion, as you suggest, compromises your moral character and it doesn’t develop your skills for getting into sexual relationships with women who see your value as a man.
    If women could see the character of men, they’d pick them when the man was good, not “wait for him to go bad”.
    Seriously, bluepill is not good for your health, and … women love bluepill guys, to treat badly and leech off of.

    P.S. I notice you didn’t point out what Chad Thundercock did was bad, see the power of Chad, he gets men to ignore the reality … that he’s probably plundered the woman you think is picking you for your character … when she sees you as a last resort.


  23. getting into sexual relationships with women who see your value as a man.
    Yeah … his wife saw him as a real man all right.
    Brain-damaged former soldier tells how he tried to kill himself as his bitter divorce from the wife who tried to take the last of his £1m compensation left him in despair

    Simon Vaughan, 31, from Newport, Shropshire, said he tried to strangle himself to death after his ex-wife Donna, 33, took him to court claiming she was entitled to the £200,000 he had left from his payout.

    Women love men of character.


  24. I’m putting Michael’s comment here, just in case dalrock’s site goes down, since rantsofanincel hosts this … and as a reminder to many men that “kindness by the majority of men is seen as weakness by women, because women consider only a minority of men worth reciprocating to, the rest of you are seen as losers”
    Michael says:
    November 25, 2012 at 2:54 am
    Hello. Is there an introduction board for this website? My name is Michael. I’ve been reading this website for 3 days. I’m shocked to see everything I’ve experiencing written in such a perfectly stated way. Never before have I seen a blog/media outlet so perfectly written. The writer is surely a genius. I’m amazed and relived to see so many responses. It means I’m not alone.

    I’m 32 years old and have never been married. Unfortunately (or fortunately I’m not sure which anymore at this point) I have no kids. I am single and alone and not dating anyone. I live in Los Angeles. My income was $120,000.00 (net earnings after creative deductions and business taxes) in 2011. Income is projected to be $170,000.00 (net earnings after business taxes) in 2012. I’m exactly the kinds of “independent man” women claim they want. I drive a luxury car with an amazing apartment in Los Angeles directly on the beach. It’s quite a panty moistener and costs me $6,000.00 per month. I work from home because an office would cost at least another $2,000.00 month. I keep in great shape. Gym 3-4 a week + running + organic diet (I spend $700-$900.00 a month on organic foods and supplements) I was raised in a Christian “7th Heaven” (old TV show) type household. We always went to church. Strong hard working father figure was always present for me and my siblings. I went to private school, university, law school, and then started my own practice at 28 years old.

    My parents met and married in college. They have been married for 39 years. And it hurts me to the core to be 32 and unmarried. Alone. Without a loving wife. I feel pain from it every single day. It’s like a sharp invisible dagger constantly stabbing at me. But perhaps I’m part of the problem listed in the graphs above. Let me explain why:

    I went to the same college my parents met and married at. I was hoping to meet marry and settle down. Instead I was met with hundreds young college aged women who were NOT interested in marriage. They were interested in: 1) Partying 2) Having sex. College was 24/7 fuck fest. At first I was able to begrudgingly “socialize” in this element. What do I mean by “this element” within this context? College: Extreme social promiscuity, cheating, drama, drugs, and parties. I was an observer but NEVER a direct participant because my heart would not let me. This eventually caused me to stick out as a third wheel observer on campus. Someone who was always “not mixing” or “participating”. As a result I never enjoyed the benefits. I rarely dated. Instead I was sneered at. Cute girls flicked their fingers at me. I was used by women as a person to tell their problems to. I was passed over. I was seen as “weak “lame” and “boring”. I was ignored in the hallways, library, classes, by these women. And it didn’t help I was cash strapped broke working a minimum wage job and eating Raman noodles..

    The vast majority of these young hot girls vigorously pursued college life sex like you would not believe. They had sex with a large variety of guys. What I personally call “lily padding”. These girls did anything and anyone in the name of “fun” (fun=parties, fun= sex with new people, fun= drugs, fun= raves, fun = frat party etc.

    It hurt me to watch these girls go out of their way to pursue and spread their legs for complete losers. COMPLETE LOSERS. I’m talking: Hi I work in a carnival part time, I’m covered in tattoos, I have no job, I failed my minimum wage drug test and I’m in a band. These guys were losers. Some did not even go to the college! They would hop a bus stay with friends and get laid THAT NIGHT.

    Many nights I could not sleep because of the girls getting fucked hard… 1,2,3,4 dorms down. The dorms were old military barracks from the 1940’s with vents through the ceilings. It was very loud. All the time. I remember how much it hurt to be rejected by one girl in particular I had my open hopeless romantic heart set on… We had allot in common. I pursued her like a complete gentlemen – and was eventually turned down. That same weekend after getting turned down I got to hear her getting fucked hard and loud in the room next door. The guy who lived there was a super scraggly unattractive heavy drug user covered in tattoos majoring in “music studies”. This girl was young hot thin beautiful in her physical prime. I never said anything. But I felt so hurt she turned me down for casual sex with a guy like that.

