Women have always treated me like shit

That’s right, women have treated me like shit all my life, they never gave me a chance for anything.  The ONLY woman who has ever treated me even remotely like a human being is my mother, who keeps bothering me about the marriage/grand kids thing over the holidays.  I usually put up with it but not this year.  I opened up and told her all about american women, feminism, MGTOW, incel, and why I will never find a woman.  I told her that it is her fault I will never find a woman, since she was a Gloria Steinem loving feminst, back in the day.  My mother supported feminism, and it is the fault of feminism that I will never find a woman, therefore it is my mothers fault I will never find a woman.  It is her generation of feminism that sealed the fate for her son.  She said that I am a big disappointment.  My mother, above everyone, knows women have treated me like crap all my life and all she says it is because of my poor social skills.  I told her the reason why I cannot find a woman is that 90% of women are only interested in 10% of men.  She actually told me that it is the opposite and that 90% of men are only interested in 10% of women, hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.  I have tremendous respect for my mother, but this shows how stupid and solipsistic ALL women are.  If 90% of men were only interested in 10% of women, I would not have been able to do 15,000+ approaches and gotten rejected every single time as it would be statistically impossible.  I told her that you see it that way, because like all women, you only even acknowledge the existence of the top alpha 10-20% of men.  The rest do not even show up on your radar.  Of course, she said that this is pure nonsense, at which point it was useless arguing.  My mother is a very old woman, and I do not want to upset her too much.  Also, from what I am seeing now that the millennials have come of age, things are even worst, as millennial women are more bitchy and entitled then anything I would have thought could be possible back when I was doing PUA.  The Gen X  and Gen Y girls I was approaching over a decade ago were really bad, but millennials take it to a whole new level.  The fact that mystery and RSD still have customers really proves there truly is a sucker born every minute.  I certainly was one of those suckers, so cannot fault anyone there.  In fact, I hear business at RSD is better than ever, as there are so many young incel men who are grasping at straws to figure out how they can get a chance with her highness.  Cannot really blame them, as I remember what it was like to be young and perpetually blue balled, and this is not something that can be easily controlled as a young man.  These guys will certainly have a few nights of fun and comradeship doing PUA, but ultimately, the only thing they are going to get out of it are much lighter wallets and proof of the suspicions they have always had that something is severely wrong with women today, and perhaps maybe a harassment/sexual assualt allegation or two just like what happened with these guys:


On a different note, I am sure that women everywhere are going to be cheering that in the new year I have decided that I am going to go full ghost, meaning no further interactions with anyone, unless it is absolutely necessary.  No more going out to bars (I do this a lot), no more going out to eat (I do that a lot too), etc.  I have not owned a television in years, but I went ahead and picked one up over the holidays, since watching TV really is the cheapest form of entertainment ever invented.  My only goals in the new year are to keep hoarding cash, work on getting back in shape, and figuring out how to go completely off grid, meaning income generation without paying taxes, learning wilderness/land survival, and determining the feasibility/cost benefit of living in an RV vs renting a cheap room/apartment.  Bottom line is if you are a young guy just graduating from college, and still have never been with a woman, you will be forever incel and may as well throw in the towel and re-evaluate your life and career choices to find the easiest job that you can which pays the bare minimum you need to survive and fund your hobbies, as since you are not attractive to women and put fourth the hard work and expense to become a doctor or lawyer, all you are doing is throwing away the fruits of your labor to the guberment in the form of taxes.  If you make six figures and incel, you will not have any deductions for marriage, home, family, etc, so in essence, you are paying a bachelors tax.  I think I will do another post elaborating on this more, and how bachelor taxes already exist and ways to avoid paying them.

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  1. I’m just very curious about how you lasted up to this point. You made it past your twenties.
    You must have been a very brilliant student and wizzed through school.
    You’ve got a well paying job that you can hold. The face you present on that job, can’t be the
    same face that you present here otherwise you wouldn’t be able to hold down that job.
    You must be stronger then you know. How you tried the reccomendations of aping bad boy
    (indifferent) behavior that other monosphere blogs advocate? Did they only hate you all the more
    when you did that?
    The only reason I never struck out in violence was because I had a meek temperment. I don’t have
    the meaness of a killer. And I don’t believe in a reward in the afterlife for killing. Suicide is NOT the
    worst sin a person can commit. Ultimately that’s the only answer for ME. Gather up your courage
    NOT to kill others-because that would get you nowhere-but to kill yourself.
    “Hope may spring eternal,” but not to those of us with no hope.


