Asian men, the most undesireable race of men.

Having grown up with many Asian close friends, ever since middle school, I have seen this to be the case over and over.  Every Asian male I grew up with, girls would not even give them the time of day, and most remained virgins until well after college.  The blog talks about this, and everything the guy says is 100% correct about Asian men.  One of the saddest things I have ever seen, was back in my days of PUA.  One night I ran into this Asian guy, dressed like a clown, who was using the stock retarded PUA lines, trying to pick up some girl.  I started talking to him, and it turned out he was actually an orthopedic surgeon in his day job.  Yes, Really.  What a sad state society has come to when an orthopedic surgeon needs dress up like a clown and run around using PUA to have a chance with some stupid cunt, who probably folds towels for a living.  Under feminism, this is what things have come down to.  Having a hole between its legs, and under the age of 50, is like being a multimillionaire today, as men are so desperate to find a woman, that an orthopedic surgeon, who surely is a multimillionaire, has to go out and dress like a clown, and use some stupid lines to beg some cunt nobody for a chance with her highness.  I have always wondered why Asian and east Indian men, but especially Asian men, have no success with women.  Not even their own women want them, and much prefer white guys.  Even the Tyler Durden said in a workshop once that if you are Asian, you are going to have to work much harder to overcome the stereotypes your race brings.  And what might those stereotypes be?  Asian men are hard working, surely that would not be a turn off for women, would it?  Becoming a hard working man is something we are all told to be since childhood, is it not.  Asian men are also loyal, and are by far the most loyal friends I have ever had.  Asians are responsible.  Asians have the highest IQ of all other races, I believe.  These are all virtues, if you ask me and are what is necessary to keep the economy going.  But to the cunt today, virtues are vices, and vices are virtues.  Is it no wonder why Japanese men are doing what they are doing, MGTOW on a mass scale.  Good for them.  Lets analyze what the cunt thinks of Asian men.  I have heard many women bad mouth Asian guys, and the one that comes up all the time are “Asians have small penis’s”.  I actually asked this same bitch “Have you ever been with an Asian”.  She said “no, I do not like Asian men”.  I say “well, how do you know they have small penis’s”.  She replied “they just do, everyone knows that”.  Another one is “Asian men are so boring”.  I guess that is how you have to attract a woman today, the man has to be the constant dancing monkey, is that not what PUA teaches after all, how to be a dancing monkey who begs her highness for sex all the time.  Another is “Asian men are nerds”.  Everybody knows that the one thing that turns the cunts vag-vag drier than the Gobi desert are nerds.  I have spent many decades dwelling on this, as I am a nerd myself, and I have still yet to figure out why women hate nerds.  I think player supreme probably has the best answer, as he discusses this topic a lot, and he says that nerds are “feminine”, and women are attracted to masculine energy.  Ok, fair enough, but I do not quite agree.  Nerds are very masculine, after all if being a nerd was “feminine”, then how come there are virtually no female nerds.  I think what player means by masculine is the tattoo covered ex-con badboy criminal thug.  Somehow he expects his customers to take on this persona, without getting tattooed up, quitting their job, and knocking off a couple liquor stores, so that they can spend time in the penn.  Well is it no wonder then why Asian males are considered by females to be the most undesirable type of man.  And these creatures are actually allowed to vote.





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  1. This doesn’t make much demographic sense. Where did those billion and a half Asian people come from if their men are so inadequate?


  2. We are talking the state of affairs in the west here under feminism. China does not apply. BTW 70% of Japanese men are celibate, read up on “the Japanese herbivore” phenomena, for very similar reasons why MGTOW is rising up.


  3. If you look at this ecologically, then, East Asian men, but not their women, are not reproductively successful as invasive species beyond the environments they evolved in. Does this happen with other species?

    I mean, it’s weird that East Asian women readily hook up with white and black men when they have the opportunity to do so, at the expense of their own men they share more genes with, along with a common culture and language, when this outbreeding wouldn’t have happened organically until modern times. .


  4. Yes, I agree. The reason for this is feminism. Feminism enables women to revert back to their feral state, since they can now feed off the govment. They no longer need a man since western society provides for, and acts like an insurance policy for their irresponsible behavior. Under a non feminist regime, the traits which have always made Asian men successful, would also attract women, but under feminism, Asian men are nothing but boring nerds and geeks, since their virtues are no longer needed for female survival.


  5. I read somewhere that a respected Asian chef in London wrote a very lengthy missive about
    how hard it is for an Asian man to get a girl. It included lots of stats. It was a “good-bye” posting
    because he threw himself off the roof. Many quibbled with his stats, or critized his choice.
    But just looking around I see it is a rariety for an Asian man to be with a white woman.
    There ARE some exceptions. A number a years ago, there was a reality show about an Asian
    married to a blond woman and their 8 children. (It’s off the air now.) Also a few years ago, there
    was an internet advertisement featuring a very bulked up Asian man and a blond woman, trying
    to sell an exercise program. Judging from the way she looked at him, on the You-tube video’s
    I assume they were up to something. And why can’t Asian professionals get mail order brides
    like old white guys do? Asian/white women match-up’s ARE growing, though super slowly.
    I read years ago a book titled “The Happy Hooker,” by Xaiver Hollander. I don’t know how much
    of the book was true. In one scene she says she had sex with a Japanese man. She is orally
    stimulating him and says that his “hard on” was the size of her little finger. The man told her in
    Japan men put extenders (covers) over their penises to look further endowed, like some men
    put on shoe lifts to look taller.
    They love the blond woman as can be seen in their advertising. It’s considered a great bonanza
    to get one. They have ambivilent viewpoints about white skin, and they (generally) laugh at blacks.


