Turning women away from stem one candidate at a time

Let me first say, that I expect this post to cause some controversy, maybe it will, maybe it won’t.  If it does, let this be proof of how gynocentric society has become.  My blog here only maybe averages 100 views or so a day, since society does not care about men, or male suffering.  It is only the female that counts.  Society cares more about some cunt breaking her fingernail than 100 men committing suicide.  In the company I work at, as I said, I am a fairly seasoned engineer, and among my responsibilities is to interview candidates.  Over the years, I have seen many women attempt careers in STEM, and while there are a few exceptions, the vast majority cause more trouble then they are worth.  First off, the vast majority of female engineers are completely incompetent, therefore, others have to do their work for them, second, when a company hires an attractive female candidate, the whole dynamic of the office changes.  All the naginas, instead of focusing on getting their work done, focus on white knighting and competing to try and impress the cunt.  An unproductive female in STEM is vastly worst for productivity than an unproductive male engineer, as you can fairly easily fire men in the workplace, but let me tell you that to fire a female engineer, there needs to be vastly more reasons(and not being productive is not one of them).  Also, unproductive male engineers do not change the dynamic of the office.  A few female STEM employees can quickly turn a productive office into a complete shit show of immaturity and white knighting.  Third, once a female candidate is in the door, HR makes them virtually impossible to get rid of.  In my tenure, I have never seen a single female engineer fired for incompetence, however, I have seen dozens of their male counterparts fired.  In fact, the only time I have ever seen a female engineer fired was for stealing several hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment.  When I am interviewing female engineering candidates, I make it a point to give virtually every one a thumbs down(even if they are relatively sharp), with the exception being older female candidates, who do demonstrate knowledge and skill.  I would NEVER give the ok to hire a 20-30 something female, EVER.  Like I mentioned earlier, most of the women/naginas reading this think that I am just some neckbeard behind a screen with no job who has zero influence on society.  Well, this is me having a real impact in the fight against gynocentrism.

Disclaimer:  I shall not in any way be responsible for tears shed by naginas reading this post o!o.


34 thoughts on “Turning women away from stem one candidate at a time

  1. Glad to see that you are using your power to keep the useless cunts out!

    You are absolutely correct that cunts bring nothing but HR problems.

    As far as I’m concerned, it’s the naginas and white knighters that are even worse than the divisive cunts!


  2. Point taken. It’s just a shame that people are blind to this in other fields as well, such as
    the military and law enforcement.
    Look at the new double standard even in media. It’s O.K. for the female newscasters on FOX
    to walk around in skimpy dresses, but Heaven forbid the wrong man gets aroused.
    Your suppost to turn on/off your sex urges like a water spigot. They can torture you all they want
    and make YOU pay for it. I don’t like American summers.


  3. good one rants, its about time these overgrown kids got what was coming to them. all of the (relatively) attractive 20 something women that worked at my job, purposefully got pregnant just so they could get out of doing it. no doubt all 3 of them thought ‘well this job stinks, i’ll just hook up with the next decent enough guy and have him and the state provide for me.’ (gender roles for women: only when it suits them.)

    and speaking of people getting what they deserve, found this video you all might enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtNX6hM8Lp4 just the typical double standard. when men complain about loneliness “aww stop being so entitled, no one owe’s you anything!” when women complain about loneliness “aww thats awful, we need to do something about this!”


  4. Lon: agree with you completely. women these days go outside dressed half naked, don’t act responsible for it, all the while rubbing it in our faces cause they know we can’t do anything.

    it’s something I’ve kind of been finding funny recently. you look at/try to approach a woman anywhere in public, then its ‘creepy harassment.’ you enjoy a fictional female character of some kind in your own home, then it’s ‘objectification.’ like you say its like we’re just expected to not have any needs. that we’re expected to just be grateful that we even get to collectively serve and share the same space rock as the royal highnesses.


  5. Pretty soon, sexual harassment and “rape” will defined as breathing the same air as them.
    Unless, of course you are an “oppressed minority.” Then (like Europe) we will have to define
    “rape” as something only white guys do.


  6. I think the proper expression is “Mangina,” who is a kind of “White Knight” that puts women
    on pedistals. I must confess guilt in this area because I grew up watching films from the
    Golden Age of Hollywood. Trouble is, you’ve got to be a movie star to make it work for you.
    “Nagina” is a town in India, and a title of a film made in 1986.


