The 80-20 rule has become more the 90-10 rule

I have just discovered another great MGTOW channel.  Check it out here:

The man who runs the channel is named Kris Cantu.  By all means, this man should be a slayer.  He is ripped, good looking, articulate, intelligent, and has a very alpha male vibe.  He claims to have slept with dozens of women in the past, however, now he is an incel.  I guess that this is what it has come down to that a legitimate slayer, who back in the day, had choice, now is an incel.  This goes to prove the statement “men age like fine wine” is total bullshit.  If this guy, who is easily in the top 20% in many categories, cannot find a woman, who is is his own age or older, then I believe, things have gotten even worse than the 80-20 rule.

48 thoughts on “The 80-20 rule has become more the 90-10 rule

  1. He cannot find a woman who is his own age or **older**??? You mean his own age or younger, right?
    I won’t believe that he can’t find a woman. What he probably means is that he cannot find a woman who looks like a supermodel, and he can no longer live the playboy lifestyle. If he wanted to marry an average looking woman, any man who was a former stud could do it. I have no sympathy for such men. They are not incel.


  2. But if he has slept with dozens of women in the past, his inability to find a woman doesn’t make sense. If his picture and videos are current, he’s not that old. So it’s not old age. If a man is obviously old, that’s different. and note how many women fawn/fawned over George Clooney? George is much older and older looking than this guy. So what he says makes no sense whatsoever. Maybe he’s just a publicity whore.


  3. Your comparison with George Clooney is invalid. George Clooney is a celebrity so he is on a totally different level.


  4. I’m sure there are some men that look like Rod Steward who have real reason to sing
    “Some Guys Have All The Luck.” Years ago, a man who looked like the spitting image of George
    Clooney employed as a “lowly” fence worker came to my home to work on a picket fence.
    I knew a man that looked like the actor Robert Dienro who worked as a doctor in a bleak nursing home.
    The rock star Mic Jagger recently fathered his 8th child with a ballernia 43 years younger them him.
    So social status (stardom) does “trump” (No pun intended) good looks. But the phony “George’s” and
    “Robert’s” I knew MIGHT parley their fourtunate looks into series of one night stands.
    Even WOMEN have to “settle.” But it will be a cold day in hell before any woman “settles” for me.


  5. rantsofanincel,
    Haven’t you ever observed an older man with a much younger woman together at a restaurant? And Kris Kantu is not old to the point where he can’t find a woman. But if he was hot with women before (unless he’s lying) then he can find a woman now. Maybe not a teenager or one in her twenties, but definitely one in her thirties or at least forties. Therefore I have no intention to listen to what this guy has to say.

    Lon: It looks like Trump will trump Hillary; she’s physically falling apart.


  6. I think that Hillary will hold on like “cold grim death” with the help of shilling media, corrupt judicial
    cronies, demographics, and Satan himself.


  7. Though she tried to trump Trump, Trump trumps Hillary in the polls now. While Trump trumpets, Hillary is being trumped by her illness. If we all pray away the Hillary instead of resigning ourselves to Satan, Hillary will be permanently trumped.


  8. It’s not just Hillary. She is just a figurehead. They are trying to trot her out as little as possible.
    They want to run out the clock until election day, while the media covers up Hillary’s flaws and
    trumpets Trump’s flaws.
    Meanwhile, due process is thawarted because of corrupt Law Enforcement (Attorney General, FBI)
    All the criminality, the deceit, the ignorance, and brainwashing have sealed our fate.
    If sickly, demented Hillary doesn’t start WW3 America is simply going to wither away slowly, like
    Europe is.
    Just the atrocities that we hear about will be the tip of the iceburg.


  9. Of course it’s not just Hillary; it’s our evil government. But God’s forces are greater than Satan’s forces, are they not? Satan will win only if we allow it.

    They are failing to cover up Hillary’s flaws. There are many damning videos about her on the Internet which are going viral. How could she stand up to Trump in the coming debates when she can barely stand or talk?

    You’re talking negative again: our fate is sealed, etc. No it’s not. This can all be reversed. Here are some good YouTube channels: Deep Six, & Brother Nathanael.


  10. It comes down to sheer demographics. Not enough conservative white guys left.
    And the Republican party IS a white man’s party.
    When the eliets (Media, Popular Culture, Academia, Political Class etc..) demonize the white male
    and shill for his destruction, it will be just like Europe. Already the white male suicide rate is off the
    charts. Some of it might not be suicide. It might be “subtle dispatching,” murders meant to look like
    You’ll have the very rich living in protected compounds (Like present day South Africa) and non-white
    overlords of their white slave women. Not one working class white man left. Not a single one.


