Asian men, the most undesireable race of men.

Having grown up with many Asian close friends, ever since middle school, I have seen this to be the case over and over.  Every Asian male I grew up with, girls would not even give them the time of day, and most remained virgins until well after college.  The blog talks about this, and everything the guy says is 100% correct about Asian men.  One of the saddest things I have ever seen, was back in my days of PUA.  One night I ran into this Asian guy, dressed like a clown, who was using the stock retarded PUA lines, trying to pick up some girl.  I started talking to him, and it turned out he was actually an orthopedic surgeon in his day job.  Yes, Really.  What a sad state society has come to when an orthopedic surgeon needs dress up like a clown and run around using PUA to have a chance with some stupid cunt, who probably folds towels for a living.  Under feminism, this is what things have come down to.  Having a hole between its legs, and under the age of 50, is like being a multimillionaire today, as men are so desperate to find a woman, that an orthopedic surgeon, who surely is a multimillionaire, has to go out and dress like a clown, and use some stupid lines to beg some cunt nobody for a chance with her highness.  I have always wondered why Asian and east Indian men, but especially Asian men, have no success with women.  Not even their own women want them, and much prefer white guys.  Even the Tyler Durden said in a workshop once that if you are Asian, you are going to have to work much harder to overcome the stereotypes your race brings.  And what might those stereotypes be?  Asian men are hard working, surely that would not be a turn off for women, would it?  Becoming a hard working man is something we are all told to be since childhood, is it not.  Asian men are also loyal, and are by far the most loyal friends I have ever had.  Asians are responsible.  Asians have the highest IQ of all other races, I believe.  These are all virtues, if you ask me and are what is necessary to keep the economy going.  But to the cunt today, virtues are vices, and vices are virtues.  Is it no wonder why Japanese men are doing what they are doing, MGTOW on a mass scale.  Good for them.  Lets analyze what the cunt thinks of Asian men.  I have heard many women bad mouth Asian guys, and the one that comes up all the time are “Asians have small penis’s”.  I actually asked this same bitch “Have you ever been with an Asian”.  She said “no, I do not like Asian men”.  I say “well, how do you know they have small penis’s”.  She replied “they just do, everyone knows that”.  Another one is “Asian men are so boring”.  I guess that is how you have to attract a woman today, the man has to be the constant dancing monkey, is that not what PUA teaches after all, how to be a dancing monkey who begs her highness for sex all the time.  Another is “Asian men are nerds”.  Everybody knows that the one thing that turns the cunts vag-vag drier than the Gobi desert are nerds.  I have spent many decades dwelling on this, as I am a nerd myself, and I have still yet to figure out why women hate nerds.  I think player supreme probably has the best answer, as he discusses this topic a lot, and he says that nerds are “feminine”, and women are attracted to masculine energy.  Ok, fair enough, but I do not quite agree.  Nerds are very masculine, after all if being a nerd was “feminine”, then how come there are virtually no female nerds.  I think what player means by masculine is the tattoo covered ex-con badboy criminal thug.  Somehow he expects his customers to take on this persona, without getting tattooed up, quitting their job, and knocking off a couple liquor stores, so that they can spend time in the penn.  Well is it no wonder then why Asian males are considered by females to be the most undesirable type of man.  And these creatures are actually allowed to vote.




52 thoughts on “Asian men, the most undesireable race of men.

  1. Do you know Bobby Darin’s story? He was an American singer. He was in a rush to succeed.
    He knew he was on barrowed time. There’s some other guy, a German. I think he calls
    himself Global Seducer. He has heart problems too. His story is typical: I had no confidence. I
    couldn’t get a girlfriend to save my life. I began to hate them. Then, I saw the light. Now I have no
    problem getting girlfriends.
    Notice that these PUA’s have much better luck in lands that are not besotted by feminism? They can
    do well in third world countries. Their magic doesn’t work well in the West.
    Sex is like a track. Either you’re on it or off it. If you’re off it long enough, you might never get on it again.
    Don’t look back on what you missed. Look forward to what awaits you in the next world: NOT 72 virgins
    you can bone at will, but a bliss filled existence that will make the miseries of this world seem like nothing.


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