Kiss your privilege goodbye cunts!

Well, it looks like we have a new president.  Donald Trump is a man who can get any woman he wants, being a billionaire, and an ultra alpha male.  Trump is not going to be manipulated by a bunch of fat ugly bull dyke feminists.  Your abortions are going away, your free health care is going away, your do nothing government jobs are going away, and now we shall really see if you cunts can do everything a man can do without state sponsorship.  We are soon going to see the only purpose a cunt has is life support for its vagina.  I am going to go ahead and bet you cunts are not going to do very well, except unless you can fuck real good.  I believe that trumps banter about women actually helped his campaign.  He said something about “grabbing their pussy”, and all the feminist cunts cried sexism and misoginy.  Lets face it, all these same cunts really yearn for a man like trump to grab their pussy, if they could exercise their hypergamy and monkey branch up to the level of Donald Trump, they would in a heartbeat.  We all know that they were secretly turned on by this comment and that is why trump got 53% of the female white vote.  This is a perfect example of why you cannot believe anything a woman says.  One of my favorite trump moments was when a cunt in the crowd asked him what he is going to do about the pay gap between men and women.  Trump responded “when women do equal work, they will get equal pay”.   Go Trump, and welcome to the US presidency.

17 thoughts on “Kiss your privilege goodbye cunts!

  1. rantsofanincel,

    Praise the Lord that Donald Trump won. As I told Lon, why don’t you pray for the dismantling of Hillary’s campaign and that Trump would win, instead of assuming Hillary would win, and therefore giving up?

    I appreciate your enthusiasm about Trump’s election. But I must say that such gloating can be very counterproductive. We CANNOT and MUST NOT declare victory for men now and then just sit back as a consequence. Trump’s election is a good step in the right direction, but it is only 1% completion of the goal. There is far far far far more to be accomplished.


  2. Unfortunately, you are right KC. Victory cannot be declared until the cunt loses its right to vote. This is a good start however, and at this point, we should be happy for every small win we get.


  3. rantsofanincel,

    You are right in that repealing women’s voting would be a great turning point. But victory cannot be declared until women are no longer free to choose their mates or choose to be forever single. Women must be given in marriage like they are in the Middle East. Otherwise we’ll still be incel no doubt.


  4. Dear K.C., Rants, and anyone else who might be reading. I apoligise for my inaccurate
    prediction. There is no justification for it. As the Bible says, “When a person makes a prediction in
    the name of God, and the prediction does not come true, they are NOT a prophet of God, and
    you don’t have to fear them.” Only a 100% sucess rate is acceptable. My days of issuing predictions
    are over. It is not enough to be NEAR the bullseye, you must strike the bullseye every time.
    As you said K.C. things are brightening but we are no where’s near out of the woods.
    You’ll notice that during Hillary’s concession speech she wore Purple. Bill was wearing a purple tie.
    They are trying to launch a “Purple Counterrevolution.” Devil George Sorois tries to take over the
    world promoting upheavels of various colors. A number of years ago in Iran he fianced the “Green
    Revolution.” The Irianians were on their toes and managed to short circut it.
    You could even say the election of Obama was one of these Sorois revolutions.
    The hooligans and the street agatators are out in force and seemingly won’t take no for an answer.
    Will it die out? We can only hope. But they won’t go gently into the night.


  5. Good afternoon Lon.

    Don’t be too hard on yourself. You didn’t make videos saying that you know that Hillary will win like “The Vigilant Christian” did. I don’t know of a single Christian who always makes accurate predictions supposedly predicated on the Holy Spirit’s prompting. They all fail.

    Instead, may we all embrace the sentiment of one of my favorite Scripture passages: James 4:13-15 (KJV): Go to now, ye that say, Today or tomorrow we will go into such a city, and continue there a year, and buy and sell, and get gain: Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away. For that ye ought to say, If the Lord will, we shall live, and do this, or that.

    I would say “Purple Revolution” instead of counter-revolution. Since the 60’s they launched a revolution against conservative values. Purple was the color of the early gay movement and is the color that symbolizes black power.