  11. Lon,
    The Republican party is NOT a white man’s party. It’s almost as much the Jew’s party as the Democratic party is. I will vote Republican because it is the lesser of two evils and no other party is likely to win.

    What we need is what I like to call Folk-ism.

    And non-whites becoming overlords over whites is highly highly unlikely to ever happen. The big plot is to get people to mate inter-racially, especially whites with non-whites (while Jews keep separate). If that trend continues there will no longer be any whites, blacks, yellows, or hispanics to speak of. Then Jews will attempt to be complete overlords over the muddled masses. They are already overlords to some extent, and were complete overlords when they brought the slaves to America. Please educate yourself on this.

    Have a nice day/evening.


  12. Asians don’t mix so freely, unless they live in the West. I don’t ever see the Asian race
    being blotted out. There’s just too many of them.
    But undoubtedly the white race is finished, except for the mega wealthy ones like Trump and
    That’s why I said BOTH Feminism AND PUA were playing into our satanic enemy’s hands.
    Feminism was constructed to put a wedge between the genders. And the supposed remedy
    PUA (Which doesn’t work) was intended to create walking white male “time bombs” to further
    alienate the genders from one another.
    Many “incels” especially hate “stuck up” white women because they feel rejected and “lesser” men
    “get” the girls. I can see through the scam. People are being played, like they are being played each
    election year. Divide and conqure. The oldest trick in the book.


  13. Lon,
    I like your post here; it’s very good.
    However, you seem to say **only in the west.** Two problems. The west is vast, comprising North America and Europe. And it’s not just the west; Russia has been affected. So the Jew’s plot is succeeding by controlling a third of the planet. Besides, I don’t live in China or Japan, so to me it’s a universal problem.


  14. Why did Rants take down his last posting? FREEDOM OF SPEECH!
    He doesn’t have to self censor himself! Express your freedoms while you still can! Before you are genocided!
    If he wants to hate women because of perceived mistreatmeants he is free to do so.
    I think bitterness and hatred are wasteful emotions on general principle, but I still think that people
    have a right to express their opinions, and have a diolauge.

    Look, there’s going to be an unavoidable bloodbath in the coming months. It’s NOT going to be
    angry incels because they’ve been around since the beginning of time. If they were going to kill in mass
    numbers they would have done so.
    I don’t think you can lump in today’s Muslim terrorist with incels, because many have sexual relationships
    with girlfriends and wives, who assist them with their plans, or keep mum about their plans.
    The terrorist is NOT an Omega man. He TAKES! He TAKES! He TAKES! Women admire him for it.
    Turning the genders against each other is a radical/Marxist/Satanic PLOT. If I hate women solely
    because they are women, I fall right into Satan’s devices. Women are BRAINWASHED! Why hate them?
    I know Astrolocally I have NO CHANCE for a relationship with a woman. So why hate them? It’s a waste!
    But the terrorists ARE coming. Many are here now. It will make Europe look like a Boy Scout jamboree!
    Oh my God!


  15. You say there will be an unavoidable bloodbath in the coming months. But that won’t happen in suburbs like where I live. And it won’t be all out. It will just be an increase from the usual.

    I definitely lump *most* Muslim terrorists with incels, Undoubtedly, most terrorists *are* incels. Consider that Islam allows polygamy, so top men hog the women. The 9/11 plane bombers were in the same boat as you and I.

    I wish we could agree on the terms. You and I are Omega, average men are Beta, top men are Alpha. Those are the terms everyone uses for the entire animal kingdom. I respect caamib, but wish he would use consistent terms to avoid confusion.

    I believe that turning the genders against each other is a Satanic plot, but not a liberal or Marxist plot. The reason is that even radical, liberal, leftist, and Marxist men want women.

    I agree that we shouldn’t hate women because Jesus said to love your enemies. But you can’t let adult women off the hook that fast. Their free will idiocy proves that they are second class citizens.

    And again, please stop farting around with astrology; lol.

    Have a nice day/evening.