  6. Here’s your source:
    “That Asian guy” you don’t remember was Wilkes McDermid (William Chong). He was a food blogger, not a chef.

    He made women angry with the truth that they want men who are taller, richer and white.
    The mail-order thing has been racialised very interestingly, as it seems someone is only allowed to buy if the woman is Asian and not if she is Caucasian. Hopefully, I can change that in the future, since I believe everyone should get an equal apportioning of misery and happiness.

    Wilkes’ blog post follows:
    REASONS: My final blog entry… love you all…
    Posted by Boozedude on February 8, 2013 in Misc
    116 Votes

    d09a85a44cfd11e29fe522000a1f97ce 7
    Table Mountain
    You all probably have a lot of questions and in an ideal world I would be able to answer them all. However the risks involved in providing a ‘Q&A session’ before death is clearly too high as the medical profession always values ‘quantity of life’ over ‘quallity of life’. It appears that the prevailing ethos is to keep individuals in a state of continual suffering rather than allow an individual choose to die. Hence the huge resistance to euthanasia.

    The reason for my death is simple. I have concluded that in the realm of dating and relationships the primary characteristics required for men are as follows.

    Height: above 5ft10
    Race: huge bias towards caucasian and black
    Wealth: or other manifestation of power
    From my observations and research it appears that you need two of the three criteria for success with very few exceptions. What does this mean it means that it’s “game over” for me. By choosing to depart early, all I am doing is to accelerate the process of natural selection whilst saving myself a great deal of long term pain in the process.

    The criteria of height is the major ‘deal-breaker’ which can be seen in numerous research studies. The race bias against Oriental (and Indian) men and towards Cauasasian males (and in many cases black) has been shown to be extremely large. The only people I see break the race bias do this through a combination of the other two criteria of wealth and height. Right now many of you are probably thinking… “Well I know one example which breaks that so you’re wrong”. Well if you met a Euromillions jackpot lottery winner so does that mean the probability of winning are not longer 1 in 116,531,800?

    Think I’m wrong… here’s an experiment…

    If you are confident that I am wrong do this one simple test. Every time you see an Oriental/Caucasian couple in your daily life, record how many times it has been an Oriental girl with a Caucasian male and how many times the role is reversed. If there is no bias (which I am constantly told) then I expect to see a 50/50 split of Caucasian Male/Oriental female couples verses Oriental Male/Caucasian female couples. I originally performed this test 5 times and found approximately a 95% skew of Caucasian Male with Oriental Female couple. I was told that this sample set was too small so I performed the same test over four to five years until I reached the sample size of 10,000 in total split into tranches of 100. Every time the answer effectively remained the same. All the samples lie between a 94% bias and a 100% bias. This is also clearly reflected in the study performed on the databases of OK Cupid Dating and dating agencies (sample size 10 millions new users).

    OK Cupid & Database Study (Sample Size: 10 million)

    Source: Dataclysm: Who We Are – When We Think No-one is Looking
    Source: Dataclysm: Who We Are – When We Think No-one is Looking
    “… women rating Oriental men […] is the worst category for both OK Cupid and Match”

    Source: “Dataclysm: Who We Are – When We Think No-one is Looking” by Christian Rudder (founder of OKCupid and Harvard Mathematics Graduate)

    But to those who have told me that my sample size of 100, then 500, then 10,000 were all too small I expect that the sample size of 10 million will still be considered too small… I have even been told “I don’t believe you because haven’t counted everyone in the World so you’re wrong”. In that case you have to dismiss every statistical study as no-one has performed a complete sample of the human population for anything. If you dismiss my findings on that basis you should not take any medication as that has also not been tested on the entire human population.

    Interestingly I was then told “you’re clearly just looking for that result, you’re biased”. So I asked others to repeat the experiment. Several people promised to do this but many refused to tell me the answer. The few that did tell me that answer found similar results but they would say “it’s because it’s London, people are shallow in London”.

    If you’re still not convinced, go to your Facebook friends and count how many Caucasian men there are with Oriental women and the reverse. I performed the same test on my universe of contacts on Facebook and again found a similar result (95%). I was then told that “Your friends are clearly racist”, but when I challenged people do to this with the sample set of their own Facebook friends one stormed off angry when we again found the same bias.

    I have come to realise that people have a huge resistance to ideas and concepts which contradict their fundamental beliefs. This happens even in the face of overwhelming evidence from experimental results. The most well known current example is Darwin’s Theory of Evolution which still faces fierce opposition from some American religious groups because it violates a long term belief. I wrote to Michael Lewis of the school of Psychiatry at Cardiff University about this issue under a pseudonym about my findings. His response was as follows;

    “…it seems that your problem is that you think data will always convince people. Science doesn’t always work like that. Yes, get your data out there with all the possible caveats about experiment bias etc. But don’t expect people to believe your interpretation of the data. You and I can see that there are gender asymmetries in dating and marriage patterns, respectively. It is not necessarily racist to see such patterns but it will be the case that some people will not like the fact that you are looking for them. If you do research on racially sensitive topics then you have to be prepared to be shouted down – even by people that you thought were rational.

