This is a blog to vent my frustrations as a 43 year old incel man.  Women have hated me all my life, and have never even given me a chance, despite my putting my best efforts to try and talk/understand them, including thousands of approaches.  Not only that, they have done nothing except try and push me out, and get others to push me out as well.  Well, it is time for men like us(which there are many due to the 80/20 rule) to start fighting back.  Lets show the cunt what it is like for them to get pushed out.

Some simple definitions:

MGTOW – men going their own way.  Men who do their own thing and try and avoid women at all costs, except for banging hookers, and just using women for sex(if they can).  We do not believe in paying taxes, since most of that money goes to feminist causes, and we earn only what we need to survive, pay for hookers, and fund our hobbies, as the more we make, the more gets stolen by the guberment, which goes to support women.

TFL – The True Forced Loneliness movement – Similar to incel.  TFL videos are archived here: https://www.youtube.com/user/bill1224601/videos and are well worth watching even though Bill does not make many videos these days, sadly..  He was a great ally to our cause.

The Cunt – the female collective..  There is little difference between one woman and the next.  They all behave the same way and they are all attracted to same dumbass, useless men(the badboy), making useless spawn which my tax dollars are stolen from me to fund.  This is why they love liberalism/socialism/communism, it is hypocrisy at its finest.  It can do everything a man can do, yet it needs my tax dollars.  How much of my tax money goes to men’s services?  Compared to women, virtually none.

nagina – male feminist/white knight/pussy whipped male.  These guys should be hated even more than feminists, as they should know better.  These guys consider themselves “real men”, and are the ones who shame incels since we cannot get women into our lives.  This is derived from “mangina”, but this type of male and “man” should not exist in the same word together, as manginas are not real men.  See bill greathouse’s (tflbill) description of a mangina here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gHKv2YZwyY

14 thoughts on “About

  1. You’re subhuman scum and the world would be so much better if you killed yourself. You’re 43 and mad about a girl who told you to fuck off in sixth grade, you are absolutely pathetic. There’s a reason that nobody will fuck you, because nobody wants you in the gene pool. The universe is giving you a sign, and that sign says “your bloodline shouldn’t exist”. Go die alone and rot in the ground.


  2. What lol no doesn’t get is that we are living in a feminist world and feminism is dsygenic. So, in a feminist world if women don’t want you it often means you’re good and if they want you it almost certainly means you’re scum.


  3. You’re such a good writer. I wish you’d put your skill to use with a better subject though. This woman hatred and self loathing is just weird.

    Also, paragraphing and spell checking would help.


  4. Great site! I’m 56, a virgin and I wouldn’t say I actually hate women – I just ignore and avoid them because of what they’ve become and what the legal system allows them to do to men. Women are fuck-holes. My right hand can replace a woman. And it doesn’t cry rape or run off and wank-off someone else behind my back (as far as I know)!

    As you get older, I’m sure you’ll see more and more male friends and colleagues whose lives are ruined by women. Stay single and stay in charge.


  5. I feel quite mixed about your posts. You make excellent points about some aspects of society that really do hurt men just for being men, family courts, welfare system, alimony, health and support services are all aimed at women. Ever seen a domestic violence shelter that takes men? Nope! Yet men can also be victims of this common crime and should be protected just the same as women. Theres also minimal services supporting male victims of rape and thats fucking disgusting.

    I think my uneasyness comes from the whiny little bitch entitlement you seem to have. Women are just for sex, theres no way you could ever, i dunno be friends with one? Because shes nice, has similar interests ect not just as a sex object? Or are 100% of females everywhere total cunts to be used for sex? So 100% of all men must have the same view as you then?

    Im just trying to understand because im quite confused, if women only look at 10/20% of men, why arent 80% of men perpetually single like you and your group?

    Im really trying to understand and put aside my initial offense and revulsion at being told im only good for sex and couldnt possibly be useful or kind or helpful unless im on my knees serving a man. If a woman said the same to you, would you not also be offended? You talk alot about the nasty things women say to you, i find it hard to believe that theres not a single female you’ve met that has ever said a kind word or been nice to you, are you sure that its not your defensive and i could go so far as to say mysogynistic attitude has blinded you to it? Maybe rather than take a compliment you are looking for an ulterior motive?

    Well i hope this leads to a productive conversation and not descends into death/rape threats. Maybe we can both learn something about each other. Kudos for your honesty 🙂


  6. Maybe it’s your personality women don’t like? Maybe there’s a reason women treat you like they do if you harbour such views towards them? Women haven’t exactly had an easy ride over the years, have they? I think it’s probably a waste of time trying to reason with someone like you though.


  7. If you are as much of a jerk in real life as you are online, no wonder women aren’t attracted to you. I’ll bet you don’t have many male friends, either.


  8. women don’t have sex with you because you call them cunts and treat them like scum and feel entitled to have sex with them… not because you are fated to being celibate forever by some societal phenomenon or otherworldly force. it is YOUR fault you are an “incel”. pull yourself together, see women as people, take a half hour a day to put some effort into your physical appearance and understand you aren’t entitled to sex and I guarantee you will have much better luck. If you genuinely try to be kind, funny, and put effort into your looks, and understand that women are just as real and human as you (and see a therapist) then you wont be stuck in a pathetic hole of depression and hate.


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