  16. Indeed a bloodbath is coming once Queen Hillary gets in! This sociopathic, criminal,
    deranged, Parkinsons victim is sometimes oblivious to her surroundings and lapses into
    rages. Plenty have been witness to this. If there’s anyone who shouldn’t be trusted with the necular
    codes it’s her. She was unaware Bengazy was happening.
    We now live in a completely deceived and deluded society with SATAN calling ALL the shots.
    We take this farce of an election seriously, and we think we’re doing fine. Total concealmeant.
    Through The Looking Glass. The lies never stop!
    It’s like a drunk trying to cross a 6 lane highway. He ain’t gonna make it.
    Once the evil witch gets in, (The Internet will be censored by then.) the first order of business will be
    to genocide the white male. This has been their goal for centuries. The rich and powerful whites who
    have been “useful” will be allowed to live. The lower class ones will be eliminated as quickly as possible.
    White women will go into sexual slavery because “There is nothing like a (pretty) white dame.”
    The brainwashing program can only go so far. It’s reaped great results (From the Pit of Hell.) But it’s
    time to up the anty. I don’t see white males even kept as slaves because it wouldn’t be cost effective.
    If you genocide the white male there would be less mouths to feed.
    Islam will certainly take over because there will be no one to oppose them.
    This where I think we’re heading. A society aiding and abetting it’s own destruction will not survive.
    A deluded society being assulted by Satan’s full court press.
    Could God stop it? He could, but there’s on evidence He will.


  17. Good morning Lon.

    I hate to say it, but I think you’re right in that Hillary will win. But they’ll do that by cheating. In the debate she appeared to have wires up her back and had an earpiece so others could feed her info during the debate. Also, her microphone was louder than Trump’s, and she seemed to be signaling to Lester Holt the “moderator.”

    But if our society wants corruption that bad, I guess God will give it what it wants. Satan does delude, but if people resisted delusion they wouldn’t be deluded. Many people want to be deluded.

    But again, the ultimate goal is NOT the genocide or white males by non-whites. The ultimate goal is the domination of all men by all women.

    That could be completely crushed if god allows Islam to stop it. Either that or American men will finally get to the breaking point, and therefore gather up their balls and counterattack the feminism.


  18. How come Germany, Sweden, and Norway can’t prevent rapes?
    If women really weld all the power? Nope. But maybe they secretly WANT to be dominated by
    macho guys. That’s the “bad boy” principle. They want tough guys, but the white man fails to meet
    the standard.
    Have you seen the recent postings by Roosh? I think he’s onto something.
    There certainly won’t be any reason to keep white males around anymore except to torture or
    humiluate them. Frustrated Asian males can fill the brain gap that will happen when the white male is
    eradicated. Many don’t get the time of the day from white women though that is starting to change.
    I see more Asian male White female couples out and about.
    I’d love to see tempting, snooty, white female “eye candy” newscasters dragged off on live T.V.!
    But I suspect I’ll be gone when that happens. 90% of white guys are dead men walking.


  19. Good morning Lon.

    Actually these rapes are a sign that women have indeed gained massive amounts of power. That is, financial and legal power. Traditionally women were given in marriage and were then required to comply sexually. Now more and more are choosing to be single, and have created the idea of “marital rape.” So they have sex in their marriage only when they want, which could be never.

    They either feel that the backlash from men via rapes and suchlike is worth it, or are too ignorant to realize that this is a natural consequence of feminism. When women get power in the physical sense by packing guns, even this backlash by men will be crushed. Unless…………………

    Let the revolution begin!

    No, they’re not going to exterminate all white men. But they may try to eliminate the white race by having as many whites as possible breed with other races. Thereby the population would no longer be white. It would be a multi-racial multicultural mishmash without an identity and therefore easy controlled by the Jews. That’s one major plot. The second major plot is as I said, the feminist plague. Some Jewish women are part of both plots.


  20. Some crimes are especially directed at white males. A number of years ago there was a crime
    ring in Denver Colorado that only robbed white males. (It was made up of “minority” gangs.)
    I think it’s a long standing fantsay to eradicate the white male so the white female can be enslaved.
    It’s kind of like an expanding cliapate to conqure lands and get the “goodies,” the white female
    being one. It’s also simular to females wasting “the best years of their lives” with ruffian Alphas until
    they wise up and settle down with Beta’s at age 30 or older.
    The principle means thus far was to encourage this through cultural brainwashing about what is “trendy,”
    playing on their need for “excitement.” “Civil Rights” and dogodderism provided a means for this, as is
    seen by the “useful idiot/white trash” collaborators at the George Sorrios funded rallys.
    But they’ve been at this garbage since the 1960’s. Even the 1860’s. Should it be surprising that the
    Absolutionalist movement liked up with the sufferget movement. The only reason we’ve even made
    it this long is dumb luck.
    I think for their plans to work, pretty white women must be “farmed” like a crop, for every “colored”
    man’s bed. This is what the eliet culture (Media) is encouraging. It IS technologically possible to
    elimate the white male and to entrust non-white men to run this fertility clinics . They will be gifted
    with the white women sex slaves. The “perfect storm” will be. The internet take over. The election
    of Hillary. Middle Eastern refugees. Releasing criminals from prisons. And the nationalization of
    Police Forces.


