Don’t worry, you will find somebody

Have any of you incels ever heard this before?  This line should be the incel’s motto.  The first time I have heard this was from my parents at about age 12, when I went to an elementary school dance.  Every girl I asked to dance with said no, and yes, I asked lots of girls.  One of these cunts told me “fuck off nerd”.  When I got home, I just cried and my parents told me “don’t worry, you will find someone”.  Age 12 was the first indication that my life was destined to be incel.  The next time I heard this was about age 16 from a bitch cunt female guidance councilor in high school, who actually asked me if I was going to the junior school dance.  I said no, girls do not talk to me.  The cunt told me awww, at your age, girls are only interested in the popular guys and jocks, but don’t worry, focus on your school work and grades, and you will find someone someday.  I have heard this saying countless times throughout my life, and guess what, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 years later, I still have not found anybody, and before I began ghosting, even recently, I still heard “Don’t worry, you will find somebody”.  Today if anybody asks me about my relationships, I just tell them to fuck off.  This is how they keep the incel man in line and participating in society, by making promises to him that cannot be kept.  I was recently asked by a female in another blog I comment frequently on, if I was open to relationships and how I would behave in a relationship.  This proves that there is no way these stupid fucking cunts can even comprehend what it is like to be incel, as for them, the cock carousel is just a step out the door away.  I told her that even if I was open to having a relationship, girls do not give me the time of day, so it would not happen, but at this point in my life I am not open to a relationship.  If a woman was interested in me, my first reaction (since women have never been interested in me) would be whats the catch?  Women have lied to me, they have stolen my youth from me, they left me to the wolves on more occasions then I can count, and after all this I would be open to a relationship.  No, I think not.  As I get older, I do eventually expect some interest from women(probably will not happen but I could care less), starting in the next decade or so, when they are too old to ride the carousel, and their husbands start dying off, but nope.  You denied me my youth, you pushed me out of society all my life, and now, that you are too old/ugly to attract your badboy, or ride the carousel, you show interest, go fuck yourself.

40 thoughts on “Don’t worry, you will find somebody

  1. Amen, it is amazing how often they repeat that line ad-naseum expecting you to keep in society and contributing, I am not sure if you have siblings but, “girls are only interested in the popular guys and jocks, but don’t worry, focus on your school work and grades, and you will find someone someday.” this line here sums up my brother who was popular and did get the girls, while I was the “creep” and the “odd one”, I tried doing the whole Red Pill and even went so far as to change everything about myself, was all in vain and learning that women only show interest in incels when they are on the down end of their youth and fertility (30’s), pretty much as a meal ticket.

    “You denied me my youth, you pushed me out of society all my life, and now, that you are too old/ugly to attract your badboy, or ride the carousel, you show interest, go fuck yourself.”
    Sums it up, they had their chance and now they live with it and those who never got it, let society burn and take from it what you can with impunity, without remorse as this society cannot be saved or does it want to be saved.


  2. You should be glad that women in their 30’s are showing you interest. Women in their 40’s who are even a tad bit attractive don’t even show me any interest.


  3. Life doesn’t happen “someday.” It happens now.

    I used to think this sort of advice” was at least well-intentioned. You assume that your elders know more about life than you, and they’re just telling you how things work.

    Now I can see that it’s not well-meaning at all.


  4. But the poor darlings were brainwashed. To be socially accepted means EVERYTHING to a girl.
    To do the trendy thing. The chic thing.
    Presently, it is to go with a bad boy, or black men. Dweeby white guys and other betas need not
    apply. That’s why post age 30 they keep their “pasts” confidential.
    You simply have to suck it up. The dirt nap gets very boring after the first 35,000 years.


  5. yep. the same as dangling a carrot in front of a donkeys face, to get him to move the kart.

    if a woman allegedly shows interest in a bottom 90% guy, then she wants one thing and one thing only (providing its not material related.) and that is a free ego boost at some one else’s expense. the moment she gets it she’s gone with the wind. had a few women who pretended to like me that way this past year and a half. one of my highlights of 2016 was finally telling them (non verbally) to screw off, and get your ego boost from some other trained puppy.

    they say women are getting more depressed now, cause they have to work, and attractive men don’t want to settle down with them anymore. I say good, let them live with the consequences they made for themselves.


