10 thoughts on “Awwww, boo hoo, the cunt and its nagina are laughing at me!

  1. Two wrongs DON’T make a right. Let us remember that the penalty for rejection is NOT
    death. Christ got spit on too.


  2. in many ways the growing ‘modern woman’ phenomenon is becoming more funnier with each passing year.

    spends their youth living the celebrity lifestyle and pretending their kim kardashian clones – in their 30’s realise their broke, childless, doing a job they don’t like, and possible bonus: might get raped by a jihadi.

    too bad they don’t realise that “mr. right” is no longer coming to save them.


  3. Lon I agree with you. However I can also understand when an Incel guy loses his shit and goes PANT-Y-WACO, with a gun or a knife.

    I am making no judgement upon this. What I am saying that it is the law – a universal one at that – of cause and effect in operation. You CANNOT continue to deny men the means to satisfy a perfectly NATURAL set of urges and expect there to be no consequences.

    Now critics of mine will ask ‘But how is society denying such men the means to satisfy said urges.’

    Well here, in quite a large nutshell is my answer.

    We have a downer on masculinity here in the West. TRUE masculinity. And at the same time, we big up such IDIOTIC concepts such as ‘Gender Fluidity’.

    I am not a religious man. I do, however, believe in the power of NATURE. Men and women were ‘designed’ biologically very differently for a VERY logical set of reasons. Now, we can argue about this all day – it does NOT alter the fact that it is true.

    We have tried to re invent the wheel gentlemen. And it has not worked.

    And as a result of our sheer fucking ARROGANCE, we have sought to rewrite THE SETTLED ORDER OF NATURE. No wonder that there are some guys who simply do not have a fucking CLUE what their place or function is in society.

    We continue to lie to our male children – ‘Just be yourself’ and ‘Looks aren’t everything’ and ‘Focus on your school grades’ and ‘Oh you’ll find someone one day’…when what we SHOULD be telling them is this;

    (a) You are male. You have PERFECTLY NATURAL male urges.
    (b) You need to BUILD your body. You need to BUILD your mind.
    (c) You need to be able to fight. You need to be able to kick ass when you have to.
    (d) You need to know WHEN you need to kick ass.
    (e) Women are for FUCKING. Not making friends with.
    (f) Other men are your enemies when it comes to dating.

    Equip our male children with AUTHENTIC male values, and make it easy for a man to buy pussy when he needs to, and teach those men that paying for sex is NOT a sin, make abortion ILLEGAL, except in the case of MEDICAL need, SLASH state handouts to single mothers, and we may yet turn this ship around.


  4. Spot on everything you said, except this:

    “(f) Other men are your enemies when it comes to dating.”

    That’s how we got into this mess in the first place, destroying monogamy and men white knighting and throwing other men under the bus. Back when we had an actual patriarchal society, men and society enforced monogamy specifically for this reason, to make sure stuff like MGTOW did not become necessary and that incel barely happened as little as possible. It was almost non-existent back then. Monogamy ensured that 10’s got with 10’s, 5’s got with 5’s, and 1’s got with 1’s… Everyone knew roughly where they ranked. And society was not so hyper-sexualized and hence demoralized.

    I’m not a traditionalist, in fact tradcons are really just right wing feminists, but there are *some* traditions that actually serve an important function…. And this was one we should not have allowed feminism (or gynocentric traditionalism) to destroy.


  5. I don’t think there’s a “one-size-fits-all-solution” to incel.
    It takes all kinds to make a world. What might work for one, might not work for another.
    There have never been more weak men now then at any other time in history. There are many
    causes, and it occurred incrementally like erosion.
    People worry about necular war from foreign states, but empires fall from within. The stuff that
    happened in V.A. the other day, and everybody’s hysterical reaction to it proves it.
    This does nothing for us and doesn’t tie directly into “incel,” but here’s what I see happening:
    Ouster of Trump in the fall through “trumped up” charges.
    Assissination of Pence next winter.
    Hillary being placed in the White House next spring, and a genocide process directed at “beta” white
    males, middle class or under-the “deplorable” Trump voters.
    Misery loves company and we are going to have a lot of company in our misery.


  6. modern gynocentric right wing traditionalism is a trap, that the “pua’s” mra’s, “skeptics” and even some of the incels got played by.

    they thought if they would join some pseudo christian conservative movement, and told other men to embrace their responsibility for the sake of responsibility, then all these problems would go away.

    I suppose if they want the female voters on their side then they can’t offend them in anyway.


  7. yeah well traditionalism was women’s gravy train before feminism, as a matter of fact, feminism grew from right wing traditionalism… So it’s kind of stupid for those “mra’s” and such to think they are sticking it to feminism by reverting back to her mother.


  8. honestly I’m probably closer to an anarchist than anything else, I guess I’d call myself a patrianarchist (patriarchal anarchy). Which just means I believe in small communities where it’s easier to filter out corruption, where officials are delegated and the people have the power…. Non-domesticated people who were born outside the matrix have survived for thousands of years on trade in a tribalistic, hence “anarchist” lifestyle, and have did okay for themselves. But statism and the “education” system tells us that trade failed but obviously it didn’t…. I think trade is probably a better alternative to money, it’s a tougher system to manipulate and corrupt.


  9. Marty, I think a return to a barter system, coupled with a return to more ‘traditional’ values, based on an ecological sound model, is the way to go. Have a look at this video;


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