Happy international cunt’s day

In honor of international cunt’s day this week, I have decided I am going to write another honoring hero’s post.  This week, our hero, who is one of the greatest hero’s to ever live IMHO, is George Sodini.

For those who do not recall, George Sodini was a 48 year old incel, who tried everything to find a woman, and got rejected each and every time.  He even tried PUA and went to bootcamps, blowing his money to get his head filled with BS advice, which did not work.  One day, George got tired of all the rejection and instead of suffering his fate of spending the rest of his life alone, he decided to go and do something about it.  George Sodini got revenge by going on a rampage at a gym, shooting up a woman’s fitness class.  The only mistake Sodini made, was not racking up a large enough body count.  George was a fairly well to do man, having over $250,000 in cash stashed as well as outright owning his own home.  Sodini should have used this money to buy some bigger guns, and perhaps, learned to make some bombs to really up the body count.  Of course, in the aftermath, once the whining and crying settled, the media started slandering him and twisting his situation by saying he was only after 20 year old women and if he went after women his own age, he would have found somebody.  Oh boy, doesn’t this sound familiar.  I suggest you go back and read my post so titled.  Anything to take all the blame off the poor wimminz.  Any and all responsibility is kryptonite to today’s cunt, almost as much as the incel man is.  George Sodini would have gotten rejected if he approached 20 year olds, 30 year olds, 40 year olds, 50 year olds.  Maybe if he tried approaching 60 year old women, one would have given him a chance, but even that is doubtful.  Bottom line is George Sodini had NO chance with ANY women, since he was introverted, quirky, and was not a badboy or thug.  As if all this were not bad enough, to add injury to insult, he had to deal with the mockery from men as well as women of being a 48 year old, never married incel.  I know from experience that in the part of the country George Sodini lived in, this alone would exclude you from just about all social gatherings, unless of course, you lie, but sooner or later the truth would come out.  Why couldn’t just one girl have given him a chance?  Oh, because that would be Ewwww, disgusting, now wouldn’t it cunts?  Well, when they were cleaning the contents of your head off the floor, I am sure that some poor aftermath cleaning crew was saying the same thing about you.  Well, cunts, enjoy your international women’s day.  BTW your so called “strike” made absolutely no difference to the economy.  You cunts are only good for one thing, and you know it o!o.

14 thoughts on “Happy international cunt’s day

  1. I cannot honour a murderer. But what I will say is this;

    Society thinks that it is acceptable, to leave men without sexual options. Ask yourselves this; if Incel were predominantly a FEMALE issue, would it be treated with such disdain?


    So as long as society thinks that it is OK to leave men without sexual options, then these sort of massacres will continue to happen. It really is that simple.


  2. it’s funny how both men and women will condemn this post as ‘angry offensive hate speech’ for merely expressing ourselves, but will also ignore the very real islamic take over threat that’s happening right now.

    we all know how it is though, same childish projection, different day: “stop being so entitled, we don’t owe you anything.” and yet as usual we owe these sluts everything.

    still in recent months I’ve adopted the let live and let die approach. the best revenge is to sit back and do nothing. let these people dig their own graves while there’s no one to save them when reality come’s knocking.


  3. It’s true. Look what’s happening in Sweden. It’s a rape-free-for-all as long as you’re an
    immagrent. If a native Swedish man even looks at a woman cross eyed he’s a vile oppressor.
    And heaven forbid if someone mentions what’s happening.
    But why are feminists THEMSELVES fighting for and apoligising to the very men that abuse them
    and cast them away like garbage?
    God took pity on this country and gave us Trump. Otherwise, the same forces that rule Europe would
    manifest themselves right here, and women doing every day tasks would be dragged off and raped
    just like in Europe. What can make an entire country WANT to commit suicide? How would they
    react if it DID happen here?


  4. the UK was also lucky when our elders voted for brexit. but when communist corbyn gets elected in 2020 (and I really think he will be) he’s going to instantly over turn the referendum, turn the UK in to sweden 2.0, then all bets will be off. it’s like this suicide mentality is everywhere.


  5. Liam, I don’t think Corbyn has a cat in fucking hell’s chance of winning. So I would not worry about it. But I will ask the question again; If Incel were predominantly a FEMALE issue, do you think it would be treated in the same offhand manner it is treated now? NO IT WOULD NOT. That’s my point.


