Lying about being in a relationship

I was asked by someone(Lon?) how I am able to hold down a job.  The answer to this is that when people ask me at work about relationships, I say I have a girlfriend.  This is strictly a survival tactic, as most men in corporate america are naginas and if you are vocally against feminism, you will at worst, loose your job, and at best, you will be thrown under the bus when it comes to raises/promotions, etc.  I know this from experience, because it has happened to me before.  Unfortunately, there are women I have to work fairly closely with on a day to day basis, and the ones you have to watch out for are the young pretty ones who have a trail of naginas drooling behind them, as if they find out there is an incel in the midst, they will have all their naginas turn on you, and this could be a career ending event.  Luckily, I am established enough in my field, that there is very little these cunts could do to me, even if they knew I was a full blown incel.  Most of the women I work with are completely useless, although, there are a couple who are very good at what they do.  Women above 40, or so, tend to mind their own business and pose no threat, generally, to the incel men in my field.  It is the younger ones you have to watch out for.  I know who the cunts are, and I am respectful to the women who are respectful to me, but for the younger entitled cunts, the 20 somethings, who have a trail of naginas drooling at their heels, I purposely ignore, because I know it pisses them off.  Professionally, these know nothing bubble heads could not even hurt my feelings, however, they could spread word around the office about “that creepy guy”, and the naginas who are trolling for poon, of course, may try to win favors by kissing the cunts ass, and gang up on you.  This could create problems for you in the workplace, no matter how skilled you are.  For the incel man, the goal should be to hog as many resources as possible, while being as invisible as possible, until the time comes when you have accumulated enough, that if things go bad, you can just tell them to fuck off after grabbing the cunt by the pussy.  I suggest that all incels lie to their coworkers about being in a relationship, as it will make life as a corporate slave much easier, until the time comes where you have accumulated enough to walk away from it all.

22 thoughts on “Lying about being in a relationship

  1. Where can you go that women aren’t? They’re EVERYWHERE, particulary in your mind.
    The best way to deal with them would be the famous Buddhist parable about the two Buddhist
    monks who encountered a woman who needed help crossing a river.
    One monk carries the woman across the river. The other monk protests that Buddhist monks
    aren’t allowed to touch women.
    After tiring of hearing the other monk’s complaints the first monk says, “I left that woman on the
    other side of the river. You’re still caring her.”


  2. there’s a point I’ve been considering for the past several months. whether your an incel, mgtow, average guy or what ever. I wonder how long it’s going to be when all of the bottom 90% of guys are rounded up and jailed, simply because women want them gone for good.


  3. Liam,

    I do not think that will happen for mgtow, as we are leaving women alone. I think that it is a good possibility that your scenario may happen for PUA’s though. For us to be locked up, women have to notice we exist, which they don’t.


  4. It certainly would have happened had Hillary been elected.
    Thank God she wasn’t. The results of the last election showed me there WAS a God to thank.


  5. Thank God no one is mating with you lol we don’t need your pathetic genes. Please lead the MGTOW movement off a cliff.


  6. Re ManginaMehmet,

    I am waiting for you naginas to walk off the cliff first, now go lick the blood off your fingers, nagina.


  7. regarding the main post: I do see what you mean though. the shit my co workers put me through all these years was all nothing but bachelor envy. they were all jealous that outside of work I would go home to an empty room, keep a lot of my money and do mostly what I want. they on the other hand had to give up their time, passions and money outside of work, to raise families that they no longer want. the short number of 20 something girls that did work here purposefully got pregnant, simply to get out of doing the job. I would have pity for these people but at the end of the day, it’s not my problem if they can’t keep it in their pants. and I’ve never been that bothered anyway cause at the end of the day it won’t change anything. I’ll still be going home to my hobbies with my pay check and they’ll still be going home pennyless to the families they no longer want.


  8. “Seek ye first the “Kingdom of Heaven.”
    Could there be a small number of women doing that? And if there are, can we formulate
    relationships with them?


  9. ”Thank God no one is mating with you lol we don’t need your pathetic genes. Please lead the MGTOW movement off a cliff.”


    Society sure fucking wants our tax dollars; society sure does fucking want our intellect, to invent stuff that your fucking whores want; society sure fucking wants us to fix shit when it goes wrong.