    “In short, the problem is not with your research methods or data but with your chosen method of dissemination.”

    Michael Lewis – School of Psychiatry, Cardiff University

    P.S. Ask your friends who stormed off why they think some people go to Asia for ‘mail order brides’ but very few people go to Africa for the same service. LISTEN to their hypothesis.”

    In essence, no matter how much evidence I produce I am not going to convince many people because of the subject matter. I predict very few of you will actually read any of the academic papers or articles written on the issue but just in case you do see the quotes at the bottom of this page. If you are not scientifically inclined read the online article Race and Attraction, 2009 – 2014 it is NOT a scientific paper but it come to similar conclusions as less readable, but more rigorous studies

    In conclusion, it appears that the scientific findings are often silenced because the general populous doesn’t want to hear it. I predict that these findings and all like it are doomed to be buried and consigned to oddities such as the study by UCLA which showed that women are more likely to be unfaithful to their partners during times of high fertility UNLESS their partners were very sexually attractive.

    “We found that women were most attracted to men other than their primary partner when they were in the high fertility phase of the menstrual cycle”

    – Dr. Martie Haselton (UCLA Los Angeles Center on Behavior, Culture, and Evolution)

    “The exception was women who have very sexually attractive partners […] These women did not flirt with other men when they were at high fertility.”

    – Dr Elizabeth Pillsworth, co-author of the study and an assistant professor of communication and psychology at UCLA

    Finally if you think my actions are not rational, think about this… ladies who are you dating now? Do they fit at least 2 of the 3 outlined criteria? Who were you dating before that, do they fit the criteria?

    To everyone who says “why don’t you just accept it”, I ask you this. What if your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband was taken away from you through no fault of your own? How would you feel? What if you were then told “it doesn’t matter, just learn to live with it”. Then what if you were told, “it’s your fault, it’s your personality that has caused that” and “stop being so negative”. How would you react. That’s what I’m faced with continuously. I can’t stop people lying to me for the rest of my life… but I can control how long my life will be and therefore how long I will have to suffer.

    Goodbye, I wish you all the best

    Wilkes McDermid, 03-Feb-2014


    Here are some common questions/statements which have come up frequently. Hopefully these will give you some insight into my reasoning – I have also schooled Kirk Davies ( of my thought processes and logic behind my conclusions over the last few years. If you have any questions, direct them towards him. Note that he was not aware of my timing, manner or involved in the planning of my death to protect him from any legal repercussions.

    Aren’t you being selfish?
    Amazingly all the arguments against my leaving seem to have the same structure
    “I will miss you”
    “What will I do when…[insert scenario here]”
    “But you’ve done so much for me…”

    Note how all those statements are worried about what everyone else will lose, not what I will gain. So tell me… who is being selfish?

    “But people care about you”
    Yes I am grateful for that… but tell me, how does that help? If I was dying of thirst, no-one gave me water but ‘cared’ how does that benefit me?
    But “Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem”
    Define temporary? Months, years, decades, 50 years, a lifetime? How do you know the problem is temporary? I don’t see this as a temporary problem. This is just Darwinism. Height, power/money and race seem to be the determining factors in human attractiveness for women. I’ve lived with this for all my life, I am 37 right now so should I just suffer for another 37 years?
    My boyfriend my be caucasian and over 5ft10 but he’s ginger… so you’re wrong…
    Where have I ever mentioned ‘being ginger’ as one of the factors I have researched?
    My boyfriend my be caucasian and over 6ft2 but he’s overweight… so you’re wrong…
    Where have I ever mentioned ‘being overweight’ as one of the factors I have researched?
    My boyfriend is Chinese so there, you’re wrong.
    Yes your boyfriend is Chinese. He is also 6ft3 and a multi-millionaire. Read the criteria again. Race, height and wealth with the biggest deal-breaker of height. You’ve described someone who fits 2 of the 3 criteria as I’ve stipulated. The condition holds.
    “Stop being so negative”
    Looking at experimental results I don’t see why this is negative. I’m just taking the most logical conclusion. Take emotion out of your assessment and tell me why I find the same answers over and over again, regardless of the area of London or country. Just because you “don’t like”the results, it doesn’t make it untrue.
    You’re talking shit, that’s simply not true
    Really? Do this experiment, go to your own Facebook page, look at all the people you know. Count how of your friends are part of a couple of an Oriental girl with a Caucasian guy. Then count how many are the other way around. As I mentioned my obvservations show a 95% bias for Oriental Girls with Caucasian guys.
    If you think that result is just co-incidence, perform the same experiment as you walk about in your daily life. If race doesn’t matter, then I would expect a 50/50 result. Ladies, look at your own dating history. I find that women who dispute my findings most strongly have a string of 5ft10+ Caucasian/Black boyfriends.

