Women have always treated me like shit

That’s right, women have treated me like shit all my life, they never gave me a chance for anything.  The ONLY woman who has ever treated me even remotely like a human being is my mother, who keeps bothering me about the marriage/grand kids thing over the holidays.  I usually put up with it but not this year.  I opened up and told her all about american women, feminism, MGTOW, incel, and why I will never find a woman.  I told her that it is her fault I will never find a woman, since she was a Gloria Steinem loving feminst, back in the day.  My mother supported feminism, and it is the fault of feminism that I will never find a woman, therefore it is my mothers fault I will never find a woman.  It is her generation of feminism that sealed the fate for her son.  She said that I am a big disappointment.  My mother, above everyone, knows women have treated me like crap all my life and all she says it is because of my poor social skills.  I told her the reason why I cannot find a woman is that 90% of women are only interested in 10% of men.  She actually told me that it is the opposite and that 90% of men are only interested in 10% of women, hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.  I have tremendous respect for my mother, but this shows how stupid and solipsistic ALL women are.  If 90% of men were only interested in 10% of women, I would not have been able to do 15,000+ approaches and gotten rejected every single time as it would be statistically impossible.  I told her that you see it that way, because like all women, you only even acknowledge the existence of the top alpha 10-20% of men.  The rest do not even show up on your radar.  Of course, she said that this is pure nonsense, at which point it was useless arguing.  My mother is a very old woman, and I do not want to upset her too much.  Also, from what I am seeing now that the millennials have come of age, things are even worst, as millennial women are more bitchy and entitled then anything I would have thought could be possible back when I was doing PUA.  The Gen X  and Gen Y girls I was approaching over a decade ago were really bad, but millennials take it to a whole new level.  The fact that mystery and RSD still have customers really proves there truly is a sucker born every minute.  I certainly was one of those suckers, so cannot fault anyone there.  In fact, I hear business at RSD is better than ever, as there are so many young incel men who are grasping at straws to figure out how they can get a chance with her highness.  Cannot really blame them, as I remember what it was like to be young and perpetually blue balled, and this is not something that can be easily controlled as a young man.  These guys will certainly have a few nights of fun and comradeship doing PUA, but ultimately, the only thing they are going to get out of it are much lighter wallets and proof of the suspicions they have always had that something is severely wrong with women today, and perhaps maybe a harassment/sexual assualt allegation or two just like what happened with these guys:


On a different note, I am sure that women everywhere are going to be cheering that in the new year I have decided that I am going to go full ghost, meaning no further interactions with anyone, unless it is absolutely necessary.  No more going out to bars (I do this a lot), no more going out to eat (I do that a lot too), etc.  I have not owned a television in years, but I went ahead and picked one up over the holidays, since watching TV really is the cheapest form of entertainment ever invented.  My only goals in the new year are to keep hoarding cash, work on getting back in shape, and figuring out how to go completely off grid, meaning income generation without paying taxes, learning wilderness/land survival, and determining the feasibility/cost benefit of living in an RV vs renting a cheap room/apartment.  Bottom line is if you are a young guy just graduating from college, and still have never been with a woman, you will be forever incel and may as well throw in the towel and re-evaluate your life and career choices to find the easiest job that you can which pays the bare minimum you need to survive and fund your hobbies, as since you are not attractive to women and put fourth the hard work and expense to become a doctor or lawyer, all you are doing is throwing away the fruits of your labor to the guberment in the form of taxes.  If you make six figures and incel, you will not have any deductions for marriage, home, family, etc, so in essence, you are paying a bachelors tax.  I think I will do another post elaborating on this more, and how bachelor taxes already exist and ways to avoid paying them.