  7. Good God, what a sad bunch of losers. No wonder you’re not getting any. You’re don’t want to be pussy whipped but you’re crying about not getting any pussy. Iventing all kind of new words when you only need one. LOSER. And you’re using your power to reduce the pool of women you can hit on? How stupid is that? If you’re going to use the little power your impotent have wouldn’t it be to get some women? LOL why would I be crying? I got laid this morning?


  8. It can’t be helped Jimmy! Please Google the following songs:
    “Some Guys Have All The Luck,” by Rod Steward.
    “No One Is To Blame, ” By Howard Jones.
    “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” by Joe Jackson
    “I Can’t Get Next To You Girl,” by The Temptations
    ‘Imaginary Lovers,” by The Atlanta Ryththem Section
    And “One Of These Nights,” by the Eagles.
    The incel NEVER “gets” anyone ANY night.


  9. The number of male incels in Japan has just gotten preposterous. And the Japanese have a funny way of living “20 minutes into the future,” in that social trends in developed countries often start there before they show up in other places. Mass male sexual eviction is probably the wave of the future.

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  10. People like the author of this blog post are responsible for keeping the economy in a stagnant state, as well as ensuring that intelligent and qualified women are stuck in a cycle of low-wage work. This “ideology” perpetuates the notion that all women are good for are clerical positions, homemaking, and keeping men sexually satiated. It is usually a man’s fault if he decides to engage in white-knighting, and should learn to better control his desires anytime he sees someone come in who happens to have curves to their form. I guess because they were born without the “proper” chromosome they don’t get to achieve their goals of working in the field they worked so hard to get into.
    It’s likely a good thing men like you don’t get the chance to procreate, this line of thinking needs to die out quickly.


  11. J.C.: You never mention you’re gender. I believe that the most qualified person should get
    the job. Equality of oppertunity, NOT equality of result. The best man or woman should
    get the job; The one requirement being they SHOULD be the best. This is NOT how America
    2017 operates. We presently live in an Orwellian reign of terror. This is perfectly illustrated by
    the events at FOX news. I don’t blame the women for dressing so sexy. They were probably
    put up to it by their bosses. Rupert Murdoc is an Aussie. Over there, they combine conservative
    news with soft core pornography. We see it all over the net.
    My question to you is: “Why are they allowed to dress so sexy, and not expect that men not be
    They got rid of O’Rely. Then they got rid of some other guy who didn’t say anything THAT offensive.
    They’re going to pick off all the conservatives, one by one. Why should a person be destroyed in
    a free society just because of the WORDS they say? This reeks of “1984.”
    I seriously doubt you understand “incell agony.” It takes one to know one.


  12. Keep blaming the world instead of being honest with women around you that you would like to have sex with them. The women on Fox News dress like that because they know they have to. Those creepy idiots who can’t get laid by their personality but have to threaten women or gift them or promotions have rules the dumbbell lying network for too long.

    I get it if it’s hard to get laid, but steer clear of these violent ideologies!. Statistics say there’s as many women who’ve give s up.


  13. Wait so a woman is hired, the guys act like idiots, yet it’s somehow her fault? Is she controlling their eyes? Or productivity? Blaming other people and thinking like this will ensure you never get laid


  14. Some folks have NEVER gotten laid. And they’re not ALL necessisarly “creeps.”
    Some really are beyond hope. They couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse.
    The Astrological chart is the best indicator of these types.
    Saturn in the 5th house of pleasure is a big red flag for these types, but it takes MORE then
    one bad placement.
    Venus and the Moon are the two “female” planets in a male’s chart. They indicate how he relates to
    women. I have Moon square Venus, and Venus square Saturn in the 5th house. And Moon opposite
    Saturn. Also, I have “wounded warrior” Chiron in the 7th house of marriage and long term relationships.
    Unless you have the world’s worst Astrological chart for sex, you’ll never know what it feels like.
    I’m not angry or bitter. Just tormented. And this society delivers teasing and temptation to ME!
    I didn’t ASK for this. I want it to end. Oh how I hate the warm weather mounths!


  15. How am I NOT suppost to FEEL? Am I suppost to be a Hercules to get any?
    Damn your American Summers!


  16. Lon,

    I’m not an astrologer, so I believe that the problem has nothing to do with astrological signs. Nonetheless, the results of incel are as horrible as you’ve mentioned above!