  2. Know why men are incel? Feminism. Know why Feminism reigns? Men want it to reign. And it’s impossible to overcome the problem when 90% of incels only care about themselves. So to Hell with most incels,


  3. I know you don’t agree K.C. but I was just contemplating about Astrology even more.
    I’ve always admired this girl who has Venus in the 9th house (spirituality) of her Astrological chart.
    My Venus is in the 8th house (death).
    Venus is what attracts you. The girl in question was temparily engaged to “the son of a preacher man.”
    It makes sense because the 9th house is the house of religion.
    My Sun is in the 9th house (Spirituality). My Venus (What attracts me.) Is in the 8th house of death.
    This girl’s Sun is in the 8th house!
    The house your Sun is in, is the main theme of your life, what your “mission” is.
    The girl is a KILLER (And I don’t just mean in looks.) She really has KILLED. I don’t care. I like what I
    I don’t approve of what she did, but I understand why. I have no ability to help her regrettabily, because
    I’m worse off then you. People do not see me as human and will not give me a chance. That’s another
    reason why I feel sympathy for this poor (but pretty) girl.
    Incidently, you say you come from money? May I ask why you didn’t try to up grade yourself with
    exercise, grooming, and even plastic surgery? Have you attempted to do all the reccomended stuff
    to get girls?
    You need not wallow in bitterness if you’ve got $$$. I guess it all comes down to what you REALLY want.


  4. Good morning Lon,
    Don’t let your emotions get to you. Wash your hands of this woman before she chops your dick and balls off. The pity play (getting people to feel sorry for you) is the hallmark of every sociopath. And sociopaths are commonly known to be especially charming and to prefer to get their meat hooks into nice guys. Flush this woman away like a bad diarrhea!

    I was very good looking and exercised so much that I had bulging muscles and a 6 pack of abs. Women don’t care about that stuff. They care about whether or not men can press their emotional buttons. As far as grooming and wearing nice clothes, what did that do for Elliot Rodger?

    Doing the recommended stuff to get girls works if you don’t have a severe case of Asperger’s syndrome, some autism, a nerve disorder, gender nonconformity, and extreme views.

    Christians shouldn’t wallow in bitterness if they have money or not, or if they can find a woman or not. But money can’t buy happiness.


  5. I never meant to imply that I had a REAL relationship with the above mentioned girl.
    It’s just a fantasy like all my “relationships” with females are-and will always be.
    It would take a miracle for something like that to happen, and it would have to be proceeded by
    another set of miracles just to put in me in place for that to happen.
    The “norms” just can’t appreciate how lucky they are. I think you have to be normal to have a
    foundation to work from. I know I can only be me for better or worse, and in my case it’s worse.
    I think you are fortunate to have enough support to continue on for some number of years. I don’t
    think Christ will have returned when your time finally does come. God can cut us breaks, and
    forestall tragedies, but we’re all going to die. I just want the conditions of my death not to be to
    onerous. Like it or not, I’m going to be forced to tale some action to ensure that.


  6. Good evening Lon,
    You’re better off having nobody than living with a sociopath, a drug addict, or someone with paranoid schizophrenia. Don’t think you’re not.

    The “normal” are actually abnormal in God’s eyes. They are in for a nasty surprise.

    Yes, I’m fortunate enough to not be homeless, and instead be able to withdraw from our world of idiots. I live on the computer.

    Dying naturally is less painful and more dignified than suicide. Survivors of suicide attempts testify that they regretted it right after their plan went into action.


  7. All an Incel guy can do is this; (a) Accept the fact that it just is never gonna happen. Not in the ‘Normal’ manner. (b) Cease to give one single flying fuck about the opinions of others, and do what he has to in order to get his natural urges met. (c) Find himself a hobby or an interest to which he can devote his life to. With me it is photography. And finally, take NO SHIT IN ANY FORM from women and their mangina lap dogs.

    Happy new year gents!


  8. Poor little threatened virgin. Too scared to talk to women like real human beings with their own thoughts and dreams, afraid to realise that we are just as strong and successful as you. Preferring to live in stewing in hate and double standards, in a fantasy of violence and sub-human animal domination.