    This guy was very open about his exploits with her and told me not to worry because practically every guy he knew fucked her. As the years passed the same thing happened again and again, and again and again, in various ways with all kinds of unrelated girls. What I mean is: I was looking for a LTR leading to marriage. I would meet trade numbers talk and “feel” a girl was a good person. Then she would do other guys. Or I would find out things like this. When this kind of thing happens to me over and over all through my life….it hurts me and makes me doubt senses. What is wrong with me that my heart is telling me she is a good person when she is clearly not?

    As time went on I was labeled “husband material” by the girls on my campus. This phrase continued to plague me into my late 20’s. This label resulted in ZERO DATES all through college. I wasn’t “down with it”. I wasn’t “participating” etc (sex, drugs, parties, etc.) My heart wasn’t into it. So I wasn’t entitled to any of the benefits (having sex with young attractive girls in their prime etc.). However party guys, flash in a pan athletes, loser guys in bands, wanna be DJ’s and self-professed “club promoters” – were ALWAYS getting these girls at their youngest hottest physical prime. Basically the more of a loser the guy was… the more these women would have sex with them. Hot sorority girls flocked to Football players like a butterfly’s on a beast. It didn’t even matter if the guy was black. College athletes did not even TRY to get laid.

    One night I had enough. I confronted a room of 8-10 gorgeous white girls. These girls were 18-24 years old. I asked them if they planned to get married. All seemed to say more or less – YES. I asked what their future husband would think about their behavior. I was immediately met with hostility. I was told the future husband would “never know” and “it’s none of his business”. The girls said they knew exactly what they were doing and were planning to “have their fun” (fun= partying, fun=sex, fun=going on spring break etc.) and would “settle down later”. I asked: when are you planning to settle down? They said: “It depends” and “probably around 27, 28” or “maybe sooner it depends”. I really put the girls on the spot. During our exchange they saw I was upset. They told me I should be happy because “nice guys finish first in the end”. I told them you cannot have your cake and eat it to. Then I was told by Kaylene (a young thin super sexy blonde with curves in all the right places (who BTW refused to date me even though we were friends and according to her roommate had sex with almost 30 guys in one semester ) she told me “Michael let me tell you something: not only am I going to have my cake eat it and eat it too. I’m going to have it with ice cream and sprinkles”. All of the girls laughed and smiled in agreement.

    I thought things would change after college. They didn’t.

    Now at 32 and successful these women are hitting me. In my mind these are the same women who rejected me. I’m not interested. The Bible says something to the effect of “don’t forsake the wife of your youth” or something like “remember your young wife”? Something like that. How am I supposed to remember something I never had? I have no history with these women. Ticking ovaries are scandalous. They will lie and say anything to get what they want. Which is: BABIES AND A LOVING HUSBAND TO PAY THEIR BILLS. Yet these women did not even give a few good years of their youth!

    As a man I am very visual. God made me this way. I cannot help finding a physically beautiful woman attractive. Why did these women not at least give me a few years of their youth so I would have time to fall in love with them and permanently burn their image in my mind’s eye? I need something to remember when we are 50 and married. Yet she spent her 20’s parceling herself out to guys who gave her nothing and offers nothing to the guy who gives her everything. I’m expected to commit hard earned resources to raising children with what is ultimately a suspect woman whose history I know nothing about. A 30+ unmarried women has very high chance of having a questionable past and baggage. I believe the more men a woman has been with the less likely she is to be emotionally committed each subsequent one. When you have handed out little pieces of your heart over years to dozens of different men what is left for the husband you proclaim to truly love? What value do the words “I love you” mean when she has stared into the eyes of 10-100+ different men and said the same thing?

    At 30+ women’s physical appearance has nowhere to go but DOWN. Is this what women mean by “saving the best for last”? Marrying at 30+? How can women spend trillions of dollars a year on beauty products yet at the same time claim a women’s age “shouldn’t be important” to a man? And what about children? Did they ever think their husbands might want to have children? What’s more likely to naturally produce a quicker pregnancy and healthy offspring? A fertile 24 year old in her physical prime… or a 35 year old aging womb? What if I want multiple children? At 30+ a women can easily before infertile after her first pregnancy.