  6. That is right Liam, when I was a PUA, I cannot even tell you about the countless women who smiled at me and as soon as I went over to talk to them, they would immediately loose interest once they got the validation of a guy approaching them. I once even had this one cunt tell the bartender that she would buy my next drink. I went over to thank her and she actually said “your welcome, now go bye bye”. Now when the cunt smiles at me, I just scowl. For the cunt, validation is way more important then sex.


  7. rantsofanincel:

    I’m glad I came across you, since it makes me happy to know that some social outcasts (like you) deserve their plight. If you commit suicide, the world will be a better place. BE SORRY THAT YOU WERE EVER BORN. Dumb shit smart ass punk.


  8. KC do you really think I care about what a redneck hillbilly cracker such as yourself thinks. Good riddance, BTW make sure you clean the cow shit off your feet and dont let the door on your trailer home slam you in the ass again.


  9. I think your mistake was that you have always tried to get the popular girls. Maybe you should have tried to focus on the nerdy girls (and yes, there are nerdy girls).


  10. Hi Aura,

    I have tried every kind of girls. Nerdy girls are few and far between, but the ones I did approach rejected me too.


  11. Rants? K.C.? Why the falling out? What happened between you two? Have you been
    texting each other unbeknownst to us? Both of you make excellent contrubitions so the rift
    should be healed.
    I was a person that became an isolationalist at age 12. Not even general socializing though I
    did attend school.
    Up to my Junior year in High School, girls behaved in a very vicious manner to me.
    But in my Senior year something changed. If i didn’t know any better I would have thought they were
    actually coming on to me!
    I couldn’t understand it. I wasn’t doing anything different. I was the same social outcast/creep I’d always
    been. My reputation proceeded me. But these REALLY LOOKER girls starting giving me hints and
    signs. No more advoidence or hostiliy. I couldn’t understand what the change was.
    I had the habit of arriving very early for one of my classes. I would sit in the last row. Suddenly this
    really fantastic girl who resembled a movie star started showing up and she would plop herself down
    in the front seat of that row. She really had no reason to arrive so early. She didn’t study or do
    homework. She just sat there.
    I didn’t say anything to her. I have an impediment in such areas. One time she was making frustrated
    expressions as if to say: “What does it take get to this guy.” Another boy noticed what the girl was doing
    and he started arriving early and sat next to the girl, and made funny expressions directed at me.
    The girl eventually dropped the class, but this was just one example of odd behavior directed at me
    during my Senior year.
    Could it be that these girls knew that they were soon to graduate and took a more serious tack towards
    life? Could their boyfriends have put them up to it, to take bets or set a trap? I couldn’t figure it out.
    Could even the school administrators (who knew my problems) tried to help me? Teachers did not
    sleep with students in those days, and nobody brought guns to school.
    I think there are two types of women: Women who dress over sexy but don’t have sinester intentions,
    and women who dress sexy to get a raise out of men. By far the worst woman I encountered of the
    second type of a worker at the Department of Labor. She was a tall, sturdy, and shapely. She didn’t
    wear underware. Her style of dress drew attention to her genital area. She deliberately flashed me on
    one ocassion (Long before the film “Basic Instinct”.) The next day she was riding an esclator above me
    and kept sending out frightented glances as if to say: “He’s after me!” I noticed at one time that a man
    she helped to find a job showed up and told her how well he was doing. That was unusual because job
    seekers rarely returned to report on their situation to county workers. No doubt she had worked her magic
    on him.


  12. Extremely late reply, forgive me Herr Rants,

    I am in your situation, I was the one who was called the creep and the odd one while he (my younger brother) got all the female attention, even now, thus I was agreeing and I still stand by what I say, it is in theory possible to pay enough taxes while technically being a net negative to the system which is what I was approving of (I mean according to the letter you are doing the bare minimum of what is required after the flesh and even if after the spirit and intent is to kill the society).