    You want to be worshipped despite having no social skills or self-improvement. You think we can’t tell that you’re not really interested in connection and companionship, that all you want is to feel power by sexually humiliating a woman. No wonder your mother is ashamed of you.

    People just don’t like you because of your entitled, abhorrent views. No-one owes you anything.

    By the way, have you ever wondered why it is that you think getting p*ssy is what makes you a man? It’s called toxic masculinity. You’re a victim of it, and feminism is the cure. Put aside this pile of gross bullshit you use to justify your self-loathing and isolation. Try to relate to people instead of putting yourself above them. Once you start building a healthy mental representation of women, try again… you might be surprised.


  9. lede:
    How would you know whether or not he’s a virgin, Sherlock?

    “Preferring to live in hate and double standards.” You mean he’s like modern women?

    “You want to be worshiped, despite no social skills.” Again, you’re saying he’s like women, who consider themselves princesses, queens, and goddesses.

    “Feminism is the cure.” No, Feminism is the cancer.

    “No-one owes you anything.” You’re probably right. But no-one owes you anything either, except to knock you off your high horse.


  10. Lede,

    “Poor little threatened virgin”

    With that comment, you have just proved that you/feminism is encouraging toxic masculinity. If feminism is the cause of toxic masculinity, than how can it be the cure You stupid cunts just do not quit with the BS, do you? also, where have I said that being a man has anything to do with pussy? Actually, these days, I think it is quite the opposite. It is your nagina who believes that being a man=getting pussy and naginas are the ones who are always sucking up to cunts such as yourself. A female calling somebody entitled, what a joke, being that you got everything handed to you all your life, just on virtue of having a hole between your legs. Do you have any concept of what it is like to be alone for more than a couple of weeks between boyfriends? did not think so. Men who live TFL/incel have to go a whole lifetime alone without any choice in the matter. BTW, the only thing feminism as a cure for is the white race, in the not too distant future, followed by the human race if feminism is left unchecked. White men were stupid enough to give women rights, the white race deserves its demise. I say good riddance.


  11. rantsofanincel:
    Now I clearly see how you deserve incel: “The White race deserves its demise. I say good riddance.”
    OH YEAH? AND WHAT RACE ARE YOU? GUESS WHICH RACE I AM. There is still lots of hope if White men stop being cowards, gather up their guts, and fight together.


  12. rantsofanincel:
    Then you are calling me a coward and are calling all the fine National-Socialist (or Nazi) and KKK gentlemen cowards.

    The truth is, our numbers are too small to fight the world. But if all you quitters join us instead of going belly up, then we can win.


  13. Aaaaaand right on que, the assumptions begin. No, I am not a virgin. Assumption one KA-BOOM! Too scared to women? That would be why I have had girlfriends. Assumption two KA-BOOM! No self improvement? Are you shitting me? Who is the fucker who went from having NO skills of ANY kind, to being a successful photographer and blog writer? Assumption three KA-BOOM!

    I could go on but I won’t. My trigger finger is kinda aching.

    Stupid bitch.


  14. And BTW guys….come on. Fighting amongst ourselves is EXACTLY what the cunt wants. Rants…about time you grew some balls son. I can eat a DOZEN bitches like this lede cow before breakfast any day of the week. These women are fucking brainwashed. They throw out phrases like ‘Toxic Masculinity’ like snuff at a wake. I bet she voted for Hilary Clllltoris-ton too. All triggered up and butthurt now because Clinton the corrupt and unstable never got elected.

    Well get used to it bitch. You fuckers have had your fun. Now it’s our fucking turn.


  15. Captain Obvious:
    I have to speak up and knock sense into men too (who are also responsible for the success of feminism btw). Otherwise we will lose.

    But still, the White man is beating the Negro!!!!!!!! To only focus on Black porn stars and rich basketball players and movie stars causes a distortion in thinking. For every one of them there are 10 Blacks who die young from gang violence or drug overdose, or who have a life sentence in prison. And we must consider all the mega-millions of African Blacks who have AIDS or are slaves. The others also live in squalor and die young.

    And with the difficulty of women trying to be men, I’m convinced that if we fight Feminism, we can Trump them!!!!


