RIP kiwifarms(naginafarms)

Well, looks like the kiwifarms(naginafarms) website has been taken down.  For those who do not know, kiwifarms(naginafarms) was a web site dedicated to mocking eccentric people online, and they had a whole section dedicated to mocking the incel man.  They had a section on my blog there, and the section on kent, an incel youtube content producer (, with over 500 pages worth of ridicule by these women and naginas.  One commenter in particular, who went by the handle bassomastic actually spent the time transcribing each and every one of kents videos(there are hundreds), as well as the videos by yet another incel, bigbosscalvin83(  There are hundreds of his videos here too.  I could never tell whether bassomastic was a female or a nagina(naginas are females with male parts), which would explain why I cannot tell comments by naginas or females apart.  If this person was a nagina, spending that much time transcribing the videos of incels vs just leaving them alone, tells me that this character is just as incel as the men he was mocking.  Most naginas are actually incels, but they are too scared and poon thirsty to just admit it and give up.  Naginas are scavangers, begging each and every woman that comes their way for pussy.  At this point, many naginas do find a wife, who they become desperately dominated/pussy whipped by, until the cunt exercises its hypergamy and monkey branches to a better guy.  Naginas have little/no other options, and they know it, so they have to resort to pussybeggary because it is the only way they know to keep their woman around.  The more desperate a nagina is, the more pussywhipped he becomes.  Eventually,  said nagina then gets divorced raped by the family courts and fleeced by the system.  The way things are going, women and their hypergamy in a gynocentric system is becoming so nuts that it wont be long before your average nagina will never be able to find a woman, no matter how much he pussy begs.  I cannot wait for that day to happen, and it is going to be very soon.   I used to have sympathy for men who get raped by the system, now I laugh at the majority of these naginas for not knowing better, and for enabling the system to do this.  Naginas are the ones who are supporting the system who hates them, so boo fucking hoo, they deserve everything they have coming to them.  All that has to happen for women to loose power, and gynocentrism to disappear, is for naginas to become men.

9 thoughts on “RIP kiwifarms(naginafarms)

  1. Rants, I was wondering whether you chacterize yourself as an MGTOW ghost?
    They just want to get through their day with as little interaction with BOTH females and males.
    The want to live off the grid as you said you did.
    Did your attitude SLOWLY form? I find it hard to believe that you could have gotten to your
    employable condition if you ALWAYS had this mind set.
    Are you going to retreat into the woods like the real life character of the bio “Into The Wilderness.” (1992)?


  2. Yeah. It’s REAL FUNNY mocking Incel/TFL men ain’t it?

    UNTIL one of us gets tooled up and starts enforcing some fucking JUSTICE.

    THEN society acts all fucking horrified. I used to condemn such acts but no more.

    As far as I can see, society is getting just what it fucking deserves.


  3. People publicly mocking my situation would matter very little, since I’m in the exact same situation if they mock or don’t mock. I want justice enforced against those **who put me in the situation.**

    People mocking me on the Internet is to my advantage, since it generates free publicity for my website and my YouTube channel: K C Sunbeam.

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  4. “They” will never understand and will ALWAYS recoil in horror at the violent actions of a
    beserk incel. The way they see it, YOU are the one with the problems.
    I’ve changed my views somewhat. Now I see that not everyone is meant to have sex.
    Why, there have been spirit beings who have mated with women before incels. They are called
    “Fellows” and “Sons Of God.” They are not THE Son of God.” That honor belongs only to Jesus.
    But these beings are in the same compositional class as Christ. They looked down on beautiful women
    and wanted them. God allowed it to happen up to a point. And even angels have done “it” with women.
    I am not a spritual being. I’m just a shlubby omega. Nope. Some guys, beings, and even demons have
    ALL the luck. Why doesn’t God just take me out?


  5. Good afternoon Lon,
    I believe that everyone with functioning sex organs is meant to have sex. However, God allows some to do without because He values free will (including the free will to reject others) far more. Of course eternal spirituality is far more important than our short physical life on Earth.

    And God doesn’t take you out because He only dates women. LOL


  6. It IS true that God is NOT as “sex phobic” as we’ve been taught.
    God resembles a man. Man was made in the image of God. That’s why a Temple was built to house God.
    The real locality is not where it is presently believed. So much ignorance abounds.
    It’s from “traditions.” People are feed disinformation and take it as reality. It couldn’t be further from
    Symbolicly, God has engaged in marriages with nations. God “divorced” Israel because “she” was
    unfaithful to Him. A humanoid God understands human passions. The Bible says, “Christ was tried in
    tested in all things like us, yet without sin.” The answer to that is simple. God can’t sin. He MAKES the
    rules but He can’t break them. As the Apostle Paul said, “Will the thing that is made say to it’s maker,
    “Why have you made me this way? God forbid!”


  7. Keep an eye out on Youtube. I am gonna be making videos, where I will be pulling no punches. Things could get interesting.

    For way too long, guys like us have been the butt of society’s jokes. Well, society has had its fun. And now it’s time to pay the check.


  8. Hi captain,

    I am thinking of doing a youtube channel myself, but lack the time. Let us know what it is when you create it.


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