    I don’t know what green is supposed to symbolize. I heard it was for environmentalism, and I’m a big environmentalist. But it looks like it’s for something else.


  6. OK so here is my take on it…

    You criticise a woman, and you are a misogynist. You just happen to point out that Islam is a global threat, and you are an Islamomphobe. You point out that a lot of blacks have a chip on their shoulders and you are a racist.

    Well America has finally woken up to the shit put about by the left.

    You want to know more of the way I think about this election result, have a look in on my bog here;


  7. Yes gentlemen. The fucking Liberturds have had their own way for WAY too long than is healthy in a functioning democracy. WAY TOO FUCKING LONG.

    I hope Trump lays the fucking law down. I hope he makes burning the American flag a crime. It’s high time that these liberal Kuntz are educated in the principles of RIGHTS VS RESPONSIBILITIES. And Clitoris-ton…I would jail that bitch so fucking FAST the slamming of her cell door would shatter any windows nearby.


  8. M J De Grey,
    I agree with just about everything you’re saying. However, I strongly disagree that burning the American flag should be illegal. Actually, burning worn out American flags is the proper way to dispose of them.

    Although I’ve lived in and have been a United States citizen my entire life, our country always had bad aspects that I vehemently disagree with. So the American flag doesn’t represent me. I am a European at heart.


  9. Trump is no alpha male. He’s simply a narcissistic silver spooned brat who repeatedly claimed bankruptcy and never did a hard day of labor in his life. That guy couldnt make a pimple on the ass of most working class men I have known.

    Women with a moral compass dont want Trump, only whores who sell themselves for money are willing to spread their legs for that nasty orange corn husk haired mental midget. He could be the last male on earth and I wouldn’t let him even smell my pussy. I’d rather watch the species die than let his flesh touch mine.

    Like Trump, you are an entitled, vapid, narcissistic buffoon. You are angry with women because you feel like they are subhuman slaves who OWE you sex. Instead of realizing this HUGE issue and fixing your toxic personality, you stew in your shit and wonder why you can’t get a date while reeking of bile.

    Would any self respecting black person fuck a KKK grand wizard?

    Because YOU are the equivalent. You spew hatred of women everywhere and then wonder why none would ever fuck you. Well no shit sherlock: people dont invite psychotic hateful whiny freaks into their vaginas.

    Funny thing is: im not an american woman, im an old fashioned immigrant who was raised with traditional gender roles. If I can find you repulsively sexist, i can only imagine how horrifying you come off to feminist american women.

    There is NO fucking excuse for your level of hatred. Ive been sexually assaulted by men, beat up, all kinds of horror stories more than any woman ever did to you, and yet i have no where near the narcissitic rage you do despite having WAY more justification if i wanted to.

    You will die alone if you dont fix your insane level of entitlement.


  10. Charlotte:
    First off, who are you typing to? Me, or someone else on this thread???????? You have to clarify. Otherwise what you type has no impact, nor can anyone properly respond to it.

    I certainly DO NOT like Trump. But us Trump voters had no choice, as the alternative was crooked Hillary.

    And why were you repeatedly sexually assaulted, beat up, and had other bad things happen to you at the hands of men, instead of carrying a weapon after the first incident? Since I was mugged years ago, I never go anywhere without a good knife. The next time someone says: “Empty yo pockets!” I’m going to stick them.