  17. The only serious academic book on incel was written in 1984. I forgot the author’s name.
    He DID say Astrology figured in on incel. He was laughed out of court. The “Love Shy” blog
    came out of his book.
    Incel is the worst curse imaginable. It really is like “Paradise Lost.” You are robbed of one the few
    things that make this life less of a vale of tears. But it takes one to know one.
    One of the best songs on incel is “Fair Share,” by Seals and Crofts.
    Incels NEVER get their fair share.


  18. You know, up to this point, I have had some appreciation and understanding for your condition, since I have asperger myself, and therefore can relate to society rejecting.
    But as a woman who has been trying all her life to find a serious job in the high-tech industry, and has been turned down again and again, not because I’m incompetent, but just because I’m a woman, all I have to say to you now is: I hope you’ll never, ever, find a good-looking woman that agrees to be with you!!! Now go masturbate with porno movies and magazines for the rest of your life!!!


  19. I wouldn’t hurt a woman. I wouldn’t hurt a flea. I believe in reciproicity.
    “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
    But men and women can’t work together. Men have this nasty chemical called testosterone.
    It leads them to do destructive things. Certain men are NOT allowed to express interest in
    women sexually. The social outcast/incell, is labelled as a creep. Many can’t get the time of
    the day from a “modern” woman.
    When I look at these “gamesters” and P.U.A.ers and see them with girls, I’m totally flaberglasted
    that ANYONE can haggle sex from a woman. Either you’ve got it, or you haven’t got it.
    I never had it, and I’ll never get it. So how do you think it makes me feel to see the two genders
    interacting with seeming ease?
    Do you ever hear the song “You Can’t Hurry Love,” by The Supremes? A lifetime isn’t hurrying love.


  20. Aura – you’re insane to even want a job as a woman. The fact that you even want one instead of having normal female instincts is why you’re such worthless, dangerous vermin.


  21. The whole STEM area is being flooded with those dumb sluts and SJW naginas.

    I have a CCNA , Microsoft and ITIL certification and I’m unemployed in my home country.

    All while I see unqualified sluts get all jobs because the naginas from HR put they in.

    I just gave up. I live on my parents house. I studied for nothing. Now I’m working with some Russian hosting malware websites.

    I could be working on a real job and being productive member of society. Women ruined my life.
    They ruined the only thing I like: computer science.

    My life has no more purpose.

    Everyday i think of killing myself.

    But one thing is for sure. When I decide to quit I will take a lot of women with me.

    My parents have a firearm.

    I will be a fucking hero.

    I will go to a it convention and start to shoot all the sluts in there. After that I will kill myself.


  22. Brazilian – How many women do you see working as programmers that convinced you it’s their fault you don’t have a job??? Actually it’s you incels that control this industry!


  23. We did in the past. Now this industry is being controlled by hipsters and naginas.
    After node.sjw and hipster on rails all the kind of abomination appear. Just look at coraline ada, that faggot from contributor convenant.

    Those SJW protects those sluts, and also only hire other sluts or other SJW.

    Rants is changing the game turning down those sluts before they become a threat to us incels.


  24. Re Aura,

    As a man who has been trying to get with a woman all his life, but has been turned down again and again, not because I am stupid, or ugly, but just because I am rational, responsible, do not have a criminal record, and shy, all I have to say to you now is that I hope you become homeless and get raped and killed. Now, continue to enjoy your government welfare while it lasts.


  25. Aura, posters here may seem cruel and violent but you must remember that they were cheated out of their youths by sickos who lied to them about basic truths regarding life. They told them to treat women with respect, to not rape them and various other nonsense that was once useful but no longer is. At the same time, thugs and rapists were running free. But men like us were never told that modern Western women prefer bullets to kisses and that even mentioning a relationship to one might get you arrested, while raping one will never get you arrested. That’s why we hate you so much.


  26. Well I don’t think that George Soldini, Elliot Rodgers, and Chris Mercer escaped with their lives.
    Killing is fine as long as you’re willing to forefit your live in this world AND the next world.
    I assure you that the bombers are NOT rewarded with 72 virgins.


  27. I don”t understand why you are so angry at women. I mean you cant be angry at a monkey for being a monkey, or an animal for being an animal. People like to think they are evolved but they are really not, especially when it comes to reproduction


  28. Totally correct. That’s why a song like “Only The Strong Survive,” by Jerry Butler is such a
    realevent song about this problem. There have never been more Incel men in history.
    Before, wars and weakness wiped them out. But you can’t blame them for being miserable.
    Our society is saturated in soft core porn. We see it every time we turn on the Internet.
    And the Summer mounths, God help us. So it’s torture for “Normies” and Incels.


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