Honoring heros. White knight nagina’s stabbed dead.

Lets all rejoice, 3 naginas were stabbed out of self defense in Oregon, two of them are dead because they started a fight trying to defend a woman’s honor.  Nagina’s clearly did not know who they were fucking with.  I hearby hail Jeremy Joseph Christian, the stabber, a hero.


The women the naginas were white knighting for did not even stick around to help out, SURPRISE!

46 thoughts on “Honoring heros. White knight nagina’s stabbed dead.

  1. The media loves stories like this because it ties up with their narrative that all white guys
    are like him. They promote stories that enhance their worldview and supress stories that
    contradict it.
    For every time an event like this happens, a white person is 20 times more likely to be butchered
    by a darling “victim.”


  2. hey rants, all the women who come here and spout their bullshit, I bet they secretly enjoying being put in their place. of course they’ll never admit to it though. and the nagina’s who come here and say things like “you guys are so pathetic I got laid today.” it’s like what corey taylor said to kanye west “you remind me of the guy that brags about pussy, they never get as much as they brag about!”

    off topic: I checked of the radar and went underground at the start of the year, and things have been going relatively well, uneventful but well. I have money in both accounts, been staying out of the invaders way, and I’ve been able to get some creative work done. the lesson I took away from it; those serve serving vultures can’t steal the scrap of self esteem you work for if they don’t know where you are.


  3. Re Liam,

    I love it when the naginas come here, this way I know they are reading posts such as this one. Maybe this will convince just one of them to take their finger out of their nagina and see women for what they really are.


  4. Dear JimmyJohn,
    How many years has psycharatry been in existence? Hundreds. Do you think they would come up
    with the solution to incel by now?
    The answer is that there IS NO SOLUTION for a hardcore few. 99% DO have at least one
    sexual experience before they die. They beg, borrow, steal, some sex. But there is that 00.1%
    that go to their graves having NEVER experienced sex. Tragic? It would seem so in this society.
    Sex is just another commdity that males feel they must have to be happy. The emphsis on sex is
    so great that a person would feel less then human without it. I look at the net and what do see?
    How can I evade it? I look at the T.V. and what do I see? How can I evade it? I go out in warm
    weather mounths and what do I see? How can I evade it. My chances of getting sex are slim and none.
    I have no choice to live with the pain IF I elect to live. That’s my stark choice. Could YOU live
    indefinately without sex?


  5. You mean you ” CAN imagine why women want nothing to do with you.”
    Do you know that Elliot Rodgers has a fan club? It’s run by a beautiful blond who calls herself
    Why did she only express her affection to him AFTER he died? Was he only an ordinary dull guy
    when he was alive? Could he have put on an act that would have gotten him a girl like that?
    Would the girls that got blown up a couple of weeks ago, or the girls that got knifed chose terrorists
    for boyfriends? The “regular” man IS a gutless wonder, or so my T.V. tells me so.
    Just give it time. You’ll have plenty of those type of men to chose from.


  6. My point is, it’s only AFTER the Incel commits his crime that he gets sympathy.
    Perhaps the reason is, the girl would rather be caught dead then associate with a “creep” like
    BTW, my condolences on the election in your country. The more people get slaughtered, the
    more liberal you get. Lets change your name to “Great Sweden.”


  7. thanks.

    earlier last year I already made peace with the fact that the UK was either going to become japan 2.0, or sweden 2.0, no matter what we voted for. this is what 100 years of gynocentism has brought.

    this global suicide mentality is just another reason lie low until the bomb finally goes off.


  8. I’ll tell you what I have made peace with; I will never have another woman unless I pay for the privilege. And you know what? I’m cool with it. To an extent.


  9. Wow…..you guys are sad af. Pathetic, but motly sad.

    Maybe you’d get laid if you weren’t pieces of shit!


  10. How does fuck off sound BELL END Ben?

    My opinion differs from Rants is I do not believe in violence. Up to a point. And before you come on here and start insulting us, how about you learn how to use a spell check muthafuka?

    THE REASON that guys on here are so fucking angry, is the total and complete crock of SHITE, that society has dumped on us.

    Oh and I have been laid. Was even engaged last year. So that’s your argument blown out of the water ain’t it?

    We are fucking angry at what society did to us and you cunts don’t like it. TOUGH.