  21. Good afternoon Lon.

    Yes, some crimes are specifically directed at white males, either motivated by racism or by the perception that white men have more money, in cases of robbery.

    But if there’s a fantasy to eradicate White males and enslave White females, it CANNOT work in the long term. It is IMPOSSIBLE. The reason is that such a system is not self-sustaining. White women only exist because they were born from two White parents. If a Black man gets a White woman pregnant, a Mulatto is produced. So after 50 years the supply of young White women would be completely exhausted.

    As far as running sperm banks and other sophisticated workings, not enough non-whites possess the intelligence to do that. These institutions would have to be run by Jews. Again, type up videos about Zionism and Jews to understand who is truly orchestrating a plot here. Again, see Brother Nathanael on his YouTube channel. Or David Duke. Lon, without understanding the Jewish question you will remain with a serious lack of understanding.

    As far as nationalization of police forces, every country already has a nationalized police force. It’s called the army. That’s not a problem. The big problem would be an INTER-national police force.


  22. You haven’t googled my writings. I SURELY DO understand it! Look at the stuff I wrote on
    “White Genocide.” I took a lot of heat for explaining who the responsible party was!
    Indeed, they WILL train/recruit Asians and East Indians (High I.Q. people) to run these breeding
    centres. Historically, the Asian man sits on a lot of frustration and resentment because he gets rejected
    by white women, though I DO see that beginning to change. And the “indian’ man has even greater
    difficulty getting a white girl. Have you read all the miserable posts? The Asian man can fill the
    brain void that the extermination of the white man would bring.
    There’s a virtual news blackout about the conditions of today’s South Africa-which I see occurring here.
    The former black townships and their squalid conditions are now populated by whites. There is a 30 year
    prison sentence for employing a white male. Nigerian pimps sell young Africaner girls strung out on drugs.
    Would it not make sense that the South African white woman leave their white men for the more sucessful
    black men, so they and their children can be provided for?
    Where is God in all this? He must be aware that all these atrocities run counter to His plans.
    Only 46% of this country is “christian.” Only 40% is conservative. What does that spell?
    Many incels cheer whats happening. They are so bitter that they don’t care if society collapses.
    Count me out. It’s no long range benefit to me to see Western Civilazation fall.
    I was raised on Christian hope. Oh my God! I pray it’s not a lie!


  23. Good afternoon Lon,

    You seem like a real nice guy, and are a fellow brother in Christ and fellow incel man. But I’m compelled to address some distortions since they irritate me so:

    I just read your posts on the White Genocide blog. You do say that Jews are controlling some things and pulling some strings. But you **never clarify** that the Jews are the ones that are behind the entire White genocide plot. And you never mention the Jews here or on caamib’s blog. Why?????? Jews would be no more apt to have Asians take charge of anything than they would want Whites to.

    Then I saw your post on the “Nazis.” You are horribly horribly misinformed!!! I shall clarify:
    (1) Nazism is a form of Fascism.
    (2) The Nazis DID NOT worship Adolf Hitler. Most of them were Christian believers. So was Hitler.
    (3) Nazism is a righteous movement of the RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT. It is on the extreme right, or “Alt Right.”
    (4) I’m a “Nazi,” and know that National-Socialism is the one hope to save us from going down the toilet. “Conservative” Republicans are completely impotent and incompetent to have any effect. If you have any questions, just ask.