    I tried to be a PUA, could not do it, I tried changing myself all got the same end (even tried learning Game), nothing, in my younger years I truly did with all my heart wanted to be a husband, father and all that, but from seeing my parents divorced while my asshole of a younger brother and step brother got all the girls while I got vain platitudes time and again, burns you out (on top of the burning that occours from 15-40, testostrone, it is truly a fire that burns within the veins).

    I got no female attention and like you I was not selective, as for the spat between you and K.C. while I am no party nor do I have a lot or part in it I will simply take a guess on his theological veiws:
    1. Believes in free will
    2. Believes Christ died for all
    3. Believes man can obtain eternal life by an act started within the will, flesh and power of man (or as the Jesuits of the 18 century put it “acepting” Jesus)

    Free will, the theological doctrine that has done so much mischeif and damage in the earth, truly there is nothing more perverse and wicked than that, but if you were to check the “Christian” Game/Manosphere/Red Pill they believe that if you work and will enough an Incel can become an Alpha by the power of your will mixed with grace (since God gave man “free” will /sarcasm).

    I have willed for my heart to stop and to die in my sleep, yet I am still here contrary to all my willing for the aforementioned so either my “will” is deficient or free will is the greatest joke/lie the Devil has pulled on mankind since the Fall, the joke is not him fooling people that he does not exist but that they can save themselves by their will plus a dab of grace to kickstart you.

    Hopefully you can find some peace somewhere and I am glad I found you and Caamib, always nice to know you are not alone in your suffering and you both have my utmost respect based on the content I have seen and your respective ways of resolving the situation (Caamib for what he tried to do and you lasting it out this long, I unfortunately neither have the will or desire to even consider being a virgin at that age and would sooner kill myself via the rope or bullet if I could, but cannot due to being in Canada and well it is hard to find a good pretense to get a foot of rope and gun laws are insane here thus I am attempting to do so via natural causes).

    26, a virgin, no luck with women, never had any to begin with and though I tried to change myself throgh “free” will many times yet it always failed.

    Jer 13:23 Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil.


  13. Point is, did not get any female attention then or now, and whatsoever interest I put forth was never reciprocated or merely used to further self aggrandize themselves therefore I am tired of trying when the only thing I know and have known is rejection, be it hard or soft, I do not expect the world to be equal or fair but I do not have it in me to tarry it out alone but if all goes well I should be dead by heart failure hopefully by the end of this year.

    I had learned that incels are regarded as meal tickets by women in their 30’s unfortunately none have shown interest, neither before or presently, still would not want to be a meal ticket anyhow.

    Now, I am not asking nor looking for sympathy this is simply my way of resolving my situation which I have tried to change but has it all come to naught therefore.

    Anyhow, that annendum aside I hope all the best for you, and I heartily reccomend you study the Seige of Jerusalem and the fall of civilizations generally, because there is no sweeter vengence against females then looking at the past, comparing it to the present and seeing events play out in similiarity, by scourning the decent men not only will the decent men walk away but they will not help when they are called nor should they.

    “Chivalry and equality are mutually incompatible and diametrically opposed, they cannot co-exist in any civilization at any time, either one or the other must have the pre-emenince, women have chosen equality therefore they are not entitled to chivalry nor should they expect it until they cannot vote or have any influence in the public sphere.” (A reply I gave to a stupid woman who thought that men should show chivalry to women while treating them as “equals”, such is the stupidity of Mothers).

    Godspeed Sir


  14. Hi Johann, I suggest you start hiring prostitutes. There was a time in my 30’s, where I was hiring a hooker every week. This will help you tremendously. Now that I am in my 40’s, I do not need them as much as my sex drive is no where near what it used to be, so let that be some light at the end of the tunnel for you. As for women in their 30’s, they are no different than women in their 20’s. Women in their 40’s are no different than women in their 20’s, as they have as many sexual options. It is not until women get into their 50’s where their sexual value begins to deteriorate exponentially. I know I will never be with a woman, nor do I really care at this point. I am writing this blog for revenge and to inspire/help other incels, as well as to spread the word about incel and a man who has tried everything under the sun, and failed to get with a woman. I aim to inspire incel men to rise up against women, and to put the cunt in its place, when necessary, no matter what the consequence. You will be fine my man, just save your money and find activities to occupy your time, use every opportunity to disrespect and one up women, and have sex with prostitutes.