  16. My days of asking sympathy from mere mortals is long past. It would be foolish to ask for
    something that they have no ability to give. Better to ask a stone for “the milk of human kindness.”
    Nothing “in the world” can change until people making up the world changes. “Nothing is new
    under the Sun.”
    Things would be new under the SON, but He is yet to return. I won’t be alive when it happens
    but I know it will.


  17. Good afternoon Lon,
    Excellent post. Not only do I agree with every single word, but every single word applies to me too!

    I would add that expecting society to stop treating me like an inferior being would be like expecting someone to fart and it would smell like roses, lol. There’s a saying: You either laugh or you cry. and I prefer to laugh.

    BTW are you dismissed and persecuted by all of society like I am, or is it just the woman issue?

    You do have one BIG exception, who not only sympathizes with you but empathizes: Me. And reading a ost of yours in the morning helps brighten my day.


  18. Self-improvement for incels is bullshit because the skills you pick up don’t transfer over to becoming successful with women. Sexual experience is its own training, and nothing else is training for that.

    It’s like the “brain fitness” scam a few years ago. For example, the Lumosity company had to pay a fine for making claims about its brain training games that it couldn’t substantiate. You can play those games and tend to get better at them in what psychologists call the practice effect. But they don’t consider the practice effect a a cognitive enhancement in itself. Proficiency at these games doesn’t make you better at, say, solving physics problems.

    It’s the same thing with just about every sort of advice incels receive about “improving themselves,” even though these goals have nothing to do attracting women. If women just are not attracted to you as a general rule in your given state in the first place, nothing you can do will change that reality.

    By contrast, if a socially awkward guy stumbles across that critical first girlfriend who wants to put out for him in his given state, his social inadequacies will either start to get better on their own, or else they won’t matter as much, especially if other women can see that he has crossed the first-girlfriend threshold.


  19. Mark Plus:
    Ignoramus, it would be interesting if somebody killed you within the week. Then you would realize that spirituality is real and probably would stop mocking our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    I’ve dealt with slobs like you on a regular basis. It’s like a broken record. I’d call you an asshole but assholes are an important part of the body. Rather, you’re a cancer on society. Get off your high horse arrogant pinhead.


  20. KC…I have no belief in religion either. Rather I believe in different facets of reality. To be honest now, I don’t know whether I am conscious or awake.

    You see a few years ago, I shifted from my earth to this one. There are very subtle differences between this one and the earth that I was born on, and obviously, I am able to breathe and function.

    Please don’t think I am making fun of you or lying about this. No point me even trying to get back – I would not know even how to begin.

    But trust me. Reality, as we experience it, is nothing like we imagine. There are countless worlds besides our own. I am living proof of that.


  21. Captain Obvious:
    I have no problem with disbelief in religion or your unusual perception of things. But I have a problem with the last fellow who was shitting on my buddy, who needs the Lord Jesus Christ to give him hope in this life.
    With people like that, I’d be more than happy to rip his balls off and shove them down his throat, then cut his throat from ear to ear. Also, there is a way to trace exactly where these posts are coming from, and so determine the sender’s exact address. And upon the death of you people, all your wacky ideas will be shattered.

    I’m not afraid of you or anyone else making fun of me, since I have a genius level IQ. The only people who might be butt-hurt are you liberal crackpots. .


  22. Dear Mark Plus:
    I DO agree that the historical “religious” Jesus was touted as a person to be feared.
    It was a process of myth, disinformation and indoctrination like any other religion, like Islam
    for example. The “religious” Jesus is a counterfit. He is the mythical invention that “the world”
    There has been so much historical disinformation. The Bible says “Satan decievith the whole world.”
    Also that Satan is the “God” of this world.” (Time.) Remember when Jesus was tempted by Satan
    he offered Jesus all the Kingdoms of the world at their height of power. Christ was the only one that
    could reject that offer.
    I worship the true Christ. The Christ of the Bible. He is alive now. He is presently at the right hand of God.
    He doesn’t rely on terror NOW. “Perfect love casts out all fear.” When you accept Jesus Christ as your
    Lord and Savior you become Born Again. This is no religion. It is a breath of fresh air. The old things have
    As for your sex life, if you “burn with passion” (Lust.) It is better to marry. This will save you much
    torture. The “pump and dump” philosophy of the manosphere is anti-Christian. If you DO marry, it is
    much better to marry a fellow Christian so you have more in common.
    Whether it works out or not, you are getting your strength from God. Ask God for STRENGTH< NOT
    for a specific result. "All things come together for good for those who accept Christ." "Not as I will, as
    THY will.
    BTW K.C. I'd like your opinion. Which do you think is the better "incel" song? "Some Guys Have All The
    Luck," by Rod Stewart, Or "Is She Really Going Out With Him?" by Joe Jackson?
    I think "Some Guys Have All The Luck," is a percise description of the incel plight!


