Turning women away from stem one candidate at a time

Let me first say, that I expect this post to cause some controversy, maybe it will, maybe it won’t.  If it does, let this be proof of how gynocentric society has become.  My blog here only maybe averages 100 views or so a day, since society does not care about men, or male suffering.  It is only the female that counts.  Society cares more about some cunt breaking her fingernail than 100 men committing suicide.  In the company I work at, as I said, I am a fairly seasoned engineer, and among my responsibilities is to interview candidates.  Over the years, I have seen many women attempt careers in STEM, and while there are a few exceptions, the vast majority cause more trouble then they are worth.  First off, the vast majority of female engineers are completely incompetent, therefore, others have to do their work for them, second, when a company hires an attractive female candidate, the whole dynamic of the office changes.  All the naginas, instead of focusing on getting their work done, focus on white knighting and competing to try and impress the cunt.  An unproductive female in STEM is vastly worst for productivity than an unproductive male engineer, as you can fairly easily fire men in the workplace, but let me tell you that to fire a female engineer, there needs to be vastly more reasons(and not being productive is not one of them).  Also, unproductive male engineers do not change the dynamic of the office.  A few female STEM employees can quickly turn a productive office into a complete shit show of immaturity and white knighting.  Third, once a female candidate is in the door, HR makes them virtually impossible to get rid of.  In my tenure, I have never seen a single female engineer fired for incompetence, however, I have seen dozens of their male counterparts fired.  In fact, the only time I have ever seen a female engineer fired was for stealing several hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment.  When I am interviewing female engineering candidates, I make it a point to give virtually every one a thumbs down(even if they are relatively sharp), with the exception being older female candidates, who do demonstrate knowledge and skill.  I would NEVER give the ok to hire a 20-30 something female, EVER.  Like I mentioned earlier, most of the women/naginas reading this think that I am just some neckbeard behind a screen with no job who has zero influence on society.  Well, this is me having a real impact in the fight against gynocentrism.

Disclaimer:  I shall not in any way be responsible for tears shed by naginas reading this post o!o.


61 thoughts on “Turning women away from stem one candidate at a time

  1. Bee, you were banned from that sub because you a)broke the rules, like making false claims on what incels believe and even its definition b) are an idiot who can’t grasp basic facts. I mean, they are morons but not that dubm.

    Very few incels actually claim to be entitled to sex. You use this word so freely and you have no idea what it actually means. Just because somebody is hurt due to not being in a relationship/sex doesn’t mean they believe they have the right to it.

    You, on the other hand, believe you have some magical “rights” to various things, like not being raped (but not getting raped by white males only), getting male tax money etc. You don’t understand that to any sane man today who can’t leave the West you are basically merely prey, and have no humane qualities to speak of. You can’t be a wife, you can’t even be a good girlfriend. There is virtually no difference between you or an animal.You demand some kind of protections but want policies that will bring Muslims in the West, as this is why all white men in the West must become Muslims and thus restore sanity.

    Also, you, in your abundant stupidity, believe rants thinks somehow calling women cunts will make him attractive and that he is WRONG about it. In fact, few things will make him more attractive to vermin like you, who can’t stand respect and good men. You are scum and you will get exactly what’s coming to you,


  2. “People like the author of this blog post are responsible for keeping the economy in a stagnant state”

    You are wrong. Read h*ttps://caamib.wordpress.com/the-story-of-your-incel-an-inconvenient-truth/ Feminism will destroy any society where it is not bloodily destroyed and will make us dependent on Islam to even keep basic civilization h*ttps://caamib.wordpress.com/2016/01/28/i-support-the-islamization-of-europe/

    “as well as ensuring that intelligent and qualified women are stuck in a cycle of low-wage work. This “ideology” perpetuates the notion that all women are good for are clerical positions, homemaking, and keeping men sexually satiated.”

    And all of this is good and necessary.

    “It is usually a man’s fault if he decides to engage in white-knighting, and should learn to better control his desires anytime he sees someone come in who happens to have curves to their form.”

    Hilarious ! Men white knight because they believe this is how they will find women/breed due to monsters like you who haven’t told them modern Western women are vermin who want to be treated like the scum they are.

    “I guess because they were born without the “proper” chromosome they don’t get to achieve their goals of working in the field they worked so hard to get into.”