  15. Ok, another idea I thought about: Have you tried being a “sugar daddy”? There are young girls looking for one, and who knows, maybe it will evolve into a true relationship.


  16. I think that Incel guys deserve the truth. Unpleasant though it may be, the sooner a guy wakes the fuck up and realises that women are things that can be bought, the better off he will be.

    I am 51 now, and illness and the medication that I have to take for the condition, has effective killed my sexual urges, and all I can say is good fucking riddance to ’em.

    For companionship I have two cats. Women can go to hell.


  17. Dear Johann,
    The only hope that a person (male OR female) has is to remove themself from this WORLD.
    Not necssisarly in the way that RANTS is suggesting by becoming an MGTOW “ghost,” but
    by becoming “Born Again.” This is NOT a “religion.” A religion can save no one. They P-R-A-Y
    on Sunday, but P-R-E-Y on Monday.
    The purpose of religion is to APPEAR holy, but it is an APPREARENCE only. It is not genuine
    Christ said there were THREE kinds of Eunichs:
    1) People who were born that way because of birth defects. (It was God’s will. In the olden days
    nothing could be done to help them.)
    2) People who were MADE Eunichs by other men as a form of punishment or utality.
    3) People who make THEMSELVES Eunichs for the sake of the Kingdom Of Heaven, so they could
    practice their spritual pursuits undeterred by lust and carnal thoughts.
    I was part of the first cataglory but had my defects corrected at the age of 9. But I tend to believe that
    God really didn’t want me to undergo this “correction.” I durived no benefits from it, except feelings of
    misery and torment in my adolesence. If I had stayed the Eunich that God had intended I might be
    more well adjusted, but I had no say in the matter.
    I do know that I will NOT engage in hatred or violence. That gets you nowhere.
    You see, there really is a life after this one, and people are going to be judged for what they do in this
    one. The “trick” is to get your strength from God. To humbily and mercifully ask Him for strength.
    The way you do this is by accepting Christ as your personal Saviour. Why? Because Christ died for
    your sins. Christ is God’s peace offering to man to reconcil the world to Him.
    If you really believe in Christ, He will take the hard edge off your pain, NOT by giving you stuff
    but by giving you STRENGTH and THAT is the REAL MIRACLE!
    Google the song “I Haven’t Got Time For The Pain by Caryle Simon.


  18. What baffles me about this site is that the host seems to know the solution. He’s aware that women want to attract “badboy”, So why doesn’t he just become one?


  19. D, that is easily explained, some men just do not have it in them to be an asshole/bad-boy or dick, believe me I have tried long and hard to change myself while it came naturally to my younger brother.

    As for Aura, what a disgusting presumption, a sugar daddy is nothing more than a man with money and few men are “sugar daddies”, but your statement implies that a relationship founded on a love of money (she gets his money while he gets her youth, valid transaction but still whoredom by any other name shall stink as foul) on her end will somehow end up in “something more”, next you will tell me that it is possible to deliberately premeditate a murder in cold blood and the result would be a good end.

    Also, I too fit into the first catagory K.C (deletion of the tip of the third chromosome) yet I still had a high libido that has only gone down in the past year due to a heat wave almost killing me and giving me a heart murmur, which compacted atop of my sleep apnea, I am as good as dead.

    Also, the best revenge vs women is let them eat of the bitter harvest they have planted, plus the majority of them get tossed aside by the top 20% of men when they hit 30, plus we can do our part to undermine them to produce enough to obey the letter of taxation while producing not enough that it could be used for welfare, single mothers etc essentially killing it after the spirit that to me would be the perfect solution for Incels, because men are the blood of the nation and when blood gets congestive it fails so too does the nation (essentially not enough to allow to it prosper and help but enough to say that you have done your duty and no more).