  24. Nazi is short for National Socialist! Fascists and Nazis are NOT the same!
    Just because the Italian Fascists were aligned with the German socialists during WW2 doesn’t
    mean the systems were identical. The U.S. was aligned with Communist Russia during WW2.
    Does that make America communist. Socialism is SATANISM, whether it comes from Bernie
    Sanders or not. The KLAN is an authentic American orginization. There have been Jews in the Nazi
    Party. Read a book called “One More Victim.” Also a film was made a number of years ago about a
    Jewish skinhead.
    My main point on the White Genocide posts was that the Jews are manupilating the blacks to be their
    urban terrorists and foot soldiers to prey on the white race to extrort and terrorize it. Blacks and
    “useful idiot whites.” George Sorrios is a perfect example. We see we’ve passed the point of no return
    because any time a police officer shoots a black person regardless of the reason a riot breaks out.
    George Sorrios and company want complete anarchary in this country. No more freedom of speech.
    No more guns. No more cops. Perverson and degeneracy. (Like is presently happening in Europe.)
    I have said on numerious occasions that the Jews want the white male out of the way so blacks
    can breed with the white woman. The result will be a dumbed down population so the Jews will be
    the masters of the world. But (most) white guys must be eradicated to fulfill this plan.
    Quisling tratiors like Trump will serve their purpose well and be allowed to survive. Middle class and
    lower white guys are dead men walking. Are YOU mentally prepared to die?
    Now that your at it, please read my postings on “Psychology Today.” See how I contested with that
    P.h.d. SCUM? Every prediction I made became true.


  25. Good afternoon Lon,

    Look at Fascism defined by Wikipedia. Then find out what Nazism is **from people who identify as such**, NOT your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th hand sources who are very confused.

    Yes, America has been infested by Communists for a long time and still is. You may research that.

    Specifically, “Nazi” comes from National Socialist German Worker’s Party, or NSGWP. The so-called “Socialism” you wrongly think is real socialism but rightfully identify as Satanic is MARXISM. Hitler was the #1 enemy of the Marxists, or phony socialists.

    By failing to recognize the difference, you fall into enemy hands. Capitalism and Communist Marxism are two sides of the same devilish coin that Jews flip one way or the other depending on which one benefits them most at the time.

    Yes, the Klan is an authentic American organization. It formed to battle Communist elements within America.

    No Jew was welcome in the Nazi party! That is, any full blooded Jew with any tie to the Jewish community. If they were found out they were put in a concentration camp. That’s like the claim that there were gay Nazis. If any man was found to be involved in homosexual behavior or promoting the lifestyle, he was sent to a concentration camp. A Gentile man who had a small fraction of Jewish ancestry or a man with a homosexual orientation who denounced it, both of whom followed the NSGWP agenda are much different.

    Regardless of what your main point is, you cannot fight the people you speak against without true nationalism and true socialism. You will then serve the enemy purpose too!


  26. The Nazi’s were quite active in the U.S. in the early 1960’s. Their head was a man named
    George Lincoln Rockwell. He was very media savy, and was interviewed by Playboy magazine
    by Alex Halley who later wrote the novel “Roots.” Halley also wrote “The Autobiography Of Malcom
    X. Malcom X (Partly white, his nickname was “Red” because he had red hair) was very astute and
    intelligent. He was upfront and honest and told it like it was. He instinctually knew that J.F.K. was a
    fraud because he made the observation that “the chickens came home to roost” after J.F.K. was shot.
    Many claim that Malcom X was THE authentic Civil Rights leader. Martin King was really a socialist plant
    using the divide and conqure method. When Malcom met Martin Luther King he said, “Well we do have
    one thing in common. We’re both dead men.”
    Are you mentally prepard for what’s going to take place in the comming mounths?


  27. Good afternoon Lon,

    If you showed that you knew something about the Nazis that I didn’t know, I would have a fatal heart attack, fall off my chair, and collapse. Why don’t you join us on Stormfront? There’s a special group for National Socialists, over 100 members from all over the world. If you don’t believe what I say, you can ask anyone else on the site the same things.

    Again, if you’re against National Socialism **you are for** one or the other Jewish plot to conquer everyone else, or you’re for a combination of both strategies. You have shown me ZERO to demonstrate otherwise.

    What is going to take place in the coming months won’t affect me because I live in one of the best suburbs in the United States, I no longer work, I don’t own a house, I don’t pay bills or taxes, and I don’t have children. Unless a big nuclear bomb is dropped on my town. But then I would be relieved from my incel and everyone hating me. So I’m certainly prepared.


