Hilarious video of it being put in its place.

This man is my idol.  This is a perfect example of how men should react to the cunt when it misbehaves.  Notice the nagina who came to the cunts rescue half way through the video but was too much of a pussy to do anything.  I loved the part when the becky boo looking cunt cried “how dare you say that to us, we are women”.  Hahahahahahaha, the cunts really think that they are excused from any responsibility since they have a stinky STD infested hole between its legs, however the cab driver thought differently.  I love how becky boo got freaked out and left her friend (the cunt with the big nose) who insisted on remaining in the car.   The best part is when the cab driver called the big nose cunt “a cunt” at the end of the video.  If I knew who this cab driver was, I would gladly paypal him $100 as kudos for this.  This guy was cool headed, IMHO.  If I were this uber cab driver, and I was in a bad mood, in a rural area with no cameras around, and the cunts pulled  a stunt like this, lets just say that it may be a long time before it would be fucking its badboy any time soon.  This is a perfect example of how all men should react to the cunts misbehavior.

Cheers. ROAI!

15 thoughts on “Hilarious video of it being put in its place.

  1. What utter scum. Really impressed with the Uber driver. She needs her head bashed in to teach her some respect. Can you imagine something like this occurring in Marrakesh or in Cairo? Of course not!

    It’s gonna take someone sending a message and making an example out of a few people to to make it clear thatdisrespect for people’s property will not be tolerated. I really see why guys go MGTOW now.


  2. So they think he’s just the “hired help.”
    What’s so unusual about that?
    I bet the person that OWNS Uber doesn’t get treated by women that way.


  3. slightly off topic comment (I tend to post a lot around the web): but it looks like islam has now taken over the UK. confirmed by the terror attack in London, and the islamic kids terrorising their local schools. when women come begging guys like us for protection from becoming raped war brides, we can throw it all back at them with one of two responses. either the same line they’ve given us all these years “we don’t owe you anything, get over it!” or let them know how it feels to be a straight white man in an overly feminised society, and how we were forced to support a culture that utterly hated us. karma really is a bitch lol.


  4. Liam, I wouldn’t throw it back at them. We shouldn’t be like our enemies. We should be
    forgiving. “They know not what they do.” Welcome them back like the Prodical Son.
    We are saved by Christ, but judged by our works. Let’s not leave behind a legacy of hate.
    What we go through now, will pale in comparison to the next world.


  5. that’s very noble of you mate, but I’m not a christian and I certainly don’t support altruistic morals anymore.
    I did for many years (and was even a loose buddhist at one point) but the only thing I got from believing those things, was permission to be used and discarded like a pen that ran out of ink.

    if those things help you in anyway than more power to you.


  6. Liam it’s all well and good mate, but I have a feeling that we patriotic old farts are gonna have to take back our country.

    Good job I know how to use a gun and a longbow, ain’t it?


  7. Does anybody recall an old television show called Kung Fu?
    It was the story of a Taoist priest who had superhuman abalities he learned in a special
    monaestory he was raised in. He could perform superhuman feats like invisiblity and secretly
    dispatch his enemies. He was super discliplined and learned MASTERY. His teacher said:
    “When you can snatch the pebble from my hand, it will be time for you to go.”
    When he was able to do that, he picked up a steaming pot between his forearms, and had two
    Dragon-like tatoos emblazened on his arms. When we see the eposides of the show, we find his
    LEAST concerns was getting girlfriends and having sex. He COULD do both, be he wasn’t concerned
    about either. This is how incels should be. Sex shouldn’t be their number one concern. They should
    be emotionally free of the desire to have sex. They should develop MASTERY. If “it” happens, it
    happens. If it never happens, they should be content with that too.


  8. I heard David Carridene’s excuse that Bruce Lee was too “harsh” for the role.
    And his acting range was limited. It looks like D.C. didn’t learn much about Taosim, otherwise
    he wouldn’t hung himself in a closet playing a masturbation game.
    The biography of Bruce Lee “Dragon, ” was a good film, but it was to P.C. for my tastes.


  9. It’s the “naginas” that are the real problem. Unfortunately, most dumbf*ck men always come to the aid of the cunts. Even drunk ones like this.


  10. This is a very typical “JAP” whore when drunk. They’re not very used to not getting their own way all the time.


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