    Interestingly enough the ones who are brave enough to admit that they will only date guys who fit the criteria tell me that they will rarely make that statement for fear or being labelled ‘shallow’. I learnt to watch what people do, unlike what they, actions rarely lie.

    You’re just picking out the people who confirm your beliefs (Stats talk, “You have confirmation bias”)
    I asked others to perform the same experiment without me present… their answers confirm mine. Additionally, go to Nexus or any other academic paper repository. They will show a raft of papers which will confirm my experimental results.
    Interestingly enough I have recently discovered that several people haven’t come back to me with their results. The reason given for one is that “It would hurt you”. That doesn’t hurt me, but lying to me does.

    OK – You only find those results because you’re in London (Soho/Mayfair…[insert any random geographical location]).
    Well, although it’s by no means conclusive, I’ve done the same test here in Cape Town. Although I have not reached 100 yet, it’s 42-2 bias of Caucasian guys with Oriental girls as opposed to the other way around at the time of writing. That’s a 96% bias.
    Lots of people lead long fulfilling lives without a relationship.
    I’m sure they do and if they’re really happy that’s good for them. All I am doing is accelerating Darwinsim. This is just natural selection. For example, the primary driver of height in female mate selection has resulted in the human race becoming taller (there are a lot of studies confirming this including a paper on Scandinavian countries).
    “I have a friend who is Oriental with a Caucasian girlfriend… so you’re wrong.”
    I am not saying that it’s impossible, but the probability is extremely low. All the examples shown to me except ONE have the following criteria. The girl can’t do any better; the guy is above 5ft10 or rich, or both. Wealth overrides all the other criteria. The probability of winning the Euro-Millions lottery is 74 million to 1. So if you show me a lottery winner on the television news, is the 74 million to 1 figure now wrong?
    One of my female friends is white and really likes Oriental guys. So you’re clearly wrong.
    So you’ve found ONE exception? Congratulations. In my ENTIRE LIFE I have also found one exception. A British born Finnish girl… who then married a 6ft6 Irish guy, divorced him and then told me “My friends always ask me why I go for Chinese guys and say they could never do it. Anyway, in my case I found that actually means Oriental, born in England and really tall”
    You are clearly mentally ill? Why don’t you go to a psychiatrist?
    Amazingly someone told me that anyone who wants to die is “by definition” mentally ill. That implies that anyone is paraplegic and goes to Digitas to die is clearly mentally ill as well. If being mentally ill means that you won’t accept people lying to you, if it implies that you don’t want to live in pain for the rest of your life, then you’re absolutely right.
    For those of you who don’t know, I did end up in The Priory Hospital in Roehampton where I met some awesome people (yes, some were famous). However I found that they were low on facts and relied heavily on emotional ‘one-liners’, not logic. It also seems to address the ‘symptoms’ of the issue, not the problem itself.

    I was repeatedly told to “trust the process”, but no-one was willing to outline this mystical process. To me it was one step removed from a cult with pseudo science used to ‘persuade’ rather than educate. For one session at The Priory I was told to stare at an orange for an hour… Make your own conclusions on how effective that technique was…

    Interestingly enough, I know of three relationships which started between Priory patients. Two involved a 5ft10+ Caucasian guy… and one with a guy who may have been 5ft8-9

    But you will burn in hell! Suicide is a sin! The afterlife is real!
    I am not religious; they are your beliefs, not mine. On my side I have performed experiments and had them verified by my peers and carried out enough academic research to see that my results appear to be correct beyond reasonable doubt. I don’t believe things just because they are “in a book”.
    “Remember you always have a choice”
    What kind of statement is that? I can reply to almost anything with that statement which doesn’t really mean anything. (“I like cake”… “Remember you always have a choice”.)
    Yes, you are right. I have the choice to suffer for the rest of my life… or I can end the suffering. I have a choice.

    “So what? You might be right… be an exception!”
    Gravity seems to work… so what… levitate, be an exception.
    “Suicide is the cowards way out”
    Clearly you’ve never tried it… you stare straight down 500m of Table Mountain and tell me how ‘cowardly’ you have to be to make that jump. I have a new respect for abseilers and paragliders!
    “You’re clearly racist”
    Race was only one of the criteria. Height and wealth (or power) are the other two. I am just presenting you with my findings. Interpret them how you wish. But I’ve heard “I will never date an Oriental guy” so many times (take note, this was never directed towards me). Interestingly enough I’ve heard that statement from multiple Oriental girls, what does that tell you?
    If you wish to shoot the messenger that’s not my problem. I’m presenting you with findings, interpret them how you wish. Just like Darwin presenting his findings on the origin of species there is significant resistance due to political correctness.

    “You’re a Nazi. What you’re promoting is ‘Social Darwinism’”
    I am presenting you with what I have found, not trying to encourage or push a behaviour or segregation. If you have an issue with what I have found then why don’t you explain the findings yourself.
    “The reason why you don’t find Oriental guys with Caucasian girls is cultural”
    I’ve head this three times. Firstly, no-one seems to want to elaborate on what this statement actually means. It just seems like a coverall phrase. Secondly, none of these people seem to have asked the opinion of Oriental guys. I have asked 27 of them guys and only 2 have agreed with that statement.
    “Why don’t you just use a prostitute every few weeks?”
    That doesn’t solve the problem.
    “So what would you tell someone else in the same position?”
    They should make their own assessment of what they want to do, if they want to die, it’s their conclusion and it is their decision, not mine. But don’t try to lie to me to get me to change my mind. Quality of life is more important than quantity.
    This note quoted below was written 2 years ago in South Africa. The contents of the original note do not need amending. At the time I foolishly didn’t have the strength to overcome the inbuilt survival mechanism to prevent self-terminanation. If you are reading this I have succeeded.