  28. Well you know, some people you phrase like Brother Nathelanel and Henry Makow are
    former Jews. There’s also an informative fellow named Jewamongyou. He has not renounced
    his Jewishness. Do you believe the idea that there’s good and bad in all races?
    If someone tells me the sky is blue, I don’t care what his race or religion is. A Jew like
    Jewamongyou fully expects to be criticised because of what his people have done, but he doesn’t
    take it personally. I think it’s a case of knowing someone on a personal level. Hitler himself had some
    pleasent interactions with Jews. He sent postcards to the Jewish doctor who treated his mother for
    breast cancer, and even had a Jewish vegetarian cook. (He wrote a decree declaring she was an
    Aryan.) David Duke himself says there are a few “good” Jews. And I used to post on a blog named
    Saboteur 365, run by a professor who generally hates Jews but acknowledges there are some
    decent ones. I think even Stormfront gets the occasional Jewish poster.
    If a girl wants to forgive her father who molested her, and the father is humble enough to admit what
    he did, and face the pain, they can work it out. I won’t tell her she shouldn’t do it.
    B.T.W. after Jan. 17th, the wealthest of suburbs won’t be safe. Towel head and B.L.M. agents can
    slip in anywhere and reek halvok. And I think the media and Hillary are reveving up for a war with


  29. Good morning Lon,

    If anybody didn’t know Brother Nathanael was a former Jew, they would have to have severe brain damage. I also interacted with Franklin Schmidt, a Jew on caamib’s blog. When a couple guys objected to my denouncement of the Jews, Franklin would defend me, as other Jewish groups hate Franklin’s particular sect.

    I’m bewildered as to why you ask if I believe there are good and bad in all races. This seems to be predicated on my denouncement of the Jews.

    You clearly make make statements that generalize various groups as bad, whether women, blacks, or “towel heads.”

    I’m well aware of Hitler’s, David Duke’s, and Stormfront’s positive interactions with Jews. I’ll give you an example: Some people have pet Tarantulas. That’s okay because those individual Tarantulas are known to have had their poison glands removed. But you wouldn’t take home any of the many wild Tarantulas from the forest.

    Hitler was originally working with some Jews, as they both had the same goal of racial and ethnic separation. Hitler was willing to help the Jews settle into their own colony. However, too many Jews wanted war instead.

    No, areas like mine will still be safe. It will take 75 years to completely destroy the United States and make it like Africa.

    Though “towel head” and BLM agents are slipping in and reeking, I also occasionally slip in and reek if I go out among people but neglect to wash my armpits. lol


  30. Do you antisipate perminate safety? The only thing that never changes is change itself.
    The Marxist vermin were able to infiltrate even the family unit through feminism and popular
    culture. Patty Hurst, the wealthy heir of William Randolph Hurst was screwing black convicts in
    prison before one of them kidnapped her and made her part of his revolutionary group.
    (Read a book titled “Revolution’s End.) School teacher Colleen Ritzer was trailed, raped, and murdered in a
    public school bathroom in a wealthy suburb. And just yesterday ISIS published a decree exorting it’s
    followers to knife infidel’s EVERYWHERE. Wealth will NOT save you. When law and order completly
    vanishes the country will become totally 3rd world. We’re seeing a foretaste in Europe.
    Not to mention the fact that the Democrats and media are shilling for a war with Russia, which seems
    more and more likely to happen.
    Speaking of incels, google an old eposide of The Twilight Zone titled “Two.” There might yet be hope
    for guys that can’t get laid.


  31. Good afternoon Lon.

    Here’s what’s undoubtedly going to happen: I’m 49, and I’ll probably live to 89, then have a fatal heart attack and die. My disembodied spirit cannot be injured or enslaved in any way. I won’t even feel sexual frustration. I won’t even be lonely, as I’ll be able to go among people and they can’t kick me out.

    Again, after my parents pass (they’re 75) I will HAVE NO FAMILY. There is nobody else I consider family.
    Therefore I DON’T CARE what happens to America after that.

    Gentile White males were in power for the longest time and they could have easily maintained the power. But (1) they choose to give that up; (2) they refuse to use the needed solutions: physical force directed at women from male citizens, police forces, and the army, in order to overthrow feminism, and National-Socialism. This refusal to understand or approve of utilizing these needed methods EVEN INCLUDES LON SPECTOR. (3) White men hate me just like women and non-white men do. So to hell with them.

    There will never be a takeover, terrorist threat, or complete collapse in my area with my lifetime. And there is nothing that identifies me as “the infidel.” I never say or do anything insulting toward Islam. I never come into contact with any group of gay people. I never go to a political rally, concert, or sporting event.. I never go to the city. And I wear a beard.

    The only hope for men like you and I is death, the great equalizer.