  23. Good afternoon Lon,
    This Mark Plus doesn’t sound like he has a legitimate question. I’m certain that he’s attacking your faith and blaspheming the Lord Jesus Christ.

    The songs I’m interested in are those that address the incel or similar plight ****by encouraging the person.*** Just describing the plight is a downer. So I have “Don’t Try Suicide” by Freddy Mercury and “I Wanna Live” sung by Joey Ramone of the Ramones. There are others, but I don’t remember right now.


  24. You should check out Joe Jackson. He was a bit before your time.
    They say he is very underrated. He is definately an “incel” singer.
    Two of his songs are: “Always Breaking Us In Two,” and “You’ve Must What To Get What You Want.”
    I LOVE artistry. If I had artistic talent I could “get” any girl I wanted.


  25. Good afternoon Lon,
    I checked out those songs and they are shit. Breaking us in Two is about a man’s ongoing difficulty with his relationship, NOT the inability to get a relationship. You Must Know What You Want to Get It is about those who don’t know what they want, when I CLEARLY DO. Did someone dip your cigarettes in PCP or something?

    Check out Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell by Iggy Pop. He sings about an arrogant young woman who is losing her looks over time and thereby gets her just desserts. Check out Why is It Always This Way? by the Ramones. It’s about a down and out woman who ended up dead.


  26. Well, it artistry. The motivation for artistry is LOVE and relationships.
    For most humans, the only relationship is with another human. 99% don’t have a living, vital
    relationship with Christ and the Father. Even if you don’t like the content, how about the
    melody and the tone? Listen to the song “Into The Night,” by Benny Maldonis. It’s pain and longing.
    This is the motivation of the tortured artist. People sing about the IDEAL what they WISH they could
    have, like “There’s A Place For Us,” from Westside Story, or “Here We Are,” by Lionel Riche.
    Love is the motivation for 99% of all creativeness. Listen to the song “Bernadette,” by The Four Tops.
    Even “normies” can’t have a relationship like that, so you can imagine how that makes incels feel.
    But I also have Moon trune Neptune in my Astrological chart. That’s why I’m highly sensative and
    prone to be swept off my feet by both pretty women AND music. I know I’ve broken the cardinal rule
    of the Manosphere but I’m perfectly at home with a song like “She’s So High Above Me,” by Tal
    I WOULD like your opinion on the song “Silent Running” by Mike and the Mechinics. I think that’s more
    up your alley.


  27. *response to the post*

    I hear ya mate, I’m in my late 20’s and I’ve been in a similar position for a fair while now.

    My narcissist mother is the same. she nags me about dating and having kids all the while giving me shitty advice on how to do it (like be a gentleman lmao!) not that she care’s if those things makes me happy or not, it’s only for her own selfish needs. it’s an impossibility anyway, so in a weird way I’m kind of glad that the west is too gynocentric from that perspective (but not for the other lonely guys of course.) all women seem to be the same, doesn’t matter who they are or how you know them, it’s like their physically incapable of telling the truth or accepting responsibility. and if their narcissist then you are nothing but a tool of convenience for them.

    Last year I made some drastic change’s and will be continuing them this year, like checking out of certain communities and deleting my social media accounts. I’ll be keeping a low profile as much as possible while these feminized societies/countries collapse to the ground. when women beg for protection against the islamic rapists that there demanding the government to let in, I’ll be nowhere to be found.

    I’ve known for a long while that the whole pick up artist thing was just a scam. nothing but desperate guys scamming other desperate guys. this con movement wouldn’t even exist if feminism hadn’t caused a divide among the genders. it’s why it makes me laugh when women whine that “pua’s take advantage of vulnerable women” no bitch it’s the opposite, they take advantage of vulnerable guys, there the one’s who need to be warned.

    lastly screw the virtue signallers who like to rub salt in the wounds to score easy victory points. they wouldn’t like it if they were in these positions.