  7. We probably shouldn’t read too much into the sexual advantages for ordinary men in traditional societies who could find wives. Their wives more often than not probably tolerated enough sex from these men to produce their families, but they didn’t allow for much beyond that.

    Still, these men got some sexual consideration that’s an improvement over what many similar guys can get from women now.

    BTW, the same women who self-righteously say that men have absolutely no right to sex will turn around and get upset when you argue for rolling back women’s sexual freedom. Just say in a public forum that you think women have no business masturbating and learning how to have orgasms because they don’t need this experience to fulfill their natural function of childbearing, and watch the sparks fly.


  8. ” .. the man has to be the constant dancing monkey, is that not what PUA teaches after all, how to be a dancing monkey who begs her highness for sex all the time.”


    The last time I wrote a comment on here I didn’t want to mention the name of the guy who set me straight about a lot of things when I really struggled with women, because I thought I would be accused of spamming.

    But I’m going to now because I suspect that you are American and the best writers on this topic are British. I suggest that you read a guy called Nick Krauser who writes at KrauserPUA. He does have stuff he sells but I learned a lot before he started writing books just by reading his blog. It started back in September 2009 and if you are really struggling I would suggest that you start there because it documents how hard he found life after a divorce and how he failed horribly when he went down the PUA route. I had some real forehand slapping moments when I read it years ago, as it made me realise the things I had missed.

    He also exposes how terrible a lot of PUA charlatans are. See his December 28th post for one example.


  9. HAHAHAHAHA! You are obviously trying to promote this scumbags crap. I tried all that stuff and then some. It is all garbage, does not work, and a waste of time.


  10. You don’t need PUA … if you are the man women want, or have something women want.
    PUA doesn’t help … if you are NOT the man women want, or you don’t have something they need.

    In saying that however, PUA or not you had better record your interactions with any woman, as if she then tries to damage you (like Eleanor de Freitas) you can take a private prosecution against her and get her to publicly retract a false rape accusation.

    Such women, may then go on to kill themselves as their reputation is destroyed.
    I don’t see a down side to getting such abusers killed.


  11. I am not ” trying to promote this scumbags crap”. You don’t have to buy anything. It’s a blog, like yours. The sales stuff if completely optional. I am writing this because I was unhappy and felt there was something I didn’t understand about women. I am a classic INTJ personality and found women frustrating because they didn’t seem to operate according to my logic. That’s why I was relieved when someone explained their logic to me.

    Krauser doesn’t encourage men to be dancing monkeys. In fact he says the opposite. I’ll give you this case in point.


    the in-a-bar-at-night qualification we get the curious case that here at RSG we call the “chode hop“. It goes like this:

    Man is standing motionless by himself or on fringes of his group, value scanning the room for girls
    Girl somewhere gives him a scrap of attention such as a quick glance or walks near him
    Man immediately breaks out into awkward bopping dance out of time to the music
    Girl is no longer noticing him
    Man immediately stops dancing and takes a slug of his beer to smooth out the awkwardness

    You will see this so often in so many bars. Somestimes its just a subtle bobbing head and side-stepping feet, other times its full-on like the tool in the above video. Before long you can predict it and give a 3…2…1…. countdown. On a more abstract level the chode hop encompasses all short-form qualification displays from men that are reactive to a woman’s fleeting attention and which end as soon as the attention has gone.

    It is awful qualifying behaviour. If in doubt, stay still.

    End quote.


  12. Years ago I read a book titled: “Why You’re Poor, Fat, And Stupid.” (I’m paraphrasing the title.)
    The arthour said that there is cultural brainwashing against wealthy people, and poor people
    are depicted as honourable.
    Take the film “Titanic” (1997) A rich girl (Played by Kate Winslet) is on the ship. She has a handsome,
    but bland fiancee. She stumbles into a low class but handsome rouge (Played by Leo Decapro.)
    He is a 3rd class passenger and she soon overcomes her reluctance and sleeps with him.
    The wicked, rich, boyfriend tries to have the poor, noble, man murdered. Messages like this sink
    into our consciouness. I think it’s safe to say that there is a plot (knowlingly or unknowingly) to
    brainwash the masses and get us to commit cultural and even racial suicide.
    It could well be that the rich are actually behind this plot, using reverse psychology, so they
    can discourage potential competation.


  13. Titanic is such a stupid movie. Suppose in an alternative reality, the ship avoided the iceberg and arrived safely in New York. Would Rose REALLY want to spend her life with a penniless hobo after rejecting the rich guy?


  14. “Titanic is such a stupid movie. Suppose in an alternative reality, the ship avoided the iceberg and arrived safely in New York. Would Rose REALLY want to spend her life with a penniless hobo after rejecting the rich guy?”