  11. Dear Charlotte,
    I don’t hate women. I don’t hate. Nothing is to be gained from hate because if you hate, the
    hatred is in YOU, and you have to live with “you” 24 hours a day.
    The Bible says that only wicked people are put in power. It’s just a matter of the degree of wickedness.
    The Bible also says that “God chooses the people in power. He induces the citizen to vote for whom He
    wants, while they think they are making an informed choice.
    God is ALL POWERFUL. We call God’s actions on Earth “Superindendance.” God knows the very
    number of hairs on our heads. There was a play many years ago titled “Your Arms Are Too Short To
    Box With God.” It’s true. “Not as I will, but as thy will.”
    The best thing we can do is submit to God’s will. We do this by accepting God’s “peace offering” of
    Jesus Christ. Christ didn’t have to undergo a horrible death. He willingly offered Himself up on behalf
    of Mankind for no other reason then He loves us. Our acceptance of Christ as our personal savior
    is part of our rapproachment with God. Everyone will eventually do this, it’s just a matter of time.
    I complain about my “incel” state NOT because I hate women, but because of the pain associated with that
    state. Hating women because of incel would be like a starving person hating food because he can’t get it.
    God said that it is “not right that a man should be alone.” It’s true. It’s unnatural, even deadly to be alone.
    Loners don’t live long lives.
    I’m an Ennagram 4. A Romantic. My Astrological chart would tell you that I place love on a pedastle.
    “Bernadette” by the Four Tops is an ideal expression of love. People are miserable because love is
    out of reach.
    Don’t ridicule love starved people. Show compassion for them. They are not entitled to sex or “mercy fucks,” just don’t rub their faces in it.
    There are some hardcore few who can’t get sex. The best thing for SOME of them is to gently encourage
    them to suicide and to have provisions for easy suicide. This is presently being done in some
    Scandinvian countries like Sweden, Finland, and Norway. A person can go to their Dr. and get a drug
    perscription. They mix it with alchol and swallow the pills. Carbon Minoxide is also an old standby.
    You just go to sleep. It’s not for everybody, but at least the pain is over.


  12. Well Charlotte – If you were talking to ME…first of all I am not American. I am British. Secondly, I do not hate women. I just think you bitches are a waste of my time and energy. Thirdly, I hope Trump deports A THOUSAND illegals a day. I only wish we had a leader like that here in the UK.

    Oh and finally, I hope next dick you sit on gives you AIDS, and you die a slow and painful death.


  13. Charlotte, if you’re not an American woman may I know where you’re from? Do you live in America?

    In any case, your idea of old fashioned seems to be extremely skewed and you’ve internalized all the feminist bullshit of the degenerate West with your use of entitlement and such words when there is no justification for them – nobody here ever said they’re entitled to anything. So it’s just a liberal buzzword.

    “You spew hatred of women everywhere and then wonder why none would ever fuck you.”

    Oh really? So why did I get rejected on many dates when women had no idea of what I believe in? They could just sense it? They’re clairvoyant? Or, better yet, why did they reject me when I was a liberal feminist? You have no replies to this as it doesn’t fit your deranged worldview.

    And if you’ve been “sexually assaulted” that can in no way be compared to trauma of incel, like loneliness, fear, frustration, lack of basic needs like children, penile insensitivity and many others. In fact, you probably liked it, as women like men who do what they want with them.

    As for your comments about Trump, these are also crazy nonsense. Trump had three wives and slept with many beautiful women due to his money and power. Your claims that you wouldn’t fuck him because you dislike this politics are not something I believe in. I am sure you would fuck him. And even if you actually wouldn’t there were and still are hundreds of millions of women all over the world who would.


  14. Hi caamib,
    Long time no type. I hope you’re doing well.
    I re-read the post of “Charlotte.” “Her” stuff about Trump is so over the top. If “she” never posted here before it could be a SJW man who is a troll. And the link to “her” website doesn’t work. I bet we never hear from HIM again.

    It’s only good to find a woman if you can be the head of the relationship. Ever see Judge Judy from America? (she’s on YouTube). Imagine being married to her! That would make you feel good about being alone and celibate. Being single, alone, and celibate is far preferable to being around witches like that!


  15. Re Charlotte,

    Oh look at you, you really think you are the special fox, don’t you? Since women always say the opposite of what they mean, I will interpret your comment to mean you love Trump. You know that those panties and that smelly, crusty, STD infested pussy would drip all over itself over Trumps orange hair, and his wrinkled, saggy old ball sack. I have news for you Charlotte, Trump would not even give you the time of day. He and any other true alphas, would treat you just like how you treat the incel man. I can tell by the tone of your comment that you really think you are a special something, don’t you? You are fat and ugly actually. Sorry to break it to you.


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