  32. What would David Duke say about that? Or Paleden Justice? (Who writes Sabetour 365?)
    Or even Brother Nethanel? Would they WANT you to consider the entire female gender your
    enemy? You told me the other day that there IS “good and bad” everywhere.
    Remember the Apostle Paul said that we should “put away childish things.” Nothing is to be gained
    from death for it’s own sake. Christ said the reason He came was so man could live more abundantly.
    I can’t think of anything that isn’t GENUINELLY good for me that wouldn’t also be good for another
    person. Liberalism is bad for EVERYONE all around. Paul said he could withstand all things through
    Christ who strengthened him. And he also said that God’s strength is made perfect in weakness.
    If I allow negative thoughts it hurts ME. I live with me 24/7. If I know negative thoughts are self
    defeating I can dismiss them. Don’t ask God for specific things. He knows whats best for you.
    Ask God for strength to deal with your problems. Women? I don’t hate them or want to abuse them.
    Nothing good would come from that. A spiritually blind woman is no different then a spiritually blind man.


  33. Good afternoon Lon.

    What would David Duke, Paleden Justice, Brother Nathanael, etc. think about my attitude towards women? Although they are racially aware **they are not incel.**
    **Here’s a better question**: What do other incels think about my attitude towards women?

    The good in women: the nurturing aspect, is no longer useful to me, as I’m no longer a baby or child. What they could provide has gone bad. And I have put away childish things in the spiritual sense by rejecting the crazy idea that it is God’s will that I be no more attractive than a bag of garbage in women’s eyes, or that it is due to a bad horoscope.

    The spiritual awakening is that women have chosen evil by rejecting the nicest men which Satan certainly encourages. Some early Church fathers believed that women were more degenerate than men overall.

    Although Christ came so that people could live more abundantly, that is predicated on their being basically well in body and mind. A quadriplegic certainly cannot live an abundant life.

    Yes, liberalism is bad for everyone. I thought I made my feelings on that clear.

    It’s good that you don’t hate women or want to abuse them. But women need to be stopped before they destroy more men. This will eventually require physical force on a massive scale. Now I ask you to include in your prayers an outcry to God to use His angelic minions to crush feminism and wipe it off the face of the earth, and end incel. And if believe I have a bad attitude, you are welcome to pray for me.

    Christian believers put too much emphasis on the spiritual, and thereby turn it into hocus pocus. Spiritually blind women are much different than spiritually blind men, as women are much different then men. A Christian man is much more like an Atheist man than he is to a Christian woman and vice versa. The meanest, most ornery toy poodle is much more like the nicest, most docile toy poodle than he is like the rattlesnake that he has most in common with. The blessed rattlesnakes used in Pentecostal services are much more like any wild rattlesnake than they are to any toy poodle, no matter how ferocious. This is called DETERMINISM: our biology determines our behavior. We are also animals: Homo sapiens. So female Homo sapiens will all be predictably similar because their similar biology dictates their behavior patterns.


  34. K.C. :
    This is my final posting unless Rants ever chooses to issue a new post again.
    I long predicted what would happen with this Election. I knew Trump was a plant working for
    Hillary. I knew he would destroy himself at the proper stragetic time, to help usher in the wicked witch.
    Trump will also be wiped out in tomorrow’s debate. It’s a shame how many people are oblivious to the
    fact that there is a real devil, and how many people are working in his employ.
    I hope you are protected and don’t come to a terrible and horrifying end as I expect many white guys to.
    Another 40 years of this misery? Well, to each his own. I am going to chose my own method of
    “self deliverance” at the approiate time because as the Air Force piiot said in the film “Fail Safe” (1964)
    “There’s nothing to come back to anyway.” A country governed by the vile shrew Hillary would be as
    empty as death. There’s nothing to lose. I’m not going to be a surf in her empire. In fact, why do I say
    that? If your skin is white and you have male parts, you have a bullseye drawn on your back.


  35. Good evening Lon.

    I basically agree with the first half of your post. The second half of your post is another story.

    Again, nobody is going to target an isolated man in a predominantly all-white neighborhood. Now I’m getting grey hair. Nobody cares about some old single guy by himself. So if that’s worrying you, stop worrying. You won’t live long enough to see the scenario you envision.

    Another 40 years of misery? Perhaps. But for me I’m not being constantly tortured since I’m on Easy Street. I’ll just have to bear with my incel problem. You say you’re going to seek a method of self-deliverance. ????????? If that method entails adopting a positive attitude and praying for righteousness, then good for you. If not, you’re supposed method will amount to nothing.

    I will *surf* Hillary’s empire, like surfing a wave, as it will make me feel better about myself to see other people’s lives being screwed up even worse than mine. But I’ll never be her *serf.* I’ll quickly get old, die, and then laugh at the remaining stupid idiots.