  11. I think Ben needs a knife in his nagina. Hey Ben, if we are so sad, why dont you go away and find something better to do? How about go outside and be a good nagina, so a hero can do the world a favor by stabbing you in the neck.




  13. Did you ever hear the song “Seventeen,” by Janis Ian? That’s a “female” incel song. Also,
    “You Can’t Hurry Love,” by the Supremes, though Phil Collins did an improved unisex version.
    “Don’t Say You Don’t Remember,” by Beverly Banvers is also from a woman’s point of view.
    For every “female incel” song, there are a hundred male incel songs.


  14. “Maybe you’d get laid if you weren’t pieces of shit!”

    Do you have any common sense whatsoever? Why on earth would any sane man in 2017 even want “consent” to “get laid”? This is what you get wrong in the first place. If you can have consensual sex with modern Western women you are below a bug. Thus, if you can obtain their sexual consent you are vermin.


  15. I think “Unfuckables” is a much catchier name than “Incels.” It’s just as pathetic but with some humor attached. Though, we are still laughing at you either way.


  16. Yeah. Hope you’re laughing during the next Incel wigout. Hope you are laughing, when the slayer fills your worthless corpse with 9mm.


  17. OK motherfuckers.

    You asked for THIS.

    All my life…ALL..MY MISERABLE..life…I have done NOTHING but treat others with respect, obey the rules, obey the law, treated women with nothing but courtesy and respect, and guess what all of this has gotten me.


    No respect, no life, no pussy.

    So now I am full on MGTOW. And my opinion of women is at an all time LOW.

    I am the product of a society that PRESELECTS those who will meet life partners and rejects and despises those who will NOT meet life partners.

    Yes Rants is extreme. But why is that?

    Simple. Subject a guy to enough humiliation, loneliness, and sexual frustration, and what you get is my man Rants. Or Elliot Rodger. Or George Sodini.

    This is cause and effect in action.

    All you fuckers who come on here to slag him off, and the rest of us poor ‘unfuckacbles’, want to thank your lucky stars that it’s just WORDS he is spitting out and not BULLETS.

    You keep pushing. You keep insulting us. You keep negging us. All you are doing is to help make up an Incel man’s mind, somewhere, that he has the answer to you. And that answer will be delivered via the barrel of a gun.


  18. Thanks, Mikey, I could not have said it better if I tried. I honestly have no interest romantically or in any other way towards women towards women. I just want to be left alone, and spread the word about those vile creatures. I want to help convince as many men as possible to turn their backs on women.


  19. Well you don’t need to convince me dude. I have had the pleasure of seeing the woman who I wanted most in the whole world – not just sexually, because in looks she is around a four out of ten -but because she is that rare thing -a GENUINELY nice woman – marry my fucking SISTER.

    Yes folks, you heard that RIGHT.

    Do you know how hard it is to try and fall OUT of love with someone?

    Do you know the AGONY I have had to endure?

    Until you do, my advice to ANY Noncel nagina, is DON’T push me. I am no tough guy. Then again, I have my red lines. Cross them, and whatever I do to you afterwards is YOUR fault.


  20. to a poster LOL – you are laughing only until you realize men like myself have realized that you don’t need “consent” to fuck. You know this very well, since you don’t mind white women being fucked by your beloved minorities without consent.


  21. @Mikey
    Hahaha I DARE one of you pathetic betas to pull out his 9mm in my presence… Not only will I be lauded as a hero when I pull out my own concealed weapon and fill you full of holes, I’ll probably get to fuck the girl that triggered your psychosis too…

    Liked by 1 person

  22. So I really don’t understand (not trying to antagonise either) like what really makes you so hateful to women? I got sent a link to this from a friend who thinks it’s creepy but I just want to understand


  23. OK. I will do my best to clarify this from my standpoint. I cannot speak for the other guys on here, and I am sure that they will tell you about their personal views in good time.

    (1) I do not hate women. I am distrustful of women, and I am contemptuous of women. I will clarify this further by saying of course, NOT all women are bitches – just 99.9999% of them are.

    (2) The reasons for this are quite simple. All I have ever wanted from this shitty world is to be loved for ME. I have never wanted wealth. I have never wanted power. I have never wanted all the shitty trappings of this fucked up capitalist society. All I have wanted is to be fucking LOVED. And guess what women have never given me?