    But, you see, this is what delusional scum like you doesn’t understand – any sane person who understand the necessity of patriarchy will see this as “they don’t get to achieve their goals being gang leaders/murdereres they worked so hard to get into.” There are sound reasons why women should not enter such fields and they’ve been known for a long time.

    “It’s likely a good thing men like you don’t get the chance to procreate, this line of thinking needs to die out quickly.”

    Incredible ! People like you DEMAND that MILLIONS of people with views objectively “worse” than his enter the West and breed their women. And this is a good thing, that you demand this. What is tragic is that white men aren’t doing the raping and enslavement you advocate for so much (as long as done by niggers and Muslims). White men, become Muslims. Take your women back.


  3. “Allow me to be somewhat skeptical of your claims of what a huge financial and educational success you were as an engineer.”

    You don’t give a fuck about his success as an engineer and at least subconsciously know this has nothing to do with reproductive success, as most kids in the West are fathered by poor men with often criminal backgrounds (actual omegas – see the first link above). You just want to a) shame him in a way you think is relevant, and it isn’t b) express your frustration at the idea that he possibly didn’t give even more tax money to be single. Feminism is propped up by evil Western governments and tax money is what enables it while in fact most children today are born to poor men with women who actually cheat their provider husband with scum. Most of it is paternity fraud on grand scale.


  4. “I guess because they were born without the “proper” chromosome they don’t get to achieve their goals of working in the field they worked so hard to get into.”

    This is because women have other advantages men do not get, so what you are advocating is women should be able to take the men’s advantages plus their own roles advantages, and then leave men with nothing but responsibilities to clean up and being chained to OUR roles. roles which objectify men far more than you are claiming we are objectifying you…. If you are being objectified as a woman, we as men are lower than objects, we are expected to compete and die for the approval of our “objects.” You’re “objectification” gives you power and control over men, our objectification tells us our only value is in serving and dying for you, as disposable ATM machines.

    The further we get away from natural gender roles and identity, the further society sinks, there is a price for denying biology. It usually ends up in societal collapse, and authoritarianism. Men and women are different, as such as have different roles, different advantages and disadvantages. It’s more than women are trained to want the best of both worlds, to have their cake and eat it too, and sadly, it is white knight males who have enabled them to be so corrupted.


  5. Marty, you have to understand one thing. In the past men were also a form of ATMs but were rewarded by women’s reproductive potential and companionship/love/sex that went along with it. Today men like Rants and myself (at least up to several years ago, when I saw the reality) are expected to be ATMs for the feminist government that will hand it to women, and this government will enact feminist policies that will make anybody but lowest scum unattractive. You virtually insert the government’s feminist policies between what were once men and women and you get what you have now.

    This is war. There is no other word. Nobody in their right mind would go along with this for 5 seconds. And once the war is declared on you this way there are no innocents. You must simply see that modern Western women might not have brought these feminist policies on, but that this no longer matters – these policies already destroyed them as potential partners. It’s like when you have a bunch of zombies or rabid dogs – does it really matter what made them that way once you have to deal with them? No. Same with women. Idiots always tell us that we blame women but we really don’t. This doesn’t mean that these women are in any way salvageable so they should be looked at like mere animals who you hunt like game. They’re no longer really human beings and if you steer away from this you will suffer.


  6. Also, you are wrong to believe that feminists/liberals are against some “violence against women”. Feminists/liberals are against white men and boys existing. If they are against you breathing of course they are against you being violent towards women as well. But it has nothing to do with actual principles of any sort. It’s like me saying I’m against arson because I only want groups I like doing the arson and want groups I don’t like dead.


  7. I’ll tell you what pisses me off about modern feminist women; Given the fact that a woman no longer needs a man to become impregnated – because the technology exists for them to be able to do that – if you even SUGGEST that realistic female androids might be of use to Incel men – you get called names – I know, I have tested this concept.

    Seems to me that these bitches want things all their own way; they WILL NOT give up on their pursuit of the bad boys, yet they want nice obedient beta providers to keep paying their taxes so that the Government can keep imposing policies on society that keeps men like us here single.


  8. Mikey: I don’t know your age, but I’m old enough to remember the 1960’s.
    To say things were different then would be an understatement.
    The culture has changed so much since then. I happen to be an admirer of “Beta” love songs.
    In the early to middle 1960’s songs like that made sense. Many women did stay at home.
    There was a song titled “Wives And Lovers.” A song like that would be laughable today.
    Everything has become coraser and cheapened.
    We need to go back to those times but I don’t see how.


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