Man superglues wifes vagina shut

I nearly fell off my chair when I read this:


Apparently, a man found out that his wife was riding the cock carousel and he decided to get back at her by superglueing her vaj vaj shut.  Now the cunt will never have sex again.  Doesn’t this move you to tears o!o.  The cunt may actually experience a part of what it is like to be an incel, she shall see how little she is going to like that experience as I am sure it is going to be much more painful than the superglue.  Now seriously, having its pussy welded shut may actually do it some good.  First of all, it will improve the smell down there.  Second, it may actually help kill all that yeast and STD’s she inherited from all those years riding the carousel.  I am sure that by now, that cunt has become a biohazard, a real threat to society.  The CDC should give him the award of the year for public safety on this one, IMHO.  It is amazing how those legs stay shut, even if you used a crobar, you could not open those legs when an incel is in the midst, however, once the carousel stops, then like magic, the cunts legs open right up, ready to take in more bad boy semen and STD’s.  Thankfully, from now on, its legs will stay shut permanently.

Kiss your privilege goodbye cunts!

Well, it looks like we have a new president.  Donald Trump is a man who can get any woman he wants, being a billionaire, and an ultra alpha male.  Trump is not going to be manipulated by a bunch of fat ugly bull dyke feminists.  Your abortions are going away, your free health care is going away, your do nothing government jobs are going away, and now we shall really see if you cunts can do everything a man can do without state sponsorship.  We are soon going to see the only purpose a cunt has is life support for its vagina.  I am going to go ahead and bet you cunts are not going to do very well, except unless you can fuck real good.  I believe that trumps banter about women actually helped his campaign.  He said something about “grabbing their pussy”, and all the feminist cunts cried sexism and misoginy.  Lets face it, all these same cunts really yearn for a man like trump to grab their pussy, if they could exercise their hypergamy and monkey branch up to the level of Donald Trump, they would in a heartbeat.  We all know that they were secretly turned on by this comment and that is why trump got 53% of the female white vote.  This is a perfect example of why you cannot believe anything a woman says.  One of my favorite trump moments was when a cunt in the crowd asked him what he is going to do about the pay gap between men and women.  Trump responded “when women do equal work, they will get equal pay”.   Go Trump, and welcome to the US presidency.

The 80-20 rule has become more the 90-10 rule

I have just discovered another great MGTOW channel.  Check it out here:


The man who runs the channel is named Kris Cantu.  By all means, this man should be a slayer.  He is ripped, good looking, articulate, intelligent, and has a very alpha male vibe.  He claims to have slept with dozens of women in the past, however, now he is an incel.  I guess that this is what it has come down to that a legitimate slayer, who back in the day, had choice, now is an incel.  This goes to prove the statement “men age like fine wine” is total bullshit.  If this guy, who is easily in the top 20% in many categories, cannot find a woman, who is is his own age or older, then I believe, things have gotten even worse than the 80-20 rule.

MGTOW(MSTOW) Should embrace the TFL movement

MGTOW(MSTOW)  Men Sent Their Own Way should begin embracing the TFL/incel movement instead of calling us a bunch of losers.  Nearly 100% of men who are MGTOW are living TFL/incel but will never admit to it because they see it as unmanly/uncool.  They see this as unmanly/uncool because they  still deep down care what the cunt thinks of them.  This is just common sense, just like the PUA movement.  The PUA hates TFL/incel with a passion and works even harder to shame us than the women do.  Talk about self hatred.  All PUA’s I have ever known were incel, myself included, but try to convince themselves that they are not to appease women.   Just as Bill Greathouse said, PUA could not exist without TFL/incel.  A simple case of problem, reaction, solution.  Well MGTOW/PUA, what is unmanly/uncool is to be so insecure that you actually care what naginas and the cunts think.  MGTOW is TFL/incel, just like PUA is.  This infighting between men’s groups is getting us nowhere.  This is exactly what the cunt wants.  Once we are all on the same page, only then can we work together as a group to overthrow the gynocracy.  After all, this is the ultimate outcome we all want.

Asian men, the most undesireable race of men.