  6. Oh, and you gents are bang on the money about the threat from Jizzlam. If I had my way, the Jizzlamic world even so much as FARTED in the wrong key, and it would result in an IMMEDIATE nuclear strike on Mecca. I shit you not.


  7. “jizzlam” I like that, I think I’ll start using that from now on.

    I do agree with you CO, we can already see the double standard happening now slowly but surely. lonely men are still told to “get over it” yet more and more women late 30’s+ are complaining to both the media and the government that the top 10% of guys no longer want anything to do with them. as articles like these demonstrate: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/08/24/lads-britain-needs-you-to-do-your-duty-and-get-flirting/

    yep women have all the choice while men don’t, and these choices came at direct expenses of male disposability.


  8. Rants, I’ll simply pose the question to you that I posed before.
    Why haven’t YOU KILLED?
    I know why I haven’t KILLED. But why haven’t YOU KILLED?


  9. @Liam Hardy, you wrote”

    “we all know how it is though, same childish projection, different day: ‘stop being so entitled, we don’t owe you anything.’ and yet as usual we owe these sluts everything.”

    What I find odd is. normie so called “logic” that says “it’s not a big deal” and we just “have entitlement issues” because “we don’t die from not ever getting any female attention.” Well, those same arguments apply to segregation too, how many of them are calling all the blacks during Jim Crow who resisted segregation, “entitled” for wanting to eat at the same restaurants, go to the same schools, or drink from the same fountains as white people? If they were still denied that, they wouldn’t die from it. We could just as easily say nobody “owed” them these things.

    Funny how normie society selectively applies these excuses.


  10. also @ liam, you wrote

    “till in recent months I’ve adopted the let live and let die approach. the best revenge is to sit back and do nothing. let these people dig their own graves while there’s no one to save them when reality come’s knocking.”

    And you know what? When the misandry bubble eventually bursts (it will probably coincide with the planned collapse of western society, by the global elites), more men (both incel and not) will be fed up with their shit, and a growing number of men are being pushed into incel. Right now feminist decry a “rape culture” that does not exist among western white men, but let them keep pushing more men out, eventually they will create the very rape culture they are pretending to fight against. Yeah there will still be a few white knights, but they will eventually be outnumbered. And the 5% of men who are total chads, will be hunted like dogs by the rest of the men, because they will be seen as an obstacle.

    Now (if I am alive then) I wouldn’t be involved in rape or murder, but lets be assured, I won’t risk my ass to save them either. I’d hand her the same excuses back “well other people have it worse, nobody owes you anything and your not entitled to anything, it’s your fault, deal with it.” Or “stop whining, that negative attitude won’t get you anywhere.”


  11. But you don’t want to play into the hands of your enemies do you?
    The Marxist/Lennonist/Satanist Frankfurt Radical school of divide and conqure to destroy
    Christianity and Western civilization.
    Use “Civil Rights” and feminism to put a wedge between the races and the genders to promote
    athesim, debatchery, chaos, and mayhem. Just what Satan wants.
    We you seize the bait, you react like a trained seal, and you play into Satan’s hands.
    God gave us a nudge with the glourious Trump victory, but He will only intervine so much.
    It is up to us to save ourselves. The agenda is the sluttification of the white female, and the genocide
    of the white Christian male. When Hillary assumes power this spring she will make Nazi Germany look
    like a summer camp. Poor white males, and unattractive white females will be loaded up into cattle cars
    and taken to FEMA camps. The eliets will live like kings in protected enclaves, and Muslims and
    Radical thugs will be the enforcers.


  12. RE Marty: exactly, just let it all come full circle and bite them on the ass.

    RE Lon: you don’t need a pseudo christian conservative movement to fix these problems.

    the simple solution is to take women’s freedom of choice away, then problems like incel and society collapse will all go away as well. sadly though we’re so far gone down the gynocentric rabbit hole, we’re gonna keep getting screwed over until it collapses.


  13. which is how it operated under every other empire, the bankers raise and collapse empires by their design, as all “civilization” operates on a fiat money system under a global authority (today it’s the World Bank). Some form of feminism or gynocentrism always proceeds authoritarianism.


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