    I say read history because history repeats itself, the proud and haughty Roman woman who was then made into a whore after the sacking the Rome shared among the barbarians then killed, might as well be the modern proud and haughty American woman shared between Chinese and Muslim troops then killed, Gauls, Visogoths, Chinese, Muslim, Roman, American, does it matter whether it was 300 AD or in the future, the end is the same the experience repeated (though location and technology may differ) the same pattern has repeated itself time and again.

    Back to Aura, what about this, a reverse situation instead of a woman going after a rich man “sugar daddy”, collapse happens and a mother and her daughter (who is of age) are without food and starving they stumble upon an Incel fellow who prepared and is willing to feed them both… in exchange for sex with the daughter, that is to me is as equally valid transaction as the woman offering herself to the sugar daddy.


  20. I don’t reccomend that men “ape” bad boy behavior for a few minutes of pleasure that
    might never happen. They should accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and strive to be
    “good,” though only God is really Good. There are women who do that too you know.
    And when they become Born Again men must accept them regardless of their “pasts.”
    Because that’s what being Born Again means.
    We don’t HATE our way into the Kingdom Of God, like “religious” adherents do. We LOVE our
    way there.


  21. D…a 40 year old man cannot simply ‘become’ a bad boy. Fuck me sideways, how fucking DUMB can you get?

    I’m 51. Am I supposed to start wearing wigger clothes and listening to rap music? Or do I do the fucking SANE thing, and focus upon ANYTHING OTHER than chasing women, and keep my identity… and my self respect INTACT.


  22. Have you tried looking for a foreign wife or girlfriend? Perhaps you would have more luck in a non-feminist country with more traditional sexual mores. They don’t have the same ridiculous attractiveness standards as American women, and they’re less likely to be attracted to “bad boys.” I’m an incel (I’ve asked out lots of women in America, including some really ugly women, and have still been rejected). I’ve recently got in touch with several women from Mexico (through an ad that I ran on Facebook), and I’ve been having much more success than I had in America. The women that are interested in me are not only attractive, but are educated and are well-off financially, so they’re not just interested in me for money or a green card. I wrote more about my experience here:


  23. You can’t be what others want you to be. You can only be YOU.
    God will accept YOU, IF you accept the peace offering of His Son.
    You MIGHT meet a girl that has done that as well. Then you could MARRY rather then
    “burn with passion.”


  24. Hi Captain Obvious, you ask:

    “a 40 year old man cannot simply ‘become’ a bad boy. Fuck me sideways, how fucking DUMB can you get?
    “I’m 51. Am I supposed to start wearing wigger clothes and listening to rap music?”

    That would not be my definition of ‘bad boy’. It’s more about eliminating that eagerness to be liked that women hate so much (as it communicates weakness).

    Women go wild for some very ‘dark’ characters. I’ve got a female friend who’s lusting after a friend of mine she’s seen on Facebook. And it’s purely because he’s switched his profile pic to one in which he’s sneering in black and white.

    This character got lots of women excited –


  25. You faggots sound like the whinest bunch of manchildren I’ve ever seen. Holy shit. Your posts wreak of angst from projecting your own self-loathing and personal issues onto women who have fuck nothing to do with you. So now you hate all women because one or two or three never gave up the pussy to a guy they weren’t interested in.

    Ever think perhaps you have some weirdo ass vibe that you let off? Clearly, they are right to avoid you, given the way you speak about them behind their backs. No one in this world owes you love and affection. It’s earned. Get the fuck over yourself.


  26. Re Burial,

    It is not two or three.. Try 15,000 or 16,000. There is no excuse for a man who has a good career, to be rejected that many times, especially when todays cunt chooses its broke bad boy to have children, then becomes a single mother, and lives off my taxes. No, the problem is with society.


  27. This piece of Kentucky fried BULLSHIT should be written in AK47 bullet holes on the abode of some cunt. All I am saying.