  28. Lon Spector:
    Well, you could also say that a crucifix sunk into a vat of urine or a photograph of a man with a bullwhip shoved up his anus are also art.

    I see no love in the songs you mention and they run counter to my situation. Therefore they are hate. I do see love in Windy by the Association and Up Up and Away in my beautiful balloon (forget the artists).

    Silent Running by Mike & the Mechanics is typical 80’s over synthesized crap with no understandable message. I’d rather hear a recording of people blowing farts. At least then I could get a laugh.


  29. But if you COULD, with a wave of your hand, remove the curse of incel from your neck, you
    WOULD DO IT! You would be living the life of a “NORMIE.”
    Speaking for myself, I see no virtue in this agony. I see no heroism. This is a default position
    for me. I wish my life were 180 degrees opposite from what it is!
    I abhor hatred and vengence. I would love to live the life of a 1940’s American (handsome) male.
    The boundless oppertunities. A person could hop a fregiht train to Los Angels. If he was in the right
    place at the right time, he could be a star! Boundless oppertunities. Like Archie Bunker sung in the
    theme from “All In The Family:” “Guys like us, we had it made.” Then came the 1960’s and ruined
    everything. Moral erosion, that’s the problem. And race and sex “equality,” which was a thinly disguised plan to GENOCIDE the white, Christian male and destroy western civilization.
    We need to go “back to the future!” Could Trump do it? Perhaps. But we’d get another Obama type
    eventually. Remember, Satan is the “God” of this world. (Time.) Satan’s primary means of destruction
    is through deception. He does not OVERTLY appear fearsome or “ugly.” Satan works through
    benevolence. He pretends to build while his actual goal is destruction-your destruction. He sneaks in
    under the gise of “good.”
    There are more decieved people then awakend people. Sometimes, out of sheer desperation, good
    can dispell evil, but that’s far and few between.
    In any case, my attraction to “sappy,” idealistic songs and beautiful women comes from having Moon trune
    Neptune in my Astrological chart. That’s NOT going to change because that’s how I’m made.
    BTW, What’s your opinion of the song from the play “South Pacific,” “There Is Nothing Like A Dame?”
    We’ve got to get back to those days! Our very survival DEMANDS it!


  30. Good evening Lon,
    You know that all men would remove the curse if incel if they could do it.

    However, there is a benefit not to be normal. If I didn’t have my disabilities I might be so arrogant that I would have nothing to do with God or would consider myself a god. Since narrow is the way to life and wide is the way to destruction (Matt.7:13-14), the average man is going to Hell. So you can’t just be the average normal man. And everything else combined is dung compared to winning Christ (Philip.3:8).

    And the 1940s would be bad if you were drafted into WWII and died in the army. And extremely few men became stars. Most men worked long hard hours.

    I’m not even going to bother listening to your next recommended song because I know what you’re up to and can tell from its title. We must start by eliminating everything that exalts women. They must be knocked down off their high horses and into the dirt in order to restore sanity.


  31. I admire your persistence up till now till you decided to resign, indeed I am quite the lurker of you and CoAlphaAntiModernistIncelBlogger, least you manage to last this long, to me it was not given unfortunately for by the time I was 20 (am 26) I was sure I would be incel for life and it is hell though as you both say, no one cares about us nor will they, sadly while my brother and stepbrother were pulling girls at that age I tried and got nothing, I followed the book to the letter and spirit, it got me nothing.

    Therefore I can objectively conclude that being the “nice” guy is a vain thing, gets you lots of platitudes but no women unfortunately.

    This next bit I speak in dead sobriety: if you have looked around the porn part of the web you will find that of since the 90’s there has been an explosion of incest porn which correlates exactly to the timeline of the similar explosion of incels, (Most likely some women would come on here and deny that there is any correlation yet why has there been more produced since the late 90’s, the period in which Caamib mentioned incels getting together over the internet and forming newsgroups (later chans)).

    I do sympathize with Caamib, I too reached the point of desperation and but I did not have it in myself to ask my Mom for sex so I endured quietly, though all things considered I doubt I will live to see 30 but I do not mind.

    “lastly screw the virtue signallers who like to rub salt in the wounds to score easy victory points. they wouldn’t like it if they were in these positions.”