Having grown up with many Asian close friends, ever since middle school, I have seen this to be the case over and over.  Every Asian male I grew up with, girls would not even give them the time of day, and most remained virgins until well after college.  The blog https://survivingincel.wordpress.com/ talks about this, and everything the guy says is 100% correct about Asian men.  One of the saddest things I have ever seen, was back in my days of PUA.  One night I ran into this Asian guy, dressed like a clown, who was using the stock retarded PUA lines, trying to pick up some girl.  I started talking to him, and it turned out he was actually an orthopedic surgeon in his day job.  Yes, Really.  What a sad state society has come to when an orthopedic surgeon needs dress up like a clown and run around using PUA to have a chance with some stupid cunt, who probably folds towels for a living.  Under feminism, this is what things have come down to.  Having a hole between its legs, and under the age of 50, is like being a multimillionaire today, as men are so desperate to find a woman, that an orthopedic surgeon, who surely is a multimillionaire, has to go out and dress like a clown, and use some stupid lines to beg some cunt nobody for a chance with her highness.  I have always wondered why Asian and east Indian men, but especially Asian men, have no success with women.  Not even their own women want them, and much prefer white guys.  Even the Tyler Durden said in a workshop once that if you are Asian, you are going to have to work much harder to overcome the stereotypes your race brings.  And what might those stereotypes be?  Asian men are hard working, surely that would not be a turn off for women, would it?  Becoming a hard working man is something we are all told to be since childhood, is it not.  Asian men are also loyal, and are by far the most loyal friends I have ever had.  Asians are responsible.  Asians have the highest IQ of all other races, I believe.  These are all virtues, if you ask me and are what is necessary to keep the economy going.  But to the cunt today, virtues are vices, and vices are virtues.  Is it no wonder why Japanese men are doing what they are doing, MGTOW on a mass scale.  Good for them.  Lets analyze what the cunt thinks of Asian men.  I have heard many women bad mouth Asian guys, and the one that comes up all the time are “Asians have small penis’s”.  I actually asked this same bitch “Have you ever been with an Asian”.  She said “no, I do not like Asian men”.  I say “well, how do you know they have small penis’s”.  She replied “they just do, everyone knows that”.  Another one is “Asian men are so boring”.  I guess that is how you have to attract a woman today, the man has to be the constant dancing monkey, is that not what PUA teaches after all, how to be a dancing monkey who begs her highness for sex all the time.  Another is “Asian men are nerds”.  Everybody knows that the one thing that turns the cunts vag-vag drier than the Gobi desert are nerds.  I have spent many decades dwelling on this, as I am a nerd myself, and I have still yet to figure out why women hate nerds.  I think player supreme probably has the best answer, as he discusses this topic a lot, and he says that nerds are “feminine”, and women are attracted to masculine energy.  Ok, fair enough, but I do not quite agree.  Nerds are very masculine, after all if being a nerd was “feminine”, then how come there are virtually no female nerds.  I think what player means by masculine is the tattoo covered ex-con badboy criminal thug.  Somehow he expects his customers to take on this persona, without getting tattooed up, quitting their job, and knocking off a couple liquor stores, so that they can spend time in the penn.  Well is it no wonder then why Asian males are considered by females to be the most undesirable type of man.  And these creatures are actually allowed to vote.




The “Wall”

I keep hearing all this crap lately from MGTOW saying things like “yeah those women think they have the power now, wait till they hit the wall at age 35, and then they will see”.  Statements like this show how inexperienced many MGTOW men really are.  The truth of the matter is women do not hit the wall today until at least age 55, and if they take care of themselves, possibly far later.  I know many women who are in their mid 40’s and are riding the carousel as hard as ever with Chad’s in their 20’s.  Most of the MGTOW’s I notice seem to be men in their mid 20’s, who are incel(although most will never admit it).  I do not know why these guys just say that they cannot find a woman and call it a day.  The simple fact is that no man in their 20’s would EVER choose to be a MGTOW.  It is just not possible, if they had options.  While there are a many MGTOW men who were once married, and taken to the cleaners in family/divorce court, these men are all 40+, and have been there, done that, and by this time, the sex drive starts tapering off.  I wish these guys would be just start being more honest with themselves, and just call a spade a spade, which is, in this case, Incel.