    (3) Subject any man – or woman – to this kind of cruelty for long enough, and their personality will suffer because of it. All of us who read and respond to posts on blogs such as this were not born disliking women. In fact, we were not born disliking anybody. We have been lied to by society, by the media, and most especially by women, all of our lives. Add these two factors to the absolute HELL that involuntary celibacy causes and you have a perfect storm of forces that wreak absolute bloody HAVOC with the mind of the person enduring this.

    (4) I have now reached a point in my life, where due to my medical condition, and the medication used to treat it, I can no longer get an erection and my sexual urges are at an all time low.

    (5) But the worst thing…the VERY worst thing about being an Incel – or former Incel as I now consider myself to be – Is the fact that I will NEVER have children of my own…And quite frankly, this fills me with grief and rage and pain, the likes of which are beyond my powers of description to convey.

    I hope that this helps.


  24. Let me just say thank you for your honesty and not just assuming I’m a jerk I’ll reply in kind. Honest and no judgement

    I can’t begin to understand your point of view. I have my own mental health problems that I deal with but no 2 people are the same even here. I’m sorry for what you’ve been through it’s a hell of a trial by fire from the sound of it.

    So can I ask; does this help? Do you find that venting that frustration/anger here mean that in your normal life you are better able to function or honestly does it help fester the issue? I found being near like minded people in my worst times actually antagonised my problems

    Again thanks for the reply and the level of honesty in such a public format


  25. Mikey has his own blog. I think he posted a photograph of himself driving his car.
    Mikey is NOT an ugly man. If you saw Mikey out in society you WOULD NOT say: “What a creep!”
    Mikey has gotten enough social acceptence to make a life for himself. He said above that he is sad
    that he never had children, but I still think he’s angry about the sex stuff, which is kind of odd because
    he claims he has no urges now. That’s whats so confusing. If you don’t have urges, and are unable to
    engage in sex NOW then why are you obsessed with sex NOW?
    I think Mikey’s problem is that he lives in the past. He ruminates over things he MIGHT of had or lost
    out on. That’s no way to live actually. All the gurus say: “Be here now!”


  26. I’m angry Lon, because It’s the right fucking response. I am not a ‘turn the other cheek’ man. Somebody pisses me off and I want to get even. And I am not obsessed with sex – I was asked a question and I answered it. And finally, I am part owner of a car but I don’t drive. And DOUBLE finally I will live how the fuck I want.


  27. Oh and in answer to your question Jordy, let me put it this way. I either vent, or someone will get hurt. My anger, if I let it out, is literally terrifying; better I rant and rave on the internet than go ape shit.


  28. Hey Lon, I’m not here to judge Mikey. He’s been good with me so I’m good with him. Do I wish he didn’t say some stuff? Yer BUT he has his reasons and I probably have opinions he’d dislike to. I do think sex has to do with a lot of Incel issues but in different ways for different people.

    Mikey, thanks for carrying on being decent man. No matter what some people are saying I wana let you know I’m not judging you. You’ve actually been a lot better than I was expecting. I get the releasing through here thing. People need places to be at their worst. I don’t always agree with stuff put by people here BUT I also know that this venting. I bet if I walked up to you in the street or in a bar or anywhere and we talked you’d probably never tell me how much anger you have to those women because you’re probably a decent guy.

    So in an effort to keep learning and chatting to you all in general, I’ve seen some pretty bad stuff on the web that some people claiming to be an Incel have said. Honestly I think most are trolls and act to make you guys seem worst by one upping the bad things said. But the other day I saw someone condoning rape. Now to me I can have a lot of hatred for people and like you I need to vent it but I’d never condone them being raped. Is this a genuine belief of this community OR is it some dude faking it to make you guys look worse?

    Thanks and Mikey don’t lose ya shit with people to much. We’re talking like civilised grown ups ignore the kids


  29. Jordy to be brutally honest, I have reached a point in my life where I have much bigger things to worry about than the opinions of others. Unfortunately, Incel has some very nasty effects upon the minds of even virtuous men. See, it simply ain’t a natural state of affairs, regardless of what feminists and manginas tell you. It really isn’t. And rape is something I will never condone. I think what has happened to me in terms of my health, is a pain in the ass, but, by losing so many of my sexual urges has also been very liberating in an odd sort of way.