  28. Eh, I think anyone can find love. Some of the most bizarre, offputting and unattractive people I’ve ever come across have managed to find a happy relationship with someone just as weird and offputting as they are. Maybe I’m naive in thinking this but I believe there really is someone out there for everyone. I have a feeling that if and when you do find your someone, this blog will become suddenly silent. Best of luck 🙂


  29. There are a few sorry cases that would even get rejected by sex workers.
    No one can really understand a person’s plight unless they walk in their shoes.
    It’s like a kid on the outside of a house on December 25th, with his nose pressed against the
    glass watching a loving family exchanging presents.


  30. RE sbestest:

    good for you for not spouting more anti incel rhetoric.

    it’s quite rare in these parts.


  31. RE sbestest:

    HAHAHAHA, yeah right, 47 years old, and women have never even so much as gave me the time of day, not even one my entire life. I do not even know why you are commenting after reading this post. I suggest you read it again.


  32. Lon, no offense to you, but I think it’s really dumb when Christians say “christianity is not a religion, it’s a relationship,” just like when atheists into scientism say “it’s not a religion, it’s a process,” Christianity has a specified deity, with a name, a holy book, the specified belief that this deity died for all of humankind’s sins, a place of worship (church), it’s a religion…. Just the same, many atheists treat mainstream science like a religion. But the word “religion” has gained such negative connotations that religious people will do anything to avoid being associated with that word. Personally, I am not against religious people, I am against the institution of organized religion but not necessarily against all their followers. But I’d respect them more for at least having the courage to own that they follow a religion.


  33. Marty: I suggest that you Google “Associates For Scriptual Knowledge” and the “ByteShow”
    recordings of David Seinoff. That will clue you in on my beliefs that are NOT religious.


  34. Thank you for being there, Rantsofanincel. You convey the same thoughts and emotions I’ve been living with through all of my life. I’m European, 53 years old, virgin, never had sex with any women, not because I’m irretrievably faulty (at least I don’t think I am, sincerely) but because all women I’ve tried to approach (with kindness and respect because that’s the way I am) have always, always refused me.

    I can’t get myself to hire prostitutes because I can’t conceive of sex without love or at least some form of emotional involvement. Paying for sex horrifies me, I can’t do that. So I go without. By now at age 53 I have sort of come to terms with that in my everyday life, I have a tenured, though not well paying job (and yes I know that’s one of the reasons why I’m alone, women don’t like men having not well paying jobs we know that don’t we??), muffle my pain, have several cultural interests in life, can get to the end of each day without committing suicide or going insane. I strive to keep a balance in my mind and my life and basically I manage. But inside me – inside me, there’s an abyss of, how should we call it? Hatred? Contempt and hatred. Bitterness and hatred. It’s very much as you put it, even if (and I know it’s impossible) even if a woman showed any degree of attention to me, now I would reject that, I would even hate her for that. This life has just filled my soul with bitterness and hatred, and they will only die with me.

    Thank you for being there, God bless you.


  35. “Just Me:’
    I am a 59 year old virgin. (Probably the oldest person who would admit to being so.)
    Don’t hate. Hate is for twenty somethings like Eliot Rodgers. You admit yourself that even if you
    were presented with the oppertunity to have sex, you would reject it. This is probably because
    you’ve lost what you have to use to keep alive. It’s like the expression: “To he who has, MORE will
    be given. To he that has little, what little he has will be taken away.” Either we grow, or we regress.
    Like a tree that never took root, and was never replanted. It’s probably in your Astrological chart.
    The way to banish hostility and resentment is to direct your attention to the present moment, and not
    allow your mind to wander. If you THINK about all the things you can’t have, you only make yourself
    depressed. The best way to deal with negative feelings is simply to set them aside. There really IS
    something to that song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”
    Try to see that the negative feeling is in YOU, and HARMS YOU. Having sex is an ego booster but as
    soon as it’s done, it’s back to square one. If having sex was a magical elixer the world wouldn’t be in
    the sorry state it’s in because 94% of people who’ve ever lived have had sex. How has THAT helped
    the world?
    So, cry if absolutely must, but keep in mind that grief is a self harming and useless emotion-a trick
    you play on yourself. No negative emotion is worth feeling-long term. Don’t repress the emotion, but
    see that the emotion is a self harming waste and it will depart.


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