    You can’t have it both ways, cunt. You want us gone FINE. How you gonna fix computers with rippling biceps, shit-fer-brains? How you gonna solve the world’s energy crisis by being ‘jacked up’? Oh; I’m sorry…YOU AIN’T, ARE YOU?


  10. @Captain Obvious

    It is funny, is it not? that they want the bottom half of men to invent and maintain society while they deny those same men the very reward of their hard work (study any society of times past and the golden period of said societies and civilizations is giving a man a wife as a testament to the amount he contributed, that is the hallmark of a healthy civilization), unfortunately the days are long gone when there was a haven for men to escape a corrupt civilization that must be destroyed.

    Read the sacking of Rome, I am sure the native born Roman men who fled to Alexandria were more than happy to let the “strong, independent” Roman women and their harem of men (whatever stripe they were) to defend the city, but as we all know and as history attests to they failed utterly, for the men were put to the sword and the women reduced to spoils of war divided among the invaders.

    And you are right, but the type of who are incel are the most looked down on the “Redpill” sites or those who are popular with women generally.

    Ah well, there is nothing we can do, the West is set on its course and fully resolved in its insanity, as all civilizations are at the end of life, and watch it destroy itself.

    I may be incel, but I am not stupid, for no civilization that has emancipated women has escaped destruction therefore we need not take personal revenge, for knowing that their daughters and granddaughters will be spoils for an enemy (or just spoils if America has a civil war) is nothing more than just desserts.

    Danse Macabre


  11. Honestly Mikey. You puffing yourself up about tax dollars while living on the dole is a bit much. You should be happy with your intellect. I hope most people are happy with their abilities. But pretending that you’re keeping the working men and women of the world afloat while they carry you through life is too bold.


  12. Honestly,

    I appreciate you trying to actually debate if that’s what you’re trying, but I really fail to see what your point is. Even if one of these guys is living on the dole when they’re saying they’re paying taxes, it doesn’t change the fact that many decent men are forced to pay taxes to feminist governments that keep women feral and unmarriageable. I won’t’ even say that these governments keep men incel in terms of sex, as I believe any reasonable, awake man in today’s West should freely resort to rape. Of course, as I am beginning to see many of these incels are feminist ones and thus extremely insane fools who virtually want to fund their own destruction but there are those who aren’t and these are forced to pay for feminist insanity without wanting to do so.


  13. If something cannot be saved yet could still be used for your end (whatsoever it may be), is it not best to let the choas and destruction reach a point where you can exploit it for your advantage then once that is done appear all altruistic and what not, it is plain that the world at this point cannot be saved only a matter of time before the West falls and the world with it, (an unfortunate side effect of the global interconnectedness of the modern period, doubly so with the entrenchment of the internet), it cannot be saved for once a goverment starts supporting women it will not stop till it is dead.

    Caamib, either way the goverment will destroy itself more so a matter of when not if, and I wholly agree that they should rape, but the question is how to execute it in such a way that it is cunningly executed and dexterously covered or done in such conditions whereby the law and leigons of dumb white knights cannot interfere, so collaspe is quite good in that regard as they could easily accomplish that without civil intereference, so a gun, a stockpile of food and a complete misanthropy would come in handy (so while the feminist incels fund their own destruction that same destruction can be exploited).

    I end with a quote from Hermann Busenbaum (Busembaum, a Jesuit of the 16th century) “If the end is lawful, the means also are lawful” or in this case “Get what you seek (the ends) by letting goverment destroy itself or actively doing so whether covertly or overtly (the means)”


  14. I fucked three different chicks today. Now I am unwinding to the sweet nectar of autist tears.
    It is enormously satisfying to know that creatures like you will die alone, never getting the chance to pass on your garbage genes. Night all. 🙂


  15. wow haha what a big man you are (if you even are one) kicking people when their down. your shanks (if they even exist) must be so proud of you. but you do what you like, hope you and your future kids enjoy the islamic take over. maybe if you don’t piss them off too much, then maybe your death might be quick and painless.


  16. Re Hahahahaha

    That is why you are wasting your time commenting here, now go sit down and take a piss, nagina.


  17. “It is enormously satisfying to know that creatures like you will die alone”

    Oh please, son ! Freaks like you have constantly showed themselves unable to even understand the concept of a relationship. Maybe some of these men would be able to save themselves in a non-feminist country. But by your own natures, you can’t but die alone.

    “never getting the chance to pass on your garbage genes.”

    I have a daughter and I don’t see why would my genes be garbage. You do?


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