Man superglues wifes vagina shut

I nearly fell off my chair when I read this:

Apparently, a man found out that his wife was riding the cock carousel and he decided to get back at her by superglueing her vaj vaj shut.  Now the cunt will never have sex again.  Doesn’t this move you to tears o!o.  The cunt may actually experience a part of what it is like to be an incel, she shall see how little she is going to like that experience as I am sure it is going to be much more painful than the superglue.  Now seriously, having its pussy welded shut may actually do it some good.  First of all, it will improve the smell down there.  Second, it may actually help kill all that yeast and STD’s she inherited from all those years riding the carousel.  I am sure that by now, that cunt has become a biohazard, a real threat to society.  The CDC should give him the award of the year for public safety on this one, IMHO.  It is amazing how those legs stay shut, even if you used a crobar, you could not open those legs when an incel is in the midst, however, once the carousel stops, then like magic, the cunts legs open right up, ready to take in more bad boy semen and STD’s.  Thankfully, from now on, its legs will stay shut permanently.

15 thoughts on “Man superglues wifes vagina shut

  1. rantsofanincel:
    You know what pisses me off more than women causing me to be incel? Other incels not giving a damn about their fellows who are in the same situation or worse. Just being incel doesn’t merit sympathy.

    I asked a man who had a blog to help a man who was unfairly sentenced to 101 years in prison. Besides the prisoner being a nice fellow, he is obviously incel since he’s locked away from women. Besides that he doesn’t even have his freedom. Imagine yourself in that situation.

    Yet the man with the blog blew me off. Instead, he chose to make a ridiculous worthless nonsense thread about a man gluing his wife’s pussy together. Now what can we do about that?


  2. I’m no expert in the female anamity, but does that mean she can’t urinate?
    Sex or no sex, I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.
    Seriously, I think if you examined her astrological chart, you would find that she has Neptune square
    her Sun.


  3. Super glue can easily be removed by a hospital or anti-adhesive. If sex is so important then why don’t you just pay for a session with an escort? This isn’t meant to be offensive, I’m serious, that may help. I work pretty closely with sex worker organizations and it does wonders for people needing affection.


  4. Bitterness-like any other negative emotion- should be dropped.
    Happiness or unhappiness shouldn’t because of what you have or don’t have unless you dwell on it.
    Just like everyone can’t live Donald Trump’s life, not everyone can live a players life.
    Unless you want to kill yourself, the answer is to live in the moment and see ALL negativity as
    counter productive because it is self harming. Focus on the positive. “Accentuate the positive,
    eliminate the negative.” Read spiritual literature. Study esoterics.


  5. Rebecca:
    Most men are incel/TFL because they lack finances. Yet you advocate escorts/sex workers, who take the maximum amount of money from men while giving them the minimum amount of time. Phony affection in exchange for a man’s livelihood and his dignity. REPENT or GO TO HELL.


  6. Dear K.C.:
    Go easy on her! Regardless of what you think of black women, the life of a black woman is
    no picnic. Except for the light skinned black woman, (They called them “Hi Yellers” in the olden
    days.) the black woman is the most unloved being on the planet. Even billionare Oprah Winfrey, is
    unmarried. Black women find it hard to get black men. Some are even going to Europe like white
    guys do!
    There’s so much misery in “the WORLD.” That’s why we must remove ourselves from the “World”
    by accepting Jesus Christ as our personal Saviour. That way, we won’t be tormented by “Worldly”
    (Carnal) urges. The Bible does say that the “carnal mind” is EMNITY against God.”
    The Apostle Paul DOES allow marriage, so the person doesn’t “burn with (sexual) passion.”
    I don’t know what the Bible says about sexbots, if we’ll ever get them. “Realistic silicon sex dolls would
    probably be characterized under masturbation, which God probably disapproves of because that deals
    with carnal urges.


  7. Good Morning Lon,

    I had no idea she was Black. I assumed she was White.

    Sex workers are predators. If you knew what I knew and experienced you would understand my harsh tone.

    Per your assessment of Black women: If I find it impossible to find a White woman on a dating site I’m willing to try Black women. I’ve already seen that many refer to themselves as queens and princesses and say they expect to be spoiled (by White or Black men). And wasn’t Oprah already married and dumped her husband because she wanted to be the boss and focus on her career?

    So if they’re so marginalized and desperate as you say, then they would be there to solve our incel problem!!!!!! If they aren’t, that would mean that you don’t know what you’re talking about. LOGIC SAYS IT’S EITHER ONE WAY OR THE OTHER.

    Per sexbots: If we apply logic, wouldn’t that be even more deviant than homosexuality, since they would not even be human? And then you’d be giving your affection to something that man created, not God. Is that not idolatry?