    Actually the really interesting question is why we are supposed to sympathise with her when she effectively killed him. There was enough space on that bit of wood for him to float on without freezing!


  15. @Alif Male:
    Nice one. Too often in the movies they try to persuade us of the “right” option which is chivalry, when it’s really “we really don’t see a future for these two characters, so let’s just have one sacrifice themselves. It becomes a romantic gesture AND helps us remove the people stupid enough to believe that “death is heroic, if done in the name of love”.

    Death’s always death, whether or not love is involved.


  16. Regarding recent developments though, it may turn out that boys AND girls born through Zika may be the ones that are most undesirable in future.

    Of course, this will mean “empowerment” schemes for the girls, and “you learn your place” schemes for the guys.

    And all of this, just in Brazil – which is not too far from the USA.


  17. The late Marvin Minsky was the ultimate Jewish brainiac nerd – I mean, he impressed Isaac Asimov, for crying out loud. Yet he was able to find a wife and have a family because he came of age before feminist degeneracy ruined American women. An equivalent sort of guy now would probably be incel.


  18. Western women are the most sickening “thing” I have witnessed in the last decade. They are a bunch of degenerate sub human scum and the filth and rot they produce, has destroyed whatever integrity and honor was left in our society.

    I am disgusted by the culture of self entitlement and narcissism that revolves around them 24 hours a day such as taking pictures of themselves and finding ways to not only financially, but psychologically, destroy us men.

    I mean look at their repulsive personalities and the way they behave- atrocious. From tattoos all over their bodies, to having no sense of right and wrong, to being loud and obnoxious, to only thinking about themselves, what man in their right mind would want to commit to them? The horrendous and garbage pop culture that we are seeing, from the low life music videos, to the hipster movement and the endless amount of advertising and entertainment aimed at only women, its no wonder men are now starting to wake up and realise that society only caters for women. What kind of man would tolerate being in an abusive relationship where the woman is bossy and calling all the shots? As a self respecting man, you avoid these types of women. But unfortunately, it seems the vast majority of Western women have become like this.

    Anyway, the ship is sinking. The women have crashed the Titanic and the real men have already gone on their lifeboats. Divorce rate is now apparently 60% (70% initiated by women) sperm banks are running out of donations, men are boycotting marriage and women are always asking the same question: “where did all the good men go?”


  19. I don’t see what difference “confidence” makes when you are dealing with women who aren’t attracted to you in the first place as a general reaction to your presence. The incel who becomes “confident” just increases his willingness to annoy women and score more rejections. “For whosoever has, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever has not, from him shall be taken away even what he has.”


  20. Incel is nothing new. In the olden days, they just called them “creeps.”
    Before the Internet there were two famous Newspaper advice columinists named
    Ann Landers and Dear Abby.) (Abby went by the fancy name of Abiligal Van Buren.)
    They were Jewish twin sisters. I don’t know how they both scored big syndacidate deals.
    They dealt with all sorts of problems. Some were like this: “I’m going to kill myself today.
    No one cares if I live or die anyway. No one regards me as human. I’ve got nothing to lose.
    This is good-bye to a world that sees me as a worthless creep.”
    Ann Landers responded back: “You don’t want to kill yourself! You want to live! You wouldn’t be asking for help otherwise. Change your attitude. Reach out to others and be more socialble.”
    Usually, Ann Landers would recieve a conformation of her views from another person in the same boat:
    “What you said was true. The attitude is everything.” etc…
    Or another response: “That man who wrote you a few days ago, complaining that he never went on a real
    date in his life, probably doesn’t want to admit that he’s ugly. I know from personal experience. He’s got
    to lower his standards. I have a policy called “take a dog to lunch… etc…
    Most people-even if they try to be helpful-just have no inkling of what the incel goes through.
    The incel National Anthem would be: “Some Guys Have All The Luck,” by Rod Stewart.
    The best incel film is “Bad Ronald,” (1974.)


  21. As I pointed out above, by today’s standards a young Marvin Minsky – the bald Jewish brainiac nerd – would be undateable, despite his accomplishments. Yet in his generation he could find a wife and form a family with her. The older unattractive men who did this show that this way of life was possible at one time, and it could become possible again with the right social changes.

    BTW, I’m not at liberty to say whether Minsky went into cryo or not. ; )


  22. Just went out to my a work function where there was one young Asian male. He did a neat riff on how he was descended from Genghis Khan. Obvious nonsense but entertaining and subtly suggested he had good genes. Not that he needed to impress anyone there, as he’s married, but it was a good reframe.


  23. Actually the Genghis Khan ancestry for a given Asian man is plausible. Look up the geneticist Razib Khan’s column on this.


  24. Ray Kurzweil, one of Minsky’s famous students, is similar to Minsky in a lot of ways, but he has hair and comes from a later generation. Yet Kurzweil found a wife and formed a family as well. A man equivalent to Kurzweil today, but about 40-45 years younger, would be another incel nerd, despite his accomplishments and the potential for more.


  25. Pakistani droogs in the UK can rape all the white girls they want with impunity. The Brits all indignant about Roosh need to get their own house in order first before they complain about his alleged rape-enabling speech.