    Indeed, woe unto them for their constant downplaying of the situation of incels but unfortunately in this age where the doctrine of free will is universally proclaimed they have the gall to imply (from what I have read of the females from here and CoAlpha) that we willed and chose this situation disregarding the circumstances surrounding or that lead to it and that disregard of the circumstances is the reason why say what they say, predicated on the idea that since we chose it we can easily choose the reverse yet from all that I have read Incels did not choose to be Incels nor did they desire it (I certainly did not want to be an Incel, nor did I choose it, neither did I desire it) therefore to say we chose it and can resolve it by “bettering ourselves” and choosing contrary are nothing more than grasshoppers with a great deal of hubris boasting in vain things because their lot was better than ours.

    I admire your plan to get off the grid, and I hope it succeeds and who knows when the collapse comes you can repay them to their face by preserving yourself while they have to whore themselves out for a piece of bread (as it is in Greece at the moment).

    Godspeed Sir


  32. We must realize that bitterness nets us nothing.
    Our reactions are within us, and we must live with the results of our reactions.
    We’re probably not missing much.
    Historically, only 40% of men passed down their genes, while 80% of women did.
    There is an “unnatural” glut of Beta and even Omega males. It is only now that the human lifespan
    has lasted as long.
    The Apostle Paul said, “The WHOLE WORLD groanith and prevailith in pain waiting for the redemption of
    their bodies-even Christians.” To be in the flesh is to be subject to misfortune, misery, and pain.
    What we get in the next world will be beyond comparison to this world.


  33. Lon, are you willing to count yourself in this “unnatural” glut of Beta and even Omega males”, if so then we are in agreement if you do not then you are being hypocritical, as for women, the Bible clearly deliniates what happens at the end of any civilization, how women act and what they wear:

    Isa 3:16 Moreover the LORD saith, Because the daughters of Zion are haughty, and walk with stretched forth necks and wanton eyes, walking and mincing as they go, and making a tinkling with their feet:
    Isa 3:17 Therefore the Lord will smite with a scab the crown of the head of the daughters of Zion, and the LORD will discover their secret parts.
    Isa 3:18 In that day the Lord will take away the bravery of their tinkling ornaments about their feet, and their cauls, and their round tires like the moon,
    Isa 3:19 The chains, and the bracelets, and the mufflers,
    Isa 3:20 The bonnets, and the ornaments of the legs, and the headbands, and the tablets, and the earrings,
    Isa 3:21 The rings, and nose jewels,
    Isa 3:22 The changeable suits of apparel, and the mantles, and the wimples, and the crisping pins,
    Isa 3:23 The glasses, and the fine linen, and the hoods, and the vails.
    Isa 3:24 And it shall come to pass, that instead of sweet smell there shall be stink; and instead of a girdle a rent; and instead of well set hair baldness; and instead of a stomacher a girding of sackcloth; and burning instead of beauty.
    Isa 3:25 Thy men shall fall by the sword, and thy mighty in the war.
    Isa 3:26 And her gates shall lament and mourn; and she being desolate shall sit upon the ground.

    Zion, America, does it really matter, what matters is the American women is proud and haughty and this is what God shall do them, why do not preach that to Incels, to know that God will avenge himself as he said 3 times:

    Jer 5:9 Shall I not visit for these things? saith the LORD: and shall not my soul be avenged on such a nation as this?
    Jer 5:29 Shall I not visit for these things? saith the LORD: shall not my soul be avenged on such a nation as this?
    Jer 9:9 Shall I not visit them for these things? saith the LORD: shall not my soul be avenged on such a nation as this?

    I have found the greatest hope (for me as an incel) is to know that God will through men punish these wanton and whorish women who delight in rendering a large majority of the male population burning without end which as the Paul says: 1Co 7:9 But if they cannot contain, let them marry: for it is better to marry than to burn.
    Yet they (the women) will not marry (and when they do they deny their conjugal duty) and take a twisted pleasure in watching men burn.

    He said that he would use a man from the east to execute his judgement: Isa 46:10 Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:
    Isa 46:11 Calling a ravenous bird from the east, the man that executeth my counsel from a far country: yea, I have spoken it, I will also bring it to pass; I have purposed it, I will also do it.

    I want to die, life is empty and hollow to me but the fact must be declared that though these women lord over us, it shall be but a little while then as high and lofty as women have reached equally great shall be their fall.