    One of the possible options for treating Incel men would be to offer them – if that is what they want – chemical castration, or at least drugs that would reduce their sexual urges. I have said some nasty stuff in the past, shit that I am NOT proud of, and though I am not seeking to excuse myself for the things I said, I would like to point out that I was suffering. Some of these men could do themselves a massive favour by not being so fucking NASTY.

    Perhaps it takes what I have been through to give you the ability to look at things with a cool and critical eye. Don’t get me wrong, I am still angry about the kind of life I have been forced to live, and that anger is never going to go away; in fact I do not WANT it to ever go away. Because it is anger that drives me to speak out where I can for the plight of Incel men. What I object to is this; if Incel were a predominantly a FEMALE issue, do you honestly think that it would be treated with the contempt that it currently gets?

    No it fucking well would not. You know it, and I know it. Governments would move hell and earth in order to find solutions for it.

    This epidemic of Incel, is the DIRECT result of 50+ years of feminism. It is the direct result of women being allowed to behave how they want, and to CONTINUALLY make very bad choices in choosing sexual partners. There was a time, when being a decent, honest, hard working, law abiding man, was enough to get MOST men a partner. I am not stupid enough to think that there have NEVER been any Incel men throughout the whole of history. But what is notable about the society that we now find ourselves living in, is the sheer NUMBER of men who claim that they are Incel. And this in turn, has led to the seduction/hookup/PUA/Game culture. Men like me, who are essentially honest, can NEVER use seduction. The biggest lie that we are told is ‘just be yourself’. Well we HAVE ‘just been ourselves’, and where has it ever gotten us? So you have these PUA scumbags peddling their fucking SHIT and fleecing desperate, lonely, frustrated, AGONISED men out of their hard earned cash. There was a time when I was lifting on a regular basis, exercising on a regular basis, and without blowing my own trumpet, I was in half decent shape. I also held a job down in a place where these PUA alpha pretty boys would not have lasted a fucking WEEK.

    And in the end, it has all been for nothing. The amount of sexual encounters that I have had – and by the way I STILL have not had penetrative sex, because my fucking DICK now refuse to work – can be counted upon the fingers of one hand.

    I feel cheated. That is how I feel. And I am pissed about it, and I am gonna STAY pissed about it.

    But I now have VERY ill health. So all this shit now is rather a bit pointless for me now. For me, it’s game over. Nothing will change that now.


  30. To be honest I’m not one of you guys but anyone can see that the mainstream culture and media represent a very beauty orientated bias to relationships today. I’m not blessed with looks per se but I’m not bad and because of the type of culture I associate with (punk being the closest name for us) it’s a lot about attitude/tattoos/attitude so I do avoid it a bit. I do however 100% believe that the era of work hard and be honest isn’t a prerequisite to most women. And like I said before well never agree 100% but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a friendly affiliation with you Mikey and to be honest you’re more genuine than a lot of people I know here.

    I do feel bad for you. It’s not pity because pity is something reserved for people beyond hope which I don’t think you are. I do feel like despite your circumstances you are making a life for yourself and that you do have potential.

    I think if you lost some of your anger you’d be in a better place but (1) you said you want it which I guess is because it keeps you grounded. It’s your check to show you that you’re recognising that past and (2) I’m not here to tell you how to live. I’m always happy to chat but I’d never tell you what to do because who am I to tell you and it’s your life to live

    I’ll check out that link now mate. Thanks


  31. Every man here is genuine. EVERY man here is genuine.

    This blog would not exist, if there was not a real, quantifiable, TANGIBLE problem to be addressed. What you have to understand is this;

    Incel has driven men LITERALLY insane. In every sense of the word. I am 100% convinced, that if all of the Incel guys who reply to posts on this blog, had have been given the same chances that ‘Normies’ get all the time, then NONE of us would have suffered in the way in which we have done, and our personalities would not have been warped to the degrees in which they have been.

    Where I differ from the rest of the guys here, is that due to a number of factors, I am seeing things with a slightly different perspective. I do NOT consider myself any less Incel – it’s just far less of an issue for me now. And I suppose that I should consider myself to be fortunate. I can put my art FIRST, without some fucking mentally deranged female to fuck things up for me.

    This does not make me better than the other guys here. Just a bit more fortunate.