  8. Dear K.C.:
    You know more about this world of computers then me I’m sure.
    I recently discovered that someone was posting sumtty videos using my name.
    It’s probably someone I ticked off with my opinions. The majority of them were sent out
    on Feburary 13th of this year. I was surprised to uncover it by accident. I have no computer skills to
    post these videos. Whoever is doing it probably wants to make me look bad.
    If they should continue to do this there ARE ways to prove that it didn’t come from my computer.
    I don’t know if the actual computer they were sent from can be traced, but my computer can be
    elimated correct?
    I think the videos were posted (I can’t prove it) by Islamic radicals. They don’t like the things I say
    about them. Also, when I try to link with these video’s I see the words “404′ We can’t acess the video.”
    Also I’ve traced my name to Arabic writing posts. There’s nothing I can do to stop these beasts but
    through investigation I can be eliminated as the source of these videos.
    There are entire swaths of the computer that I just don’t understand how to use. I don’t even have a
    “Smart Phone.” I don’t keep much hidden. If these animals expect to “ruin” me there’s not much left
    to ruin. I’m going to Google “Pornography posted by Lon Spector” and see what I can find.


  9. Merry Christmas Lon,
    I wouldn’t concern myself at all. Here’s why:

    The most likely explanation is that it was porn uploaded by another man who is also named Lon Spector.

    Secondly, the 404 code means it is knocked off its server ( nobody can see the videos).

    Thirdly, you have so many posts on the Internet, it’s highly unlikely that anyone would associate you with just that one (which I myself cannot find).

    Fourthly, it’s highly unlikely that Islamic radicals are involved because Islam frowns upon pornography. Instead, 85% of the world’s porn comes from just one country: the United States.

    And it makes perfect sense that you can trace your name to numerous Arabic writing posts. Spiders (computers that crawl through the world wide web) try to search for key words to grab and spit out to the right people. Since you use the words Islam and Islamic so frequently, the spiders think that Arabic people would be especially interested in your posts.


  10. Ocassionally I conduct a twitter search of my name to see if I am spoken about.
    There was a woman in South Africa who refrenced a quote of mine a few years ago.
    I traced it down but the contents were erased. Incidently, I’m not on Twitter. I have no account.
    I found Sabrina lonspector. I Googled it and I found my name under descriptions of porn videos like:
    “Submitted by Lon Spector on Feb. 13, 2016, or Submitted by Lon Spector on Feb 23, 2016.
    The evil doer evidently sent a bunch of these things out on those two dates. The majority of them
    CANNOT be seen and have the number 404 on them. Those I can find have Russian writing on them.
    If I Google my name and look up EVERY LAST THING I’ve written since I began to post in 2013,
    I see that someone using my name posted quotes of mine on X-rated dating sites. I didn’t let it
    bother me much because I knew that, if necessasry, it could be demonstrated that my computer
    was not the source of these posts. Do you think these scum can do real harm other then being
    I know my days are numbered, but what could happen?


  11. Lon Spector,
    I looked that info up and only one link came up, which led to a blocked ‘Deceptive Site” page.

    Now HERE’S WHAT I THINK (I’m very sure): Sometimes wires get crossed so to speak, and references to your posts randomly got placed in close proximity to references to porn. In the one link it doesn’t say that you put it up. There’s a gap like this:…………………….then it says posted by Lon Spector. If you can’t actually find a screen shot of a porn video or a post by Lon Spector where it says I the poster have a link to this video, then that basically confirms my suspicions.

    Here’s something: I know which state and town you live in because you use your real name. You don’t now which state or town I live in because I use a screen name. And by knowing your real name I could also find your exact address, phone #, personal info, and the personal info of your family if a paid $25 to a service.

    Just never give out your home address, credit card info, passwords, social security #, and suchlike to people you don’t know over the Internet.

    The only other thing that could happen is hacking. But if you have nothing illegal to hide, do not work for a secret agency, and don’t have your own website, then that doesn’t matter. Just don’t click on any suspicious e-mail, so you don’t get a virus from it, causing your computer to crash, so you have to pay to get it fixed.


  12. I love it — better than vaginal circumcision! Got to stop those cunts from going astray somehow!


  13. Lon Spector, women don’t urinate from their vaginas, no wonder you’re an incel you don’t even bother to learn anything.


  14. Dear Elizabeth,
    If you’re listening: I would be an incel no matter what I “learned.”
    Some people are not even thought of as Human, but I don’t think that women are that great a judge
    of who is, otherwise they would have better track records.
    I subscribe to an old Gypsy saying when it comes to women: “We ask nothing; We take nothing.”


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