  26. He is not pro-rape. He wrote an article that was intended as satire in the vein of Swift’s Modest Proposal. The fact that so many news organisations report it this way shows how little actual fact checking takes place these days.


  27. It just goes to show that Roosh stumbled across an excellent troll for promoting himself.

    Doesn’t mean his pickup advice works for men who can’t attract women in organic situations in the first place, however. The pickup scam exploits sexually frustrated men who can’t navigate a threshold that some 14 years boys are dragged across by girls in their 8th grade English class. “For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath.”


  28. Have you ever seen the 1980’s movie made in New Zealand called “The Quiet Earth”? A rapture-like event (science-fictional, not religious) leaves only three people alive in all of New Zealand. Originally a middle-aged, bald, nerdy scientist meets a young white woman, and for a time they sleep together, thinking they are the last people alive on Earth.

    Then they meet a Maori tough, definitely bad boy. He had traditional Maori tattoos even, as I recall. Guess which man this woman wants to sleep with now while rejecting the other?


  29. I’m guessing the Maori won the battle advancedathiest lol? What a surprise eh? Will have to check that movie out, for a 5 foot 4 skinny little Irish guy, who’s average looking at most I haven’t done too bad with females, somehow? Even managed to have kids with some of them, though have since gone MGTOW as women do my head right in lol.


  30. >”If you look at this ecologically, then, East Asian men, but not their women, are not reproductively successful as invasive species beyond the environments they evolved in. Does this happen with other species?”

    This has some awful consequences for Hapa sons. Their East Asian moms go to reproduce en masse by being an “invasive species” in the West. Meanwhile the Eurasian son inherits all the undesired traits from his Asian mom’s genes. Its a pretty hellish situation and a lot of Hapas have a lot of anger at their mothers for this reason


  31. @Eurasian Guy:

    Like Elliot Rodger, for example. Poor kid. His British prick of a father didn’t seem to care for him, either.

    The willingness of East Asian women to abandon their own men in the West raises an interesting question for white identitarians. These women come from traditional, homogeneous societies even older than European ones, yet their reproductive behavior changes almost immediately when they step off the plane in favor of race mixing, and without any indoctrination or propaganda to make them do so. You can’t blame this on the white identitarians’ usual (((villains))), in other words, because these (((villains))) simply don’t have any presence in East Asian countries.


  32. @advancedatheist
    The willingness of East Asian women to abandon their own men in the West raises an interesting question for white identitarians. These women come from traditional, homogeneous societies even older than European ones, yet their reproductive behavior changes almost immediately when they step off the plane in favor of race mixing, and without any indoctrination or propaganda to make them do so. You can’t blame this on the white identitarians’ usual (((villains))), in other words, because these (((villains))) simply don’t have any presence in East Asian countries.

    White culture is now global culture. Please don’t make the statement that Western media is banned outside the West – that’s just dopey.
    Plus most men are bluepill and want to fit in – which is why they cheer on Chad Thundercocks on screen and on the field – and pay for those tickets too.
    The women notice, and act accordingly.


  33. @advancedatheist
    This doesn’t make much demographic sense. Where did those billion and a half Asian people come from if their men are so inadequate?
    Back in the day, rape was legal too.
    Don’t forget, women love to be raped by Chad Thundercock:
    What women mean when they are campaigning against rape:
    (thanks to

    This study evaluated the rape fantasies of female undergraduates (N = 355) using a fantasy checklist that reflected the legal definition of rape and a sexual fantasy log that included systematic prompts and self-ratings.
    Results indicated that 62% of women have had a rape fantasy, which is somewhat higher than previous estimates


    05-02-2014, 11:43 AM
    Join Date: Apr 2014
    Posts: 339
    If u have not yet realised women are extremely primitive, there is no hope for you.
    How about this one, eh?
    Over 90% of female rape victims experience orgasm during the attack
    BOSTON – A new study to be published in next month’s Journal of Clinical Psychiatry is causing controversy in the psychiatric community for some of its unexpected findings. The study, titled “Shame and Guilt in the Aftermath of Sexual Attack”, verifies much of what we know about the mental health of rape victims. However, one observation in particular is raising eyebrows. After analyzing the anonymous transcripts of over 5,000 post-rape counseling sessions, the authors point out that almost all female rape victims experience orgasm during the attack.
    Asked for comment, Dr. Herschel Liebowitz, one of the authors of the study, said, “Millions of years of evolution has hard-wired women to be attracted to strong, dominant, and aggressive men. Unfortunately, rapists exhibit an extreme form of these characteristics, even if only temporarily, and this causes an unexpected and involuntary physiological response in the victim.”
    Researchers focused on the psychiatric impact of this involuntary response. “Rape victims in general tend to experience an overwhelming sense of shame and guilt”, noted Dr. Liebowitz. “This study finds that the guilt is not a result of the attack necessarily, but rather her own response to the attack. Intellectually, she is disgusted at being violated by an anonymous attacker. But physically, her body seems to have welcomed the attack in the form of sexual climax or orgasm. We believe this contradiction in feelings is the primary source of their shame and guilt.”
    So here you have thousands of “sexual experts” who try to help women in couples achieve orgasm with their beta husband, years after years with different tricks and techniques without suceeding.
    .. Then when bitches gets raped, 90% (!!!!!!!) gets an orgasm?!
    LOL @ WOMEN,

    Remember, Chad Thundercock does nothing wrong!
    Women seem to agree too!


