The “Wall”

I keep hearing all this crap lately from MGTOW saying things like “yeah those women think they have the power now, wait till they hit the wall at age 35, and then they will see”.  Statements like this show how inexperienced many MGTOW men really are.  The truth of the matter is women do not hit the wall today until at least age 55, and if they take care of themselves, possibly far later.  I know many women who are in their mid 40’s and are riding the carousel as hard as ever with Chad’s in their 20’s.  Most of the MGTOW’s I notice seem to be men in their mid 20’s, who are incel(although most will never admit it).  I do not know why these guys just say that they cannot find a woman and call it a day.  The simple fact is that no man in their 20’s would EVER choose to be a MGTOW.  It is just not possible, if they had options.  While there are a many MGTOW men who were once married, and taken to the cleaners in family/divorce court, these men are all 40+, and have been there, done that, and by this time, the sex drive starts tapering off.  I wish these guys would be just start being more honest with themselves, and just call a spade a spade, which is, in this case, Incel.

5 thoughts on “The “Wall”

  1. During the New Years incident in Germany, four terrified women ran to a bouncer
    (White, I presume) for help.
    The news media blacked out the story. When stuff like that happens here, arrogent
    stuck up women are going to appeal to those dreaded white males for help.
    Give it till next fall. Attempted rapes will occur in broad daylight. Soon, you’ll have an
    “embarassment” of riches” to chose from.

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  2. If Germany had a healthy patriarchal society, one, the native men wouldn’t have let in all these Muslim droogs in the first place. (Seriously, Germany is turning into a Muslim version of “Clockwork Orange.”) And two, if the Muslim invaders got in any way, German men would take direct action to deal with them instead of waiting on their feckless feminist government.

    The Russians by contrast wouldn’t tolerate this bullshit for one minute, especially because they have more experience dealing with Muslim tribes brought inside their borders during Russia’s imperial expansion, so they know what Muslim men can do.

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  3. AA- Germans funded and took part in defense of Europe against Turks in Balkans and Central Europe, even if Turks weren’t really on German soil and rarely on Austrian soil.

    The problem with Germany isn’t the lack of experience with Muslims but liberalism. So sensible Germans should move to Hungary and the rest should be wiped out.

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  4. One should also remember the reality:
    If a man looks good, he can harass and it’s called persistence.
    If a man DOESN’T look good, he can ask the time and it’s called harassment.

    Is that Russian patriarchal society the same one where a sociologist is praising the marriage of Russian women to Chinese men? Since Russian men are said to enjoy their drink and not want much responsibility?


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