  32. Absolutely. What you’re doing is putting the proper perioity first.
    If a person can easily obtain sex, they don’t have to think about it so much. Their mind need not be
    obsessed by it so much. Or, if a man gives up on sex and accepts the fact he’s never going to have it,
    he could set his attention on other things. That’s why brainy people rarely if ever have sex or children.
    The more children a person has, the less education they have. Sex is a great distraction. It’s a sourse
    of deception. A person who’s mind is clear of lust can see the world clearly. The man’s urge for sex is
    the only power a woman has over him. So accepting that you will never again have sex allows you to
    advance in BOTH spiritual and material persuits.


  33. This time of year is particularly hard for Incel guys. I wish I had some advice that I could give, but I really don’t, apart from saying don’t dwell on things that are beyond your control. If you are single now on December 21st, then you are gonna be single on December 25th, so you may as well just accept the fact and move on. I am not going to lie to you, I would be nice to share a bed with some willing female, or even just a nice hooker. But it just is not to be. So I am gonna have a few drinks, and try to enjoy myself as best as I can. And that is about all your average Incel guy can do. Just eat good food, and get drunk a couple of times. But stay away from places like bars and clubs. Life is bad enough already, without the humiliation of being rejected by women at this time of year.


  34. Identification is the cause of most misery. The person who identifies places his happiness in
    “outside” outcomes. You are your own worst enemy when it comes to being contented because you
    insist on certain narrow conditions to enable yourself to be happy. You compare yourself to other people who have those conditions and get envious of them. In truth, you don’t clearly defined outer events to
    make you happy. You only need the basics of life and an understanding that nothing is to be gained by


  35. And nothing is gained by pop positivity bullshit either Lon. This time of year fucking SUCKS for the Incel man. I am not gonna lie to you and say I am OK with it because I am not. I will deal with it, I always do. I have to. It’s a choice between dealing with it, or taking my own life, and I ain’t ready to do that. My plan is quite simple; eat nice food and drink decent alcohol. and listen to ghost stories. That is all I can do.


  36. But WHY are you NOT ready to die yet? The reason is simple. You DO have a sufficent quality of
    life! It COULD be better. But that applies to EVERYONE!
    If sex were the key to happiness then why isn’t it a happy world? The people who betrayed you are
    NOT happy people. There are FEW very happy people.
    Can’t you see, it’s your DESIRES that make you miserable. You are putting parimeters on whether or not
    you can be happy. You’re thinking: “I’ll be happy if… I’ll be happy when..” There is no TIME ELEMENT
    to being happy. It’s NOW OR NEVER. Either you are or aren’t.
    Now it’s true, you have a body to protect, and people are frightened of death. It’s instinctual and natural.
    But your emotional state is usually a product of how you percieve reality. “Nothing is good or bad, but
    THINKING makes it so.” Thinking IS the problem. When you think you compare and you think. “If only.”
    “If only,” are the two saddest words in ANY language. There is no such thing as “IF ONLY.” There only
    is, IS.
    Don’t compare yourself to other people. Don’t waste time in regrets about the past. Live in the NOW!
    There is no misery, negativity, fear, or regret in the NOW. As for what happens AFTER DEATH, Jesus
    Christ SAVED the WORLD. You will come back looking like a 30 year old. There MAY be sex in Heaven
    but that is an open question.
    Eliminate the words, “should” and “must” from your vocabulary. The only thing you “must” have is food
    clothing, and shelter to perserve your physical body if you don’t want to die yet.


  37. “But the other day I saw someone condoning rape. Now to me I can have a lot of hatred for people and like you I need to vent it but I’d never condone them being raped. Is this a genuine belief of this community OR is it some dude faking it to make you guys look worse?”

    Liberals are all for rape, even the rape of smallest children, as long as those raping aren’t white so I don’t see why you would call out anybody else for supporting rape? As for the “community”, lol, you’re an idiot. All incels share are certain deprivation (romantic/sexual), not some ideologies.

    But back to rape – why would you think rape is bad is liberals want even white female newborns raped? Why is that not wrong but acknowledging modern Western women want to be raped isn’t?


  38. Raping all women, even the newborns, is extremely desirable, if you’re a non-white (aside from Asians). If you are a Sacroto and you rape you are sacred. You can kill whomever you like, however bloodily you like. To a liberals there can be whites, but only dead whites.


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