    As a result of everything I’ve seen and experienced in my life I would like to make an announcement to all the desperate 30+ year old women out there: I would rather suffocate and die then spend my hard earned income, love, trust, and substance on you. Your entitled, ageing, feminist, jaded, baggage laden and brainwashed. And if I cannot marry a women in her 20’s I REFUSE TO EVER GET MARRIED. Given my high income this should not be a problem. However I’m concerned at some point I will have to start looking overseas (Ukraine, Russia, Eastern Europe etc.). I’m not going to marry one of these 30+ ageing entitled females who clearly have an agenda of their own. I intend to get married once. Marriage is meant to be forever. I will not be a starter husband for one of these used up women. I can’t tell you the number of men I’ve known who married late and were rewarded by losing everything they spent their lives building…

    The way I see it I’ve been given the following choices:
    1) Marry a 30+ women.
    2) Marry a women in her twenties
    3) Be single and enjoy my money.


  25. See how it proves my point? If grossly lesser men were more “lucky” then you,
    it HAS to be your Astrological chart. You could have saved yourself years of
    false expectations and regret.
    Albert Camus said, “The ultimate question of live, is whether it’s worth living at all.”


  26. ^ Heh, heh, I’m not unlucky at all,
    since I have property to leverage what I want.
    It’s just … sad that when I point out I can use an advantage to get what I want,
    “that is just wrong”,
    when Chad Thundercock does it,
    “that is just how relationships go”.

    Still, it lets me know that I shouldn’t place much store in the words “value”, “character”, or “moral” … because … “none of your certainties was worth one hair of a woman’s head. He wasn’t even sure he was alive, because he was living like a dead man […]. But I was sure about me, about everything, surer than he could ever be, sure of my life and sure of the death I had waiting for me.”

    In the meantime – ruthless dominance, from whatever advantage I can gain.
    And … I have plenty. 🙂


  27. Rantsofanincel:

    I have a post above that you are still holding in moderation. Is there something wrong with what I wrote?


    Medical student, 19, who wants to be a glamour model says she will only date sugar daddies who shower her with gifts because men her own age just want sex
    Clover Pittilla, 19, is a medical student in Bournemouth, Dorset
    She advertises herself as a ‘sugar baby’ and has dated a 74-year-old
    Men have bought her designer shoes, clothes, handbags and jewellery
    She claims her parents are happy with her lifestyle choice

    Apparently, a man using his wealth to get sex is wrong;
    but a woman using her looks to get stuff is A-OKAY.
    This is another reason why men need to use their advantages to get what they want: Women don’t have a problem with it … so why should men?


  29. Advancedatheist,

    It seems WordPress occasionally puts posts with links on moderation. This happened to be few times and I had to approve them manually.


  30. It’s really weird at times to be my age (56), and to realize that some teenage boys who live within a stone’s throw of me have had more sexual experience than I’ve had. I have had a very impoverished experience of life.


  31. What’s hilarious about liberals is how they whine about “age of consent” fantasy when a 12 yo girl would make an 80s hooker blush. I’ve heard examples of Chad’s 18 yo gf’s getting their 12 yo sisters to suck their dicks to practice.


  32. I’m skeptical of these hand-waving biological arguments about why women would reject certain men altogether, not because these arguments are wrong, but because these claims haven’t been studied in the light of modern genomics that I know of.

    For example, has anyone studied men’s 23andMe reports and correlated them with the men’s level of sexual experience, adjusted for age and other variables, to see if the male virgins and incels have certain genetic markers in common? If this turns out to be the case, this gives us a tool to find these boys early in life and tell them the truth about their sexual prospects.

    Liked by 1 person

  33. Yeah dude, you had, like, more sex within a year than I had in my entire life and you’re still a very bitter, very angry, very frustrated man. Didn’t it occur to you that maybe it wasn’t the lack of sex that made you so… you know what I mean.


  34. Men do want to have emotional connections with women, only some men discover that women don’t value or respect them for really frivolous, emotionally immature reasons. Despite my lifetime of rejection, I’ve never doubted my value as a man because I’ve seen how women make such bad decisions in other areas. Women’s judgment in general doesn’t impress me.

    It’s kind of like how I don’t understand why Christian proselytizers like pointing to examples of chronic fuckups who have converted to Christianity: “Before I met Jesus, I was a homosexual prostitute Nazi heroin addict in prison for murder.” That’s not an endorsement of their religion, because these people already have track records of making stupid choices in life. Their conversion just sounds like another bad decision.


  35. onechordbassist -. when somebody is an idiot, and you are, they first present the problem incorrectly and then go about presenting possible “solutions” that can thereby only be incorrect


  36. What are you going to say to try and make yourself look like a “good catch” to the opposite
    sex. Abortion is still at high rates in Russia and Ukraine, for example,
    and can be considered one of the main measures of birth control.
    The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 (IMBRA)
    requires background checks on American men looking to file immigrant or fiancee visa
    petitions for foreign women – if they were
    introduced through a marriage agency.


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