  34. Find me a 50 (+ or -) year old single Asian guy and I’ll give you a hug. Yes, I have Yellow Fever. I especially like Chinese men (boys actually, but they’re too young). Manners, tradition, family first, smarts and work ethic – all traits often lacking in my native demographic. I’d like my own mail order Asian Cake. The eyes shapes, cheek bones, jet black hair are the icing.


  35. @P Ray: “Back in the day, rape was legal too.”

    An utterly stupid statement bereft of any redemption. So you’re essentially rationalizing that large Asian populations were due to rape? In that case, the entire anglo-sphere must have absolutely low fertility rates with most of their guys capable of only shooting blanks because they were pillaging & raping throughout the “new world” with colonialism & what not. Yet, the European population is still comparatively small & now declining.

    Truth is, in ancient/medieval times, products of rapes never lived long enough to become a member of whatever society they belonged in. Rape is a major taboo in Asian civilizations – both raped victim & her child from the rape would have typically been ostracized & quickly died lonely, impoverished deaths, if not immediately killed by the rapist(s). Clearly, it never occurred to you that it is the economic prosperity, cultural values, strong familial support & social mores, including sanctioned polygamy, within these ancient homogenous civilizations that helped to create environments conducive for large populations.


  36. Another thing I’ve got to say, how can you refer Asian females as an “invasive species” when nobody is forcing these weak-minded men from other races to be “invaded” by them? It’s obvious that these men suffer from yellow fever because they’ve a warped view of sex & possess borderline pedophilic instincts – that has been proven by research. Just look at the epidemic that is the long-standing popularity of child sex tourism in Asia with Anglo-Saxon/European males. I’d say that Asian parents dropped the ball when it came to educating their daughters & sons. For minorities, economic success is both meaningless & short-lived without a strong sense of internal cultural & familial appreciation. To me, it’s okay to adopt some more beneficial values found in *modern* Western society but assimilation should stop just before miscegenation. It’s a pity that Asian guys now rank their own “dating” success by playing the interracial numbers game against their own females – at how quickly & thoroughly they’d be wiping out their own roots by race-mixing with a dominant race that continues to oppress them, socially, racially & culturally. It’s plain stupid.


  37. Wow. I’m impressed. How have so many women-haters converged in one spot? You guys are sad. Clear that in real life, women can sense your hatred of them, thus I doubt whether many of the above men have close, loving relationships with a woman. Or, as you call us, “cunts.” Lovely. If all men were like those above, I most definitely would be a lesbian.


  38. Rejections have consequences. It’s funny that when whites reject blacks, we call the white people “racists” and the black people “victims.” But when women sexually evict a section of the male population, women talk about their “empowerment” and call the rejects losers, misogynists, creeps, sexual harassers and other names.


  39. Charming, @rantsofanincel. You blow me away with your intellect. How’s this? [I’ll dumb it down real good for you]:

    If your hatred was aimed at blacks, you would be a KKK clan leader, and would be the first to “hang ’em high.”

    If your hatred was aimed at Jews during WWII, you would have laughed as you shot them dead, and gathered the gold in their teeth.

    But since your hatred is aimed at us women, all you can do is grit your teeth and know that we find you ABOMINABLE to behold. NONE OF US WOULD HAVE ANY OF YOU LOSERS, and that is why sites like this exist.

    Carry on with your obscene diatribe, gentleman. But I can guarantee you, a warm and loving woman would have been a much better choice.


  40. “Charming, @rantsofanincel. You blow me away with your intellect. How’s this? [I’ll dumb it down real good for you]:”

    A woman dumbing something down, now aint that a hoot.

    “Carry on with your obscene diatribe, gentleman. But I can guarantee you, a warm and loving woman would have been a much better choice.”

    As if any of us have a choice.


  41. PUA are stupid. I don’t know about the women interviewed, but I find Asian men extremely attractive. Quite ironically my boyfriend is an Asian man and MGTOW (he still claims to be) . He says a lot of the same things mentioned here. I hate it when he says things like “if I was a white guy blah blah”. Asian men do not get enough recognition nor decent representation in Western Media.


  42. Calling all women “cunts” and blaming everything on “feminism” is sure fire way to remain “incel”

    I’m a white boy nerd and while I had difficulty at first, after some experience, I was able to successfully get dates.

    Rejection sucks, embarrassing yourself sucks but eventually you will get there if you try instead of wasting your time wallowing in self pity and ranting online.

    Also, I had a casual thing going with a Thai ladyboy (judge if you want, I don’t care) and let me tell you, I believed the “Asians all have small penis’ thing” until I saw hers :O


  43. No two people are the same. Some never give up. Some give up after a handful of
    approaches. And some will NEVER approach.
    My objection is that we live in a sex drenched society, and sex is being used as a means to
    rial up people. That’s like the kid on December 25th, out in the cold, with his nose pressed
    to the glass, watching others having what’s denied to him, FOREVER.


  44. Well said Lon. Why should we be pilloried for things that are beyond our control, yet this is exactly what happens.


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