  34. Johann Bachmeer,
    Omega man here: Very encouraging post!!! Excellent!!!!!!!

    The old King James, eh? I quote the KJV throughout my book on my website http://www.wowedbytruth.com It is certainly the best translation.

    God ***is already*** using men from the East to punish women. Middle Eastern Islamic men have encroached on Europe, and there is an epidemic of rapes and other mayhem. They are also hitting the liberals who caused incel, and who reside in the big cities of our United States, with sporadic attacks.

    Live as long as you can, brother! I want to live to be over 100. The best years are ahead of you. After you reach a certain age you lose that bothersome sex drive, and so women no longer have power over you there. And the older you are, the more knowledge and wisdom you’ll have accumulated, and will be able to share it with younger men who are in the situation that you are in now.

    Have a nice day/evening.


  35. “Where your treasure is, your heart will be.” You could say that attitude is pretty much everything.
    One of the reasons that God destroyed the world in the Flood was because of humanity’s carnal
    attitude. “I WANT.” “I’M ENTITLED.” God wanted to destroy the world and start a fresh.
    The world was also populated by mutatant monsters. They were offspring between ordinary human
    females and beings called “Sons Of God.” These S.O.G. were NOT angels. The composition of angels
    is not material enough to breed with women. The “Sons of God” were much more human-like and COULD
    produce offspring with women. The products of these unions were much taller then ordinary humans and more robust.
    The old “Star Trek” episode “Who Mourns For Adonis,” is likely based on these beings.
    The S.O.G. had a rebellion in Heaven and were joined by some angels. The angels also humped with
    human women but nothing came from THAT. Some theorize that S.O.G. involvement with women
    continues even to this day under the guise of alien abduction. As if regular guys didn’t have enough
    I wish we COULD live in a more just world, but that is just not to be. Our only solution is to yield
    ourselves over to God and say “Thy will be done.” While we’ll never have problem free lives
    we will not be subjected to more then we can bear.


  36. I will not be taxed for something that’s beyond my control.

    Just cause women do not find me sexually appealing shouldn’t mean I should have to pay a tax that would probably end up ironically in the coffers of handouts for single mothers who rejected me in the first place.


  37. I think most sane men have no problem with the concept of paying taxes…IF said taxes are wisely spent. Indeed, we are FOREVER told by our politicians that we should all live within our means and that we are ‘All in it together’

    What a load of crap that is. Point one; give a politician ten bucks, and he’ll mange to spend thirty at the very least. Point two, politicians listen to those who make the most noise, as this translates into votes; and who they hell is ANY noisier than the femnazi lobby?

    Way I see it – women don’t want me…they don’t need my money either.


  38. Well I have been told that I have to stay on Spironolactone.

    It’s out of my hands now. I have been told it is one of the three drugs that is keeping me alive.

    So fate has had the last laugh.

    The only thing that I can do, is to develop a healthy contempt for women. Now that I REALLY and truly have no use for them.

    I am in a bit of a mess at the moment, because castration is no longer a choice for me. The cumulative effect of being on this drug, and the fact that I cannot now come off it, means that even THAT choice has been taken away from me.

    So I now have to begin asking myself; is it time to begin preparations to end my life


  39. Mikey: Have you read the book “The Final Exit,” by Derick Humpreys? He tells some good ways
    to end it. The most effective way is barbituates mixed with Alchol.
    You just go to sleep. Carbon Monoxide is good too. He even shows how to use ballons.
    Suicide IS painless. That was a famous song.


  40. I’m just frustrated that even THIS level of control has now being taken away from me. I realise that I am probably making no sense, but finding out that you have been chemically castrated, and you cannot even reverse it now, is rather upsetting.

    Another thing that I am worried about is loss of bone density. NOBODY told me about these side effects when I was prescribed this Lon. Being chemically castrated is one thing. Having the risk of fractures quadrupled, is just taking the fucking piss.


  41. Both my parents underwent drawn out painful deaths in discomfort and agony.
    Fractures of the spine are agonizing. It’s no way to live. Dogs die a more merciful death.
    I’m sure glad I’m not going to live to an advanced age. (I suspect 64 if I’m “lucky.”)
    We human beings are not animals. We can choose our own time. No one has to go out on their


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