    No bullseye will be drawn on my back. Strangers don’t know whether I’m a regular white guy, a light skinned Hispanic, or a Muslim. They don’t know if I’m a Gentile or a Jew who runs the country.

    Hope to hear from you on another blog thread.


  36. Dear K.C. :
    I did not voleenter for the role of consellor. I would NOT want you to give out my E. Mail
    address. I am no expert in helping strays. I don’t expect to be around much longer in Hillary’s
    America. Only God through Jesus Christ can help those that you write about. Christ is their only


  37. Good afternoon Lon,

    I shall honor your wishes as I said.
    But you cannot know how much longer you’ll be around. You could live to 100. And I don’t see much change with Hillary in the White House, especially since she was already in the White House.
    As far as embarrassment, what about the men who confess that they were mixed up in homosexuality, in order to help young men?
    Though Christ is their only Savior, what about the Great Commission? (Matt.28:19-20) It’s our responsibility to introduce others to Jesus, is it not?

    Have a nice day/evening


  38. Dear rantsofanincel,

    Your thoughts, your anger, your passion deeply resonates with me.

    I am cca. 5 years younger than you.

    I was both an incel and a smack addict up until quite recently.

    Finding the Manosphere saved my life, self-improvement helped me with women.

    Your passion is evidence that the fire is still in you that is necessary to change your life. Your youth will not be given back to you, our best years were robbed from us, thanks to the Cultural Marxist manipulation of our minds as men, and to the very same manipulation of the women`s minds around us, since we were born.

    But you are still not old, and you are still not dead. Do not let the enemy win. You are a straight white man like your ancestors were.

    If I could change my life, so could you.

    I am not trying to tell you what to do. But I really want that guys like me, all todays incels, including you, could liberate themselves, and become the pillaging badasses conquering the world at swordpoint as our ancestors did.

    Best wishes to you,



  39. Rantsofanincel: Please, I need your help!

    One of my Facebook friends, James Stone, was wrongfully convicted of heinous crimes because a drunk and beaten woman mistakenly identified him as the perpetrator. He was sentenced to 101 years in prison, and has been in prison the last 28 years. So he’s incel like us. But in addition he doesn’t even have his freedom and will likely die in prison. Unless……………

    Please make a blog thread entirely on James Stone. He was featured on the TV show Lockup. His sister created a petition to the governor that we can electronically sign online. They’ve got 1,342 signers. They need 3,658 more to reach the needed 5,000, which will cause the governor to consider his appeal for clemency. OR type: James Stone petition.

    And if everyone on your blog could download that info to their Facebook accounts and tell all their
    Facebook friends to sign the petition too, and so on as a chain reaction, that would be great.


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  41. one thing I will never understand, normies are always using the cop out “nobody owes you anything,” but then when an incel is ready to commit suicide, they wanna throw all their platitudes at him “oh you’ve got so much to live for, suicide is so selfish” etc (which I just wanna tell them, “as if expecting someone to live a miserable life for YOUR feelings isn’t selfish”)…

    But they always give us this “nobody owes you anything.” Well, the incel guys don’t owe society our pain and suffering either. So lets see how many of our dads who threw us under the bus, wanna piss and moan lol, we can just tell them to “man up and take it, other people have worse problems.”


  42. Well, some people subscribe to the saying, “Suicide is a perminate solution to a temporary problem.”
    They point to other people we’ve had simular problems and they say: “If they triumphed, so can you.”
    I don’t really agree with that because: Everyone is an individual. And there have never been as many
    men with a low sexual market value.
    It’s true only the strong ultimately survive, but the lives of the weak get dragged out longer then ever
    before. Most people DON’T serve in the military today where they would end up as cannon fodder.
    The (white) male suicide rate is increasing by leaps and bounds. Low SMV white guys aren’t suppost
    to have sexual urges. Even more wealthy white guys, like conservative newscasters aren’t allowed
    sexual urges; They lose their livelyhoods. This life is only a pain filled weystation to another form of
    existence, so suicide IS approiate for some, but it’s their choice.


  43. RE marty:

    have you ever noticed that when people mistreat and push you to breaking point, where you finally snap and fight back suddenly your the bad guy now? everything the other people were doing is all swept under the rug.

    then you have others who like to rub salt in the wounds by saying things like “be the better person and rise above it!” and their also absolved of all responsibility as well.


  44. But life isn’t fair, and everybody has their cross to bear.
    Give back GOOD for bad, least you make a bad situation WORSE.
    If you have to be a